Pull Up

Based on a true story

The bed was rocking back and forth. You hear Fabiola, A-ha-oh-awe-yes -mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes. “I love you, Mike.” Is this what you want! You love this shit! Stop playing with me, Fabiola! You have men pulling up at your house. Tell him thank you. He did you a favor; I’m going to fuck the shit out of your little hoe ass. That’s my pussy. Tell him to thank you for the dick I’m giving to you. Mike uses his dick to control Fabiola. Mike knows what he is doing. First, he starts to short-stroke her pussy. Only giving her some of the dick. Then he long strokes her pussy. Teasing her pussy with the head of his dick. Fabiola is throwing her ass back, trying to get all of the dick inside of her. Is this what you want? Is this what you have been wanting? I run this pussy; I own you; you need my dick, Fabiola. He looks down at her. She is intensely biting her bottom lip. As she’s throwing it back, rubbing her clitoris on the shaft of his dick. Take this dick, own the dick. Fabiola was in ecstasy; Mike knew how to fuck Fabiola in ways she never experienced before. He touched every part of her mind, body, and spirit.

Twelve hours before the dick down; It was a regular Thursday night. Fabiola had made herself something to eat. Her phone is ringing; it’s Nigel. Nigel was someone Fabiola was dating before she had met Mike. She liked Nigel and continued seeing him. Just not as often or as much as they once did. Hello, she answered the phone. There my baby goes. Nigel says to Fabiola. How was your day? Fabiola asked Nigel. It was a regular day. The one different thing was I couldn’t get you off of my mind. Nigel replied. What were you thinking? Fabiola asked? The last time we went out. Nigel says. We did have a good time that night. Fabiola says. I miss sleeping with you. Why don’t you come over tonight and let me love you? Nigel says. I want to plan something instead. Says Fabiola. It’s like you have me as number two inline or something. You used to come over to see me now it’s always a problem. What’s up with that, Fabiola? I said I do want to see you, just not tonight. Fabiola says. Before Nigel can say anything, Fabiola’s bell rings. Let me call you back; someone is at my door. Fabiola says before she hangs up the phone. She looked out of her window it was Mike. Fabiola was not expecting Mike to come over. He would pop up from time to time. Fabiola didn’t mind; she liked seeing Mike anytime. They discussed a while back that she would stop having her dates pick her up at her apartment. Mike implemented that, and Fabiola agreed. There were a few guys who she was dating that knew where she lived. She limited them coming to her house to pick her up and would meet them out instead. What are you doing here? I didn’t know you were coming, Fabiola says while she is kissing Mike. Are you hungry? I just cooked. She tells him. No, but I will have a drink. Fabiola made them both a drink. They talked and listened to music. Fabiola went to take a shower. Nigel was blowing up her phone. Shit, I forgot to call him back. I will call him tomorrow, she thought. When she went into the bedroom Mike, was asleep. Fabiola’s phone is ringing at 2:00 AM. Hello, she answers. Come to the door, the voice on the other end of the phone says. What where are you? It’s 2:00 AM! I hope you are not outside, Fabiola whispers into the phone, not wanting to wake Mike up. She grabs her robe, and she heads to the door. Mike grabs her arm. Are you good? He asks. Yes, I’m fine. I will handle it. She says. Fabiola doesn’t want Mike to come to the door. What the fuck are you doing here, Nigel? Why are you not answering my calls? You’ve been acting fucked up these last few months. Let me inside, Nigel says. No, you need to leave Nigel. Why? Do you have a man in your crib? Where is he at, Fabiola? I don’t have to answer you! Don’t worry about all that! Go home! I’m not fucking with you anymore. “This Bitch” Nigel says as he is pushing his way past Fabiola into the house. Fabiola’s robe flies open, revealing her naked body. You done fucked up! Get the fuck out of my house Nigel! Mike comes from the bedroom. He has his pants and shoes on with no shirt. You could see his muscles as he went out of the room. You have to go. I’m here, and she doesn’t want you here. Oh, word Fabiola you got this dude here. Fuck you bitch, you a hoe. Nigel says. Yeah, I’m his hoe; now get the fuck out of here and don’t ever hit my phone again.

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Mike woke Fabiola up. Good morning she said with a kiss. Let me make us some breakfast. Fabiola was embarrassed about last night. Why would Nigel pop up at her house? I’m sorry, Mike, about last night. My pussy is so good. I have these men bugging out. She laughs. I know you had a life with A.J.’s before you met me. He had some good pussy now he lost it. A lot of men can’t handle that shit. Give me my pussy! You have dudes pulling up 2 in the morning. Is that what we are doing now? He says. I didn’t know he was going to pull up. Fabiola says while Mike is pounding her pussy from the back, she is screaming with pleasure. Oh, Mike, ayè, yes, yes, Fabiola turns her face to the side. Mike sees the joy in her eyes; the gaze on her face gives him the stamina to fuck her. He lifts one leg to deliver deeper backshots into a helpless Fabiola. A-ha-oh-awe-yes-mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes. She cries out. “I love you, Mike.” Lay down I want to suck your dick. Fabiola tells Mike. She spits on the dick and takes him in her mouth. She goes deeper and deeper with every suck until she has him in her throat. Damn Fabiola, you are so good. Mike is playing with her pussy. Your pussy is so juicy. Sit on my dick. Fabiola straddles Mike. She goes to kiss him, and he puts the finger he was playing with her pussy in between their mouth for each of them to taste her sweet nectar. He puts his finger in her mouth for her to suck it. Fabiola is riding Mike. You have my dick so hard, Fabiola. You are fortunate. Don’t fuck this up. People pay to feel like this. I’m going to cum, Mike. Keep riding my dick; don’t stop fucking me. Mike tells Fabiola. A-ha-oh-awe-yes-mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes. She cries out. “I love you, Mike.”

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7 responses to “Pull Up”

  1. Great story love them all so far keep writing great stories

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    1. Amean, Thanks for the feedback.

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  2. That shit is crazy for the next man to pull up unannounced. Wtf. But Mike is such a good sport and a reserved gentleman for not trying to cause any commotion..The story was short and sweet and I love the way you show the connection between Fabiola and Mike..Connection is very important and you portrayed that very well..Great love story

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nigel wtf?!! This I can relate w though like Mike said some men just don’t know how to handle losing that good pussy!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think Nigel knew what was up. He just wanted to see for himself 🤔😉

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