A Night To Remember (12 Hours)

Based on a true story

11:00 AM: Jasmine was rushing out of her house. She was running late as usual for a Saturday brunch with her friends. She made it to the restaurant in 20 minutes. She parked her car; as she was walking to the restaurant, she was texting on her phone. She hears someone saying something. The voice was solid and deep. Jasmine looks up from her phone and sees this handsome face. They made eye contact with one another. Did you say something? Jasmine asked. I said, let me put my number in your phone. He slides Jasmine’s phone out of her hand. What are you doing? she laughed. I want you to keep in touch; you are beautiful. I want to get to know you. She tried to say stop! She didn’t say anything. She watched as he typed his name and number into her phone and saved it. Call me he said as he handed Jasmine back her phone. She looked at the screen, and he saved his name as Clarke Stevens. Well, Mr. Clarke Stevens. I’m running late for brunch. I have to go. What is your name? He asked. Jasmine, she replied. I will be expecting your call, Jasmine. He said with this look of confidence on his face. Please don’t disappoint me. He said as he began to walk away. Jasmine stood there for a second, and at that moment, she thought to herself that it was intense. I’m going to call him.

11:45 AM: Jasmine walked into the restaurant. She noticed Fabiola and Sam sitting at a table. I’m meeting my friends. She says to the hostess. They are right over there. She points to her friends already seated. Jasmine makes her way over to the table and greets each friend with a kiss before she sits down. I’m starving. Jasmine says. Did you ladies order? She asked. No, we were waiting for you. Both ladies say. The waitress comes over and takes their order. I will be back with your drinks, she says. They were at the new hot spot for brunch. Fabiola’s wearing a form-fitting white sweater dress accentuated all of Fabiola’s curves. The dress showed off her tiny cinched waist, hugged her hips, her ass, and her thighs. She wore some black booties to complete the look. Sam has on a very low-cut top that her boobs were practically spilling out of. With some tight blue jeans that hugged her ass and showed off its curve. Jasmine was wearing two-piece pants set with a crop top that showed off her abs. The outfit framed Jasmine’s body nicely and squeezed tight around her ass and hips. Jasmine stayed in the gym; she loved to work out. They each had their style and wore what worked for their body. What took you so long? Sam asked Jasmine. As I was walking to the restaurant, I was texting you to tell you I was here. I hear a man’s voice saying something to me. I look up to see who it is. I saw a handsome face, one that I had never seen before. I asked him, what did you say to me? He says. I said I wanted to keep in touch with you, grabbed my phone out of my hand, and saved his number. Didn’t you stop him? Fabiola asked. I couldn’t. Jasmine said. At the moment, he had me mesmerized. He was straightforward, and I don’t think he would leave without giving me his number. Are you going to call him? Sam asked. Jasmine lets out a sigh then pauses. Hell yeah! I’m going to call him. He is fine, tall, and muscular. I would be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t, and his pick-up game was on point. The ladies laughed and continued with their small talk. What’s up with Mike? Sam asked Fabiola. Mike is good. He is training for his lieutenant position and working. We have mostly been talking on face chat he promised to come to see me later today. He says that I have been acting up. He needs to put you back in line. Jasmine says. With his dick. Sam says. All three of them laughed so hard at the table. This is how they were with each other. The ladies finished up their brunch, said their goodbyes, and exited the restaurant. They went their separate ways.

3:00 PM: After brunch, Jasmine had errands to run. She went to Target, Home Goods, and food shopping. She finally was home and had time to call Mr. Clarke Stevens and understand what he was about. She went to her contacts and called. Clarke picks up the phone after the third ring. Hello. He says. Hi. Jasmine says. I’m glad you called. How was your brunch? He asked. It was delicious the food and drinks were on point. The service and the ambiance were excellent too. Maybe one day I can take you there for brunch. He says. I would like that, Jasmine said. Do you have any plans for later today? He asked. Why? What’s up? Jasmine asked. I would love to take you out for dinner and drinks. We can see where the night takes us from there. He said. What time would I need to be ready to meet with you? She asked. How about 7:00 PM? He said. That’s perfect. Jasmine said. Do you want to meet at the restaurant or should I pick you up? He asked. We can meet there, Jasmine stated. I will text you the information to the restaurant, and I look forward to seeing you later this evening. Clarke said.

6:00 PM: Jasmine looked at the text she received from Clarke. She clicked the link to the restaurant’s menu and looked it over she wanted to make sure they had food she liked. She always checked the menu of the restaurant she was going to on her dates. She then checked how far is the drive it was about 25-30 minutes away. I better hurry up, she thought. Jasmine always showered first. She would do her make-up second. Her hair third. She would get dress and add her accessories last. Jasmine takes off her robe. She lotions up her smooth skin, sprays some perfume. What should I wear? I don’t want to look like a slut. No club dresses, she thought. Lady in red, she thought, and she went to her closet. Jasmine’s closet was color-coded. She went to the red section and chose a red dress and nude stiletto heels. When she looked up to check the time, it was 6:45 PM. Shit, I’m going to be late!

7:15 PM: Jasmine arrives at the restaurant, and the valet parks her car. She texts Clarke that she is coming in. Jasmine makes her way into the restaurant. Clarke is waiting at the bar. As he sees her approaching, he is thinking. Wow, she looks impressive. Her hair was down but pulled back behind her ears. You could see her beautiful face and smile as she began to approach. He watched closely. She led with her breast as she walked with her shoulders pulled back, her head held high, her hips moving from side to side as she walked towards him. They made eye contact Clarke felt a rush through his body. Lady in red was how he greeted Jasmine. How are you? He asked. I’m good. She replied. You look delicious, he tells her. Would you like a drink? Yes, thank you. She replied. What champagne do you drink? He asked. I like Rosè. She replied. He ordered a bottle of champagne for them to enjoy. Do you come here often? Jasmine asked. Yes, I do. The food and drinks are excellent here. You will see. I hope you are hungry. He says. I am. I have not eaten since earlier. They sat at the bar and began talking. The energy was sexual the chemistry between them was undeniable. They asked questions to get to know each other and realized they had a lot in common.

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8:30 PM: Your table is ready, MR. CLARKE STEVENS. Thank you, Shelly. He says. He looks at Jasmine Shall we. he ask? Yes, we shall. She Replied. After you. Clarke replies. Jasmine follows Shelly, the hostess, through the restaurant. Jasmine noticed how busy the restaurant was. They get to the back and go through a hallway into another empty dining area with one table set in the middle. They sit down. Jasmine is very impressed. She never had a restaurant closed down for her. You did all this? she asks. Man, this is nice. Thank you! I’m so impressed. She says. Damn, you set a new standard for my dates. I wanted to be able to get to know you on a personal level. He replies. You had to shut down a whole section of a restaurant to do that? You deserve the best I can tell by the way you showed up here tonight. I like to make my woman feel special always. The servers began to come out and place different food dishes on the table. Jasmine looks confused. They had not ordered food yet. I had the chef make us a unique selection tonight. I hope you don’t mind. Just in case you already checked out the menu and knew what you wanted to order. He says. Jasmine Laughs; no, I don’t mind. I did not have a chance to look at the menu yet. I’m excited to try the chef’s special. She says. They ate a three-course meal. Appetizers, main dish, and had dessert. The chef came out when they finished dessert to ask how the food was this evening. Everything was so delicious. Jasmine and Clarke said. When the chef was leaving, he said to Clarke, See you, tomorrow Boss. Jasmine asks Clarke do you work here? Yes, I’m the owner of Passion Cuisine. It makes sense how you can make this happen. You could have been open on this side, too, and you shut it down for me? Wow, thank you. She says and kisses him. Where is the bathroom? She asks. He shows her to the bathroom.

11:00 PM: Jasmine grabs her phone and looks at the time. She checks her phone for missed calls and texts. I can’t believe I met this man outside today and know I’m having a private dinner with him in his restaurant. She looks in the mirror, reapplies her lipstick, and heads back to the table. Is everything good? He asks. Yes, everything is perfect. The restaurant is about to close do you have to go? No, I don’t. Would you like more champagne? he asked? Yes, thank you. There is something I want to tell you, Jasmine. What is it? Jasmine asks. I don’t want you to be scared, though, if I tell you. I won’t be afraid! Tell Me! She says. Clarke looks Jasmine in her eyes. I have a huge dick, he says. WAIT! WHAT! Jasmine says. I have a huge dick, and he tells her again with a straight face. How big? Jasmine asks. He puts out his arm, and he goes from his wrist to his forearm real big. He says. Damn! That’s a huge dick. Jasmine says. The waiter came over with the champagne, and they stopped talking. Jasmine sat there shaking her head in disbelief at what Clarke just told her. When the waiter leaves, Jasmine says to Clarke, and you had to tell me that why? I wanted you to know just in case something was to ever happen between us. Is that right? Jasmine said. Shelly comes over to the table. She asks Jasmine how did she enjoy her dinner. Everything was amazing. Jasmine says. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself this evening. Everything is closed upfront. Do you need anything else before we go? Shelly asked. Clarke looks at Jasmine. I think we are good here. Yes, we are. Jasmine says. Have a good night. Shelly says when she leaves.

1:00 AM: Can I kiss your sweet sexy lips? Clarke asks Jasmine. Jasmine closes her eyes and kisses Clarke on his lips. I’ve wanted to eat your pussy all night, he tells her. You have? I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it. Can I? He asks. I don’t even know you like that. No! I’m not doing all of that tonight. You don’t want me to eat your pussy, Jasmine? He asked her. I do, just not tonight. I enjoyed getting to know you, and you do seem extraordinary. I’m sure we will have another date. She says. I respect that. You can’t fault a man for trying. Look at you! You are sexy, beautiful, and intelligent. Thank you. Jasmine says. Did you park your car with the valet? He asks. Yes, I did. I will walk you to your vehicle.

2:00 AM: The parking lot was empty. Only two cars remained. You have a nice jeep. Clarke says. I just got it brand new off the lot. I always loved BMW X5. Jasmine says. Clarke opens Jasmine’s door. Do you want to see the inside? She says. Clarke gets in the passenger side of the car and closes the door. Jasmine is showing him some of the features of the vehicle. Clarke reaches over for a kiss, and this time they tongued kissed for a few minutes. They both pulled away. They could feel the sexual tension rising in the car. Put your pussy right here and let me eat it. He taps the armrest between the seats. Jasmine was shocked he was asking her again after she turned him down the first time. I don’t want to hear that I can’t bullshit. You can! It’s just you here and me; no one knows. Clarke tells her. At the moment, Jasmine is thinking about it. Her pussy began throbbing. I could let him eat it. I don’t have to give him head or fuck him. He is just asking to eat it. She thinks to herself. Just eat it? Nothing else? She asked. Nothing else he says unless you want it. Jasmine sits on the armrest and spreads her legs. He put each of her legs on his shoulder and went in to eat her pussy. He split her lips with his tongue and went straight to her clitoris and kissed it. MMM, he says. He kisses it again, this time with his tongue out. You taste so fucking good. Just like I knew you would. Jasmine opens up her pussy lips some more so he can get her whole clitoris in his mouth. Your clit is so fucking fat and juicy. Damn! Jasmine, your pussy tastes so good. I would fuck your tight little pussy so good bust this pussy wide open. Clarke says. As he has his finger inside her pussy he is sucking her clitoris. He reaches down and touches his dick. You have me so hard, Jasmine. He turns up, licking and sticking her pussy with his finger. Kissing and sucking her clitoris. Jasmine feels she is going to cum. She starts riding his face holding his face right there in one spot. Yes! Yes! Right there! Get it! Yes! I’m cumming! Jasmine cries out. She is shaking, riding his face. Damn, eat that pussy. She says. I’m cumming all in your mouth. That was so intense. Jasmine says as she pulls down her dress and pulls her panties up, and sits back down. Look how hard you have my dick. Clarke pulls out his big hard dick. Oh wow! Jasmine says as she looks over at Clarke’s hard dick. It is huge. Jasmine says. Do you think you can handle all this dick? Clarke asked. Iiiii Jasmine is stuttering; I’m not sure. I knew you could. Clarke whispers. Kiss him. He says. He grabs her face and tongue kisses her. She tastes her pussy all over his lips. He pulls his pants down. Jasmine puts her face in his lap and picks up the head of his dick with her mouth. She could barely get past his head as she was sucking his dick. She takes his dick out of her mouth and spits on the head. She spits on his head again while jerking his dick up and down. She sticks her tongue out and jerks his dick fast on her tongue. She was smacking his dick on her lips and tongue. She takes a sip of water, puts his dick back in her mouth, and lets the water drip down slowly as she is jerking his dick. You’re so good! Clarke tells Jasmine. Now she is sucking his dick deep and giving him some sloppy toppy. Damn Jasmine! Let me fuck you? Clarke asks. Jasmine’s pussy is dripping from sucking his dick. He was playing with her pussy the whole time she was sucking his dick. Your pussy is screaming to get fucked. Bring that pussy over here. Clarke says. Do you have a condom? Yes. Clarke replies. They both get out of the car. Jasmine walks to Clarke on the passenger side of the vehicle. Bend over, he tells her. Clarke pulls up her dress and takes her panties off, kissing her on the neck. You have a nice juicy ass, he tells her. He puts the condom on a puts just the head in her pussy. Oh! Oh! Jasmine cries out. I’m going to fuck you slow. He says. Okay, slow, just the head, she says. Clarke is stroking her pussy slow. Your pussy is juicy. I need this pussy. Let’s go inside the restaurant in my office. He says.

3:00 AM: Clarke takes Jasmine back into the restaurant. He sits her on top of the table, goes down, and eats her pussy. He holds her legs up in the air as he is eating her pussy. I could eat your pussy all night. It tastes so fucking good. Eat it! Eat my pussy! I’m going to cum in your mouth! Jasmine says. Cum in my mouth. Clarke says. I want that pussy nice and gushy so when I fuck you. You can enjoy all of my dick inside of you. Clarke leads Jasmine into his office. He lays her down on his couch, gets on top of her, spreads her leg wide open, and puts his dick inside of her. Aye, aye easy. Jasmine says. Clarke is stroking her pussy nice and slow while kissing her all over her neck and breasts. You feel so good, Clarke whispers to Jasmine. Ride my dick. Jasmine straddles Clarke’s dick. She puts her feet on the edge of the couch. She sits on it halfway rides up and down, holding Clarke tight by the back of his neck. Sit on all of it. Take all this dick. Clarke whispers to Jasmine. She sits all the way down on his dick. She lets out a loud moan. Damn, your dick is big, she says as she rides up and down, rubbing his shaft all over her clitoris. Cum on my dick. He stands up and holds Jasmine up in the air. She locks her legs around his waist and grinds her pussy on him. I’m cumming, Clarke! Aah, yes, yes, Aah. Jasmine cries out. Let me feel that pussy from the back. He puts her down. She puts her knees on the couch and arches her back. Stay just like that, Clarke says. I want that pussy just like that. He puts his dick inside of her she starts throwing it back to him. She had cum so much her pussy was slippery. Damn, your pussy is so good. Clarke says. He starts pounding harder and faster. He smacks her ass. I’m going to cum! He says.

6:00 AM: Jasmine wakes up. Clarke was still asleep. She began to get dressed. She slipped on her panties then her dress. Where are you going? She hears Clarke say. I have to go home. Jasmine says. Stay let me make you breakfast, and then you can go. Can you cook? Jasmine asked. Yes, I can tell me what you want to eat. Clarke says. Let’s start with coffee. Do you have that? Jasmine asked. Let’s go in the kitchen and get you that coffee. Clarke said. He gets dressed. Good morning. Clarke says and kisses Jasmine on the lips.

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26 thoughts on “A Night To Remember (12 Hours)

  1. Started off slow then…WTF!?!?!?
    Great writing as usual. I like the time stamp in the layout of the story. Had that Law & Order sound goin. You know that sound…”Dunt!”
    The story was nicely written as it had special guest cameos from Fabiola and Sam! I guess that birds of the same feather flock together shit is real! One minute Jasmine was a sweet young woman joining her girls for brunch then by nites end she was giving head and getting dick. Dude was mad cocky and confident tho wit his shit. Women got turned on by that tho I’m sure.
    Again it embodies something that we all can relate to especially us one night standers! Vividly graphic and mentally captivating piece of work.
    I enjoyed the read and I appreciate the writing talent of Fatimah.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amazing. I felt it and could actually see what was going on. It’s beautiful when someone writes a story and the reader can actually visualize the whole thing. Continue making amazing stories. I love it love it love it

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your support and feedback. I will be posting the audio to each story on the blog. Check out Audio Sx. I have the 1st story the build up. You can listen it. Let me know what you think.

      Liked by 1 person

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