The Build Up

Based on a true story

How long will you be gone for? 2 weeks, Mike confessed to Fabiola. I’m going to miss you so much, Fabiola cries out. I know you will, Mike explained. He knew how much Fabiola was on his dick because he had been grooming her since he met her. Mike was quickly becoming Fabiola’s world. Will you miss me, Mike, Fabiola asked. Mike always wanted to keep the mystery said I would let you know when I get back. Knowing how much that would drive Fabiola crazy because she was a thinker and liked the answers to her questions right away. They had just finished making love. Mike had gone straight from work to Fabiola’s house. He is a firefighter and works 24-hour shifts. Mike could not wait to see Fabiola’s lips on his dick and watch her suck every inch of his manhood inside her mouth. Mike adored Fabiola. She was so sexy and smart with an innocence that made him want to teach her his lifestyle. He didn’t want to move too fast, so he continued to groom her to be his “pet baby girl” he wanted her to be his hoe. Take her outside of her comfort zone. He knew she would be a good “pet baby girl” to own but couldn’t rush the process. It was something that Fabiola would have to agree to on her own she would soon beg him to own her if he continued on this path. To Mike, Fabiola was a good girl who listened, and he knew she had a desire to please him, and that pleased him about Fabiola.

When Mike arrived, Fabiola met him at the door in some very sexy lingerie that left very little to the imagination. Mike felt his manhood instantly rise as he grabbed her into his arms in a tight embrace and smacked her on the ass; Fabiola jumped slightly at the smack on her ass. They sat and had a cocktail while talking about their day. During the conversation, mike grabbed Fabiola by her throat and started to ask her a series of questions. The only answer Mike needed to hear Fabiola utter was the words “yes” if she answered anything else, he would squeeze tighter until Fabiola said the word “yes.” Mike asked Fabiola to say “I love you Mike” every time he makes her Cum and “ I fucking love you, Mike” when he makes her orgasm do you understand? Mike asked “yes,” Fabiola answered as Mike’s grip became extremely firm. You will give me my flowers while I’m here. I want to hear that every time I make you Cum whether in person on the phone, even if you are playing with yourself thinking about me, give me my flowers while I’m here. Do you understand? Fabiola uttered the words “yes” he looked Fabiola right in the eyes and said be my whore Fabiola, I want a hoe, and he let his grip go of her neck and kissed her passionately with a tight embrace. Fabiola, not knowing this was part of Mike grooming her to own her. She got immensely turned on. She had never been choked before (other than the time Mike did it while she was riding him), and she found it very compelling he was so intense while doing it. She wanted it to be a game, but deep inside, she knew it was not a game to Mike and that she had to do as he instructed her.

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Fabiola summoned Mike to her bedroom they started kissing passionately. She watched intensely as Mike began to undress. He took off his socks, unbuckled his pants, and they fell to the floor. He lifted his arms out of his t-shirt showing his bare chest that was perfectly chiseled. Lastly, he removed his underwear, threw himself on the bed, and said to Fabiola, suck my dick. Fabiola’s eyes opened wide, and she motioned over to do as he commanded her. She began taking his manhood inside her mouth, and he could feel himself getting larger in her mouth, and she went deeper and deeper, choking and spitting up. That turned Mike on so he would move his dick deeper to choke her more. Mike told Fabiola to get on top and ride him. Her pussy was so wet and tight when he entered her he felt like he could explode, but of course, he didn’t. As she began to ride him, thrusting up and down fast and slow kissing at every moment becoming as one. Fabiola would throw herself back while riding mike, exposing her Clitoris, and mike would begin to rub it, taking Fabiola to ecstasy. He could see the look in her eyes as she began to climax. “It’s alright!” Mike tells Fabiola as she starts to orgasm. “I fucking love you, Mike,” Fabiola cries out.

He feels Fabiola shaking as she begins to go weak as she rides him; she throws herself back in pure pleasure. She could no longer take Mike rubbing her clitoris. Mike climbs on top of Fabiola and begins slowly fucking her while kissing her, penetrating her deep inside, looking at her dead in her eyes, sucking her breast and her neck. Mike spits down the crack of Fabiola’s ass while giving her back shots, and he spits all over her back in different areas rubbing it all over her back and ass. Fabiola feels it raining down on her. This was another new experience for Fabiola. Mike can feel her pussy tighten as she starts to cum again. He hears Fabiola cry out, “I love you, Mike.” Fabiola feels herself beginning to climax as she grabs hold of Mike even tighter, thrusting him inside her shaking. She cries out, “I love you, Mike,” as part of what she is supposed to say every time Mike makes her Cum. Mike is not done with her yet, and he flips her over and fills her with his dick plunging deep inside her. He can feel her pussy tighten as she starts to cum again. He hears Fabiola cry out “I love you, Mike.” He lays her down and puts her into a scissor position. As he begins to stroke her slowly and deeply, she cries out in pleasure, and he can see the build, -up in her face as Fabiola cries out again, “I love you, Mike.” Mike begins to feel himself build-up he lays on top of Fabiola and starts thrusting inside of her really hard he begins choking her and he pins her down on the bed intensely stroking and stroking and so he ultimately screams out in pure pleasure I’m cumming Fabiola!

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18 thoughts on “The Build Up

  1. Story was dope! Very descriptive and has a euphoric mental stimulation to it. Sexy without saying! An audio production of this sultry factual occurrence and having one’s eyes closed, this is an easy #💦
    Oh yeah…the firefighter👨🏽‍🚒…great touch!😉

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  2. Nice introduction to Sxtopia Chronicles! Very 🔥🔥. Made me so excited. I had to follow it with some real action 😝 swallowed babies and rode his shit to nights end. I love it! Keep it coming.


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