The Vacation

Based on a true story

It has been two days since Mike left for a 2-week vacation. They have face chatted a few times, making her desire to be held by him more intense. Do you miss me, Mike? I will let you know when I am back. Fabiola wanted to see if he had missed her as much as she had missed him. She has been busy hanging out with her best friend Samantha, texting, and going out on dates. When she did speak to Mike, she would tell him about the dates she had gone on.

Mike knew everything about Fabiola because she told him everything willingly. He knew she was loyal to him in such a short amount of time. Mike feels she should have her freedom, and Mike never comes off as jealous he encourages it. Mike’s ego feeds off of the fact that men want Fabiola. He knows she has good pussy, a great vibe, and he wants Fabiola to be as expressive as possible. He knows she is not going anywhere, and he doesn’t want her to have limitations. Fabiola feels that she needs Mike’s dick, she has become addicted to him, and he owns her. “Owns her” is a term that Mike would use on Fabiola. He wanted her to get used to hearing it, and he would have her say it as well. Fabiola had not agreed to the ownership and was naive that this was part of Mike grooming her to agree to be owned by him. To Fabiola, Mike’s way of thinking and being was taboo, and she wanted to enter into this for herself. She tried to feel controlled. She wanted someone in her life who she could trust would be there for her, and Mike showed her that it was him; he had chosen her, he had manifested this relationship. Mike would protect Fabiola at all costs, and she did not have her guard up with him. She was safe to be feminine. Mike would stress to her she will be more accessible than you ever were by me owning you. Fabiola does not understand what she is about to embark on with Mike.

One morning during his vacation, Mike’s face chats with Fabiola. Early in the morning, while he was at the gym, they started to converse as Mike worked out. Mike began to get sweaty, looking very scrumptious. She snapped a picture of Mike; oh, you are taking “creep shots”? You look so beautiful today, Mike. Your just bias Mike replied. Mike was tall with a bald head, beautiful skin, brown eyes, sexy lips, and he had a beautiful smile. He was fine, not to mention his chest, massive arms, big sexy back, and perfect abs. Fabiola could feel Mike’s energy radiate through the face chat. Once they hung up, Fabiola could feel the juices flowing between her legs. She went to the bathroom and took a picture of her soiled panties, and sent the photo to Mike. The message read, “look at what you do to me.” Mike replied, mmmm, of course, I own you; you are on my dick Fabiola.

The following day Mike called Fabiola on face chat again. He was at the gym working out. This time he had his shirt off during the workout. You are not playing fair Mike, why are you trying to thirst trap me? Fabiola asked as she took a creep shot of Mike with his shirt off. Because I can, he replied. They talked for an hour about several topics. What stood out to Fabiola about their conversation was when Mike told her again how he needed her to become his hoe he desired for her to bring her inner whore out for him. He wanted her to understand that this was important for the relationship. I wish to Mike. I’m just not sure how to, and I’ve never done anything like this. I would never show a man my messy panties; Mike knows Fabiola was bought up very traditional. He also knows she has it in her to be the hoe he wants, but that side is suppressed. Mike tells Fabiola, I know, I will guide you trust me, and we will fulfill all your desires, desires that live deep within you that you would be scared to express to anyone else you can be comfortable communicating it to me. Fabiola knew that Mike had a deep desire to learn her deeply, her likes, her dislikes, her wants, her needs, and her temperament. He studied her, and that turned Fabiola on. Mike would put all his time and energy into getting to know her, and when they made love, he transferred all of that energy into Fabiola. Mike would make it very sensual and do things Fabiola never experienced before. He takes his time in the bedroom with her making the sex last at least two hours before he would cum. She would have climaxed ten or more times. Fabiola was on the edge of her seat, waiting for Mike to return to have him deep inside her once again.

A text came in, and it was from Mike saying, “panty check”; Fabiola was at work. She stopped what she was doing and immediately went to the bathroom to take a picture of her panties to send to Mike. She was so excited that he wanted to see her messy panties. Again Mike responds, “Mmmmm, of course, I own you; you are on my dick Fabiola.” Mike, you make me so horny I have to squeeze my legs together so tight to stop this throbbing. Let that shit throb. Mike replied, go to the bathroom and play with your pussy as I watch on face chat. Call me when you are in the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, Fabiola’s face chats with Mike. Play with my pussy he instructed. Fabiola reached her hand down, lifted her skirt pulled her panties down, and began to play with herself. She was even surprised at how wet she was. Mike, you make my pussy so wet, she said. Of course, I do, I own you, your mines, you do whatever I tell you. Fabiola lifts one leg so Mike can get a closer look as she is rubbing and fingering her pussy not caring that she was doing this in her job’s bathroom. As she’s listening to Mike tell her you are a pleasing hoe. I’m proud to own you. Your exactly how I manifested you to be, make my pussy cum. A-ha-oh-awe-yes-mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes, Fabiola says as she is rubbing her clitoris. She cries out, “I love you, Mike.” I know you do, Mike responds. Now don’t wipe anything; pull your panties up. I want all the juices contained in your panties. After you work out tonight, I want you to put those panties in a bag and save them for me until I get home. Do you understand me, Mike asked? “Yes,” Fabiola stated.

A few days passed before Fabiola would speak to Mike. She was dating a nice guy named Nigel, who was very tentative. He loved spending his time and money on Fabiola. The chemistry, of course, was more on his side, but she didn’t want to discount the fact that she could grow to love him if he continued to be a good person as he showed her he was. They were out having a nice dinner when her phone rang, and she saw the caller ID says My Boo-Boo, a nickname she had given Mike; they joked he was so nice you would have to say it twice. That’s why it was my boo-boo. She excused herself and answered her phone hell-O. What are you doing? I’m on a date, Fabiola said. Mike laughed and said, ooh, you out with one of your AJ’s, a term he used to describe the “average joes” she was dating. Fabiola laughed and said, you would say that. Yes, your right she always acknowledged how Mike was better than most men he took pride in himself, and it showed he knew what woman wanted because he studied them, which in turn kept Fabiola turned on at the thought of Mike.

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The next day Mike would call Fabiola at 6:30 AM. He was at the airport. He was catching a flight to Costa Rica. For the second half of his trip. Mike had told Fabiola that it was a guy’s trip and he was meeting his friends at the resort as they chatted on face chat. Fabiola was in her bedroom in bed naked. She started positioning the phone where Mike could see her breast, and every so often, she would motion the phone lower, and he could see her pussy. Mike took a face chat photo. “Creep,” stop taking “creep shots” of me, Fabiola said. Seeing you now on face chat makes me horny. Play with my pussy get it out, Mike tells her. She holds her webbed hands to the camera; mmm, Mike moans as she puts a drop on her tongue for him to see. She takes out a vibrator and rubs it on her clitoris. I made you a hoe, Fabiola. Mike was at the airport, and he was beginning to get aroused from the visual and the moans Fabiola was making, and he put a towel on his lap to cover his ever-growing erection. Fabiola didn’t care who could potentially see her on the face chat. Yeah, be my hoe, he says. Mike had missed Fabiola, and he missed fucking her, so hearing her moan through the phone made him stand at attention. I’m going to fuck the shit out of your little hoe ass. I’m going to get your hoe ass back for this; you got my dick so hard, make my pussy cum. A-ha-oh-awe-yes-mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes. “I love you, Mike.” It was time for Mike to board his flight to Costa Rica with a rock-hard dick.

Fabiola asked Mike when they would be coming back? I will be home on Friday, which was four days away. Fabiola felt anxiety buildup inside Mike; this was the most prolonged vacation I have never gone on. They both laughed. The following two days, they face chatted while Mike was away. One night they started having face chat sex, and Mike started to jerk his dick. Fabiola had never seen him jerk off before. You have me so turned on right now Fabiola, if I were there, I would be fucking you so many ways; my pussy will be cumming non-stop on this dick. Fabiola loved to hear Mike talk his shit. She knew he was capable of everything he said he would do and then some. She needed Mike to adore her as much as he wanted to own her.

Fabiola was up at 6:30 AM for work. She picked out a cute pencil skirt and bodysuit. Fabiola had an hourglass figure, and her curves always showed no matter what. Fabiola has round firm breast size 34C. Her waist was 29 inches, and her hips were 38 inches, and her beautiful smile would light up the room. As she slipped on her panties and matching bra, all she could think about was Mike and how he would be home in 2 days. Later that morning, she spoke to Mike briefly; he said it was lousy reception and could not face chat.

Fabiola got home from work by 6 PM. She consumed a light dinner talked on face chat with her best friend, Samantha. Girl, I can’t wait for Mike to get home. You should have heard all the shit talking he did on face chat last night. Are you going to kill me with Mike’s stories again? Samantha asked Fabiola. All I hear is Mike this and Mike that Sam snapped. Fabiola’s cell phone beeps. She looks at the caller ID, and it says my boo-boo. I will call you back. That’s Mike calling. She answers the other line, hell-o. The voice on the other end says, what are you doing, Fabiola? I’m playing with myself thinking about you. Is that right now? Yes, right now, A-ha-oh-awe-yes-mmhmm-yes she cried out, “I love you, Mike,” and laughed. Mike said, you a hoe Fabiola be my hoe. I’m getting another call; let me hit you right back. A few minutes later, Fabiola’s phone rings again, but this time the caller ID says my boo-boo face chat. When Fabiola answers the phone, she sees Mike’s face, and then the camera turns to a brown door with a gate. As she takes a closer look at the door, she realizes that it was her door she was looking at how she could look at her door from Mike’s camera when he was still in Costa Rica for another two days.

Fabiola jumps up from her bed with her phone in her hand, laughing like a schoolgirl, saying, what, how is that are you at my door? Where are you? She is making her way to her front door. Fabiola is butt naked she looks out the window and sees that it is Mike standing there. She opens the door. He comes in, and she jumps into his arms and starts kissing him and caressing him. OMG, what are you doing here? You said you wouldn’t be back for another two days. Did you plan this to surprise me? Mike laughed and looked at Fabiola square in the eyes and said, “somebody is sucking dick tonight” he put Fabiola’s hand on his dick so she could feel how much he desired her to fuck her. As they walked to Fabiola’s bedroom, Mike continued chanting, “someone is sucking dick tonight.” They entered Fabiola’s room and began kissing and grabbing on one another Fabiola was grabbing on Mike’s T-shirt, taking it off, grabbing his pants, and they dropped to the floor. She then pulls down his underwear and pushes him onto the bed. Mike groaned. Get over here and suck this dick as she began to take his manhood inside of her mouth, and she is going deeper and deeper she begins to gag. Yes, you’re a good bitch, be my hoe, Fabiola. Let me feel my pussy let me feel how wet she is. Fabiola was dripping wet. Why is your pussy so wet? Mike asked. Mike answered his question, telling her, you are on my dick Fabiola. Where are my messy panties? He asked. Reach behind you as he did; he pulled out a small clear plastic bag that contained her soiled panties. Your a good pet Fabiola, Mike says as he opens the bag to smell and examine the panties. I did that to you, don’t you forget you need me, he said. “I won’t,” She answered softly, then went back to sucking and throating his dick. Mike was enjoying the soiled panties. He would smell them, put them in his mouth, lay them on his face, and hold them in his hand, squeezing them. Ride my dick, he said to Fabiola, “okay,” he heard her say. She remanded sucking his dick, sloppy spitting, and gagging; it was like she didn’t want to stop, so she continued another few minutes. Mike says to Fabiola; you love sucking my dick to which she replies, “yes.” Fabiola begins riding Mike’s dick up and down, bending down passionately, kissing him while he’s smacking her ass; he puts the panties in her mouth. Did you miss me, Mike? I’m here right, straight off of the flight, he answered. Is it my dick? Take it. Fabiola was so turned on. I want to eat my pussy Mike whispers in her ear as she is riding him. Fabiola motions off of Mike’s dick; as he gets up, Fabiola pushes him back down and says, “69”? He lays back down. She looks him in the eye and says, is that ok? She did not want to seem too aggressive he said, “yes.” Fabiola sits on Mike’s face, and he begins to give her the jacuzzi. (Jacuzzi is the word Mike coined to explain how he eats pussy. He does something special and gives the woman the pleasure she would feel if she put her pussy next to the jacuzzi jets). Mike can feel Fabiola shaking already, and she is trying to run forward, and he pulls her back and holds her thighs tighter. She is crying out A-ha-oh-awe-yes -mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes, and she is sucking Mike’s dick at the same time, trying to hold back from cumming. She couldn’t and screams out, “I love you, Mike.” Mike doesn’t let up. He continues pleasuring her with his jacuzzi as she attempts to get away every time it ends with him pulling her back and squeezing tighter so she can’t run. Until he hears her scream out, “I fucking love you, Mike.” Get on the floor. I want to give you back shots Mike instructs. Mike positions Fabiola’s ass in the air, has her arch her back, and holds her down by the small of her back pussy all in the air. I love fucking you, and Mike says as he enters inside of her. He watches his dick go inside her wet pussy. He pulls it out, teasing her pussy, rubbing the head on her clit each time his dick comes out creamer than the last pump her pussy begins airing out and pushing mad cum out, making Mikes dick get harder; he goes deep, touching all her walls while he is fucking her. She’s begging for more & more and begins rubbing her clit. Fabiola cries out with each thrust oh-awe-yes-mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes over and over again as he thrust inside of her deeper and deeper. Mike begins to groan with pleasure as he begins thrusting harder. Ride my dick, Fabiola. She straddles him and begins to ride his dick. She lays back, and he starts rubbing her clit with his thumb. The music is playing on the Alexia, that’s our song you better fuck me good, don’t stop fucking he tells her. Mike, you are going to make me cum; it’s ok, you deserve to. You get good dick, Fabiola, don’t fuck this up, Mike said. I want to feel you on top of me, lay down, he says, and he gets on top of Fabiola and begins fucking her sensually, kissing her, staring in her eyes. He whispers this is one way we communicate. He puts her legs up in the air, spreads them wide, and starts pounding her pussy out, and they repeat everything over again. It would be 2 hours before Fabiola would hear Mike tell say you are about to make me cum as he begins to transfer his energy inside Fabiola.

Mike made sure Fabiola would need his dick, only he could provide this for her; he knew her body how to give her multiple orgasms back to back. I have never been fucked this good before, and I’ve never cum so much, she says as she lays on Mike’s chest. He kisses her head. They both fell asleep 3 hours later, and Mike awakes. He whispers in Fabiola’s ear. Do you want some more dick? She says a soft, mmhmm yes, and Mike sticks his dick back in Fabiola and fucks her for another hour. All he hears is A-ha-oh-awe-yes-mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes. “ I love you, Mike.”

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19 responses to “The Vacation”

  1. Wow Juicy! sounds familiar , guess we’ve all had a “Mike” in our lives at some point

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  2. Nice submission keep writing cool story

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  3. Sexy! Hot! Fun Read!

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  4. I love shit like this !!!the male character gives off deranged predator vibes… mmmmm creepily erotic! My wife and i read it and said whoa this guy is dark and erotically sinister and the female sounds so innocently naive, great content, will she become dark and depraved like him? Mmmm can’t wait to see if she succumbs to his mind games.

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    1. Right!!!! I thought it was just me lol
      From the first story i was like woah this guy is on something lol it’s sexy but scary if you think too much. She seems almost desperate to feel wanted but it’s hot. She’s almost dying to be defeated & belittled kinda s&m vibes or whatever, reading shit like this is cool but makes me appreciate my normal sex life my girl would look at me like a total perv if i stored her underwear in a ziplock bag and sniffed em lol but hey it works for us

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  5. Yeah so i liked the first one a lot and the beginning of this one but the end got weird. The whole smelling and chewing on the draws was a bit much

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  6. This was a good one!

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  7. Mike is very much so an Alpha male I Can relate because I am one .he’s not afraid to be him Mike did what ever it took to let her know that she belongs to him mind,body, and soul he’s not a creep he just does things on a level so deep most won’t understand it unless you are just as deep what ever it takes to get the job done that’s just my opinion he’s not just fucking her body he’s fucking mind . I feel all women want to be Dominated by a real man every woman wants to be a hoe once in they life and Mike made Fabiola feel safe to be her and not judge her as she didn’t judge him that’s why he took it so far so she can take it even further and feel comfortable doing so that’s why she was able to give her self to him so freely they became one he needed her she was his power and he was her Kryptonite she definitely need him inside her As much as he needed to be inside her

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  8. El Bombero Caliente Avatar
    El Bombero Caliente

    The Vacation huh!? I feel the eroticism of wanting something that’s so far away that when you get it…your heart beats erratically, your breaths become so labored, your insides get goosebumps, and your sexual tool becomes ready for use! This joint right here is what we all fantasize about! The panties in the mouth…just say Ahhhhhhh! The sniffing of dem draws….Mmmmmm! I don’t know about y’all but I’ll take a Fabiola over any experienced female! She’s naive, fun, and adventurous. She leaves room for the imagination and she leaves room for the craft of exploratory sexual desires and curiosity!
    Fabiola…Be mine!?

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