2:00 AM

Based on a true story

Mike was speeding down the highway at 2 AM. He hears the police sirens behind him. He just sent a text message to Fabiola telling her to put her collar on. Good evening officer, Mike said to the police officer. License and registration, the officer replied. Mike showed the cop his work badge and apologized for speeding. The officer told Mike to be careful and let him go on his way. All Mike could think about on the drive there was how he would fuck her ass good for all the shit she was talking to him earlier in the day. When they were on face chat, Fabiola started asking Mike questions about what she could do on her date tomorrow and future dates. She asked questions like, is it okay to kiss? That’s “okay,” Mike replied. Is it alright for him to suck my titi’s? That is “okay.” He says. Oh, how about playing with my pussy? Whoa, you do all that on a first date? Mike asked? Fabiola could date as much as she wanted to. They had a great understanding. They knew where they stood in each other’s life. She loves to tell Mike everything that’s going on in her life. This deepened the bond they shared. Mike never judged Fabiola even when she judged herself; he would point out why she shouldn’t. Fabiola had intense sexual energy to her, and it made men desire her, and Mike wanted her to experience pleasure. Fabiola adores Mike, and she knows that he cares about her and doesn’t want to see her hurt. Mike explained to her that everything was for her pleasure. You have to understand Mike felt he owned Fabiola and could not lose her to anyone else. Everything was for their pleasure. It excites Mike how many men want his “baby girl,” and he has her on his dick.

When Mike tells Fabiola to be my hoe, I want a hoe! What he is saying to Fabiola. He wants an expert. Someone who is not afraid of being good at having sex. Enjoys being sexually free to explore what you like. When they first met. Mike told Fabiola sex was a form of communication and that it was one way they communicate with one another. Mike loved to please Fabiola sexually. He needed her to want his dick. Fabiola had to see him at least every 48 hours, or she would start to act up in little different ways. You don’t care about me anymore! What are you talking about, Fabiola? Yes, I do. Well, you haven’t fucked me! So you must be fucking someone else. She blurted out like a brat. I’ve been working Fabiola, you know that. That’s why Mike was on his way at 2:00 AM to fuck her little hoe ass.

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Come to the door. Mike said to her from the phone. She opened the door welcomed him in with a warm embrace and tongue kiss. He had made it there in under 40 minutes. He lived in the suburbs, and she lived in the city. Fabiola was naked with her collar on as instructed in the text she had received. Mike grabbed the leash of the collar and walked her to the couch. Fabiola’s cousin was staying the night with her and was in the house. Get on your knees and put that ass in the air. She was hesitant because her cousin was there and could hear them. She could not say no to Mike. She got on her knees and put her ass in the air, ready to receive his dick inside her. Mike began giving her back shots. She was so nervous her cousin would hear them. The excitement made Fabiola dripping wet. Oh-awe-yes-mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes. Mike pulls his dick out. Fabiola gives him a look, and he whispers to her. I fuck you whenever and where ever I want. I just wanted to put my dick inside of you. Would you mind making me a drink? He tells Fabiola. I got pulled over rushing here for your porn star pussy. OMG! Mike. I’m sorry that happened to you.

When in the bedroom. Mike’s dick was hard when Fabiola grabbed it. You are a lucky hoe, Fabiola. Don’t fuck this up, he said. I won’t, she said. Fabiola knew she was fortunate to have him and his attention. She stood in his face, looked in his eyes lovingly, and in her baby voice, she said. Thank you for coming, with a kiss on his lips. Mike took off his clothes and laid down on the bed. Fabiola laid down and spread her legs in Mike’s face and began sucking his dick as he began to play with her pussy. Fabiola loved how Mike played with her pussy. She is so wet and turned on in the moment as Mike is rubbing her clit. She begins to suck his dick deeper, taking him into her throat. She feels her body build up in extreme pleasure. She feels herself explode from Mike’s touch. She keeps his dick in her throat as she is shaking. Mmhmm, he moans as he can feel her pussy cum, and she continues to deep throat him. She nods, and she trembles. She gives him one last suck; as she releases him from her mouth, she cries out, “I love you, Mike.” I know you do! Now ride my dick. Fabiola gets up and straddles Mike; she guides his dick to her pussy. He feels how wet she is. Mike grabs Fabiola by the collar and brings her face into his for a kiss. Let me kiss those dick-sucking lips, he says. She begins to sit on him slowly, and he can feel his dick opening up her tight pussy. Fabiola is riding Mike up and down as he is sucking on her Titi’s, and he can feel her pussy is wet down to his balls. She is bouncing up and down to the rhythm of the music playing in the background. Oh-awe-yes-Mmmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes. Mike hears Fabiola crying out, so he intensifies his stroke; she cries out even louder, oh-awe-yes-mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes feeling pure pleasure between the two of them. Ride my face Mike says to Fabiola; she stops and looks at him straight in his eyes and tongue kisses him. She sits on his face, and he starts giving her the jacuzzi. She begins crying out again, oh-awe-yes-mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes, from Mike giving her the jacuzzi. She continues to ride his face, and she and her legs go weak, and she cries out, “I fucking love you, Mike.” I know you do. It’s okay. Now sit on this dick. Mike says. Huh-uh, I can’t. Fabiola says. Get over here, Mike says, and Fabiola sits back on his dick. As soon as she rides up and down, she feels her body continuing to shake. She lays close to Mike’s chest; holding him close, she feels herself about to cum from the penetration. She whispers, “I love you, Mike.” I know you do. He then lays Fabiola down on her stomach, and he begins to penetrate her from the back doggie style. He grabs her arms and holds them back like if they were his Reigns; as he is riding her fat ass like she’s a horse penetrating her deeper and deeper, she cries out, oh-awe-yes-mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes. Now ride my dick, he instructs. Fabiola goes to ride him. She stops and sucks his dick taking him deep into her throat until she gags. You love sucking my dick. Mike says to Fabiola. She begins riding him, and he fucks her for another hour. Fabiola just kept cumming and saying, “I love you, Mike,” all night into the morning. Mike says I’m cumming while he was fucking her from the scissor position. One hand holding her by the ankle, the other hand around her neck. When the sun came up, they had just finished fucking.

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16 responses to “2:00 AM”

  1. This one was absolutely amazingly real as real can get! We all have been that 2 a.m booty call…male and female. The interaction between the two was real talk type shit! There’s nothing like being the booty caller or the booty call-e! I fucks wit dis right here! Great read as usual. Awesome visual from how the context reads!
    FYI…I’m available for dat 2 a.m. rendezvous 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know that 2:00AM SX hit different.


      1. This is an amazing read, can’t wait to read what is next if it is to be continued. I love the dirty talk, and the intense passion.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Stay tuned. You can look forward to a new true story posted weekly to the blog.


    2. Very intrigued with this whole collar scenario do tell how that came about?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mike is playing off of owning, Fabiola as his “pet baby girl”. Mike wants to explore how obedient Fabiola will be as his precious pet. It’s next step in role playing.


      2. How was the collar introduced?😏

        Liked by 1 person

      3. No worries when the Mike & Fabiola book comes out fall of 2021. It will explain everything. These stories are just for the blog.


    3. First time here, since started my reading couldn’t stop just to know what will happens next. Epic

      Liked by 1 person

      1. A new story will be posted weekly.


  2. So descriptive surely turned on and yes that 2am sure does hit differently!! I’m a bit disappointed but not in the story that I want to hear more!! It’s just not enough lol 😝

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will keep them cumming. Next one is a banger. Thanks for your feedback 😘


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