Typical Errands

Based on a true story

It was some time ago, a year after graduating high school to be exact. I was 19, with minimal dating experience, and now here I was on this particular day sitting outside Kena’s house anticipating my next dose of youthful mischief. Kena, the girl I’d made plans with the day prior, was a classmate of mine ever since my Freshman year of high school. Every since I met her, she had one of the biggest pairs of bouncy, jiggly, soft titties out of the whole school, including faculty and staff. If you ask me, she sprouted super fast to the level of a grown woman to be a Freshman than when we first met. Her 5’3 frame allowed her heavy bust to be height level with my abdomen standing in front of me when she opened the front door after a few seconds when I hit the doorbell.
It was later on in life when I found out she maintained G-cups that had me mesmerized whenever I saw her. We weren’t friendly friends that hung out a lot. We were just more so acquaintances in school, spending the majority of our time being introverts. She opened the front door, with mainly just a hello exchanged. She knew why we were going out today. I for damn sure knew. I couldn’t wait to shoot off some fat dollops of white raindrops where ever they chose to land.
Looking at her in the doorway, she donned a pair of loose gray sweat pants and a tight gray t-shirt with a graphic that never registered in my mind. Nah, what I wrote in my mind is how her big pool bouncy breast made her t-shirt look like it was animated the way it was stretched tight as if it was painted on. The slightest bit she moved, they wobbled everywhere. I stepped into the house as a younger sister skipped through the foyer, and her younger brother was sitting in the living room watching TV along with their mom sitting in a recliner.

“This is Rell.” Kena gestured towards me as she spoke to her mama while walking through the living room. She sat on the sofa, putting her feet up beside her as she tuned in to the show on the TV. She stayed that way till we ended up finally leaving. I lightly and maybe a bit awkwardly shook her mom’s hand, taking in the surroundings. I wasn’t over people’s house much, so I did feel a bit funny being there, also having met her whole family pretty much except for her dad, who was a truck driver and at the time already over the road.
“Hello, how are you?” Her mom spoke in a mellow, relaxed tone, looking up at me while lightly shaking my hand. This was my first time taking her in. Full, lush wavy black hair with traces of silvery gray strands along her hairline to highlight her living experience. She was a voluptuous, real, grown woman. She wasn’t nearly as top-heavy as Kena, which left me scratching my head a little. But regardless, she was a grown woman, with plump expansive hips that could be seen even from her seated position. One leg was tucked under her while she sat, and the other rested on the floor.
Kena’s brother wandered off upstairs when I sat down across from her on the other side of the sofa. Nobody said much of anything really while the three of us passively looked on at what was on TV. I casually looked over at Mrs. Thomas from time to time. The impeccable softness of her hips leading to her thighs was apparent through her house wear leggings. Her left leg dangled off the recliner as her toes traced tiny lazy circles on the bushy carpet, and her eyebrows scrunched up, then relaxed off and on as she looked on at the TV. Her mouth would lip read then twist a bit as if she was mentally somewhere else like I was.
I have to admit, though, I did like the digs of the place. The walls were offset colors of stone wash tan and candy liquid magenta with white trim lines. Kena’s mom seemed cool and laid back, and I guess you could say, at least that’s what I gathered from the small interaction we had. True as it may be that I wasn’t social with many people, I mainly felt funny being in Mrs. Thomas’s house cause I knew what I was there for.
I didn’t know where or when exactly, but I knew what and who I was trying to do. I know Mrs. Thomas had to know too. How could she not? I was a tad bit nervous when I first arrived. But now, my energy was just straightforward. I could feel my intention on display. I could feel the heat of my craving on the ends of the hairs standing up on my arms and legs. I caught myself looking over at Kena’s mom more constantly, with longer durations.
I started to feel a tinge of frustration, silently demanding for Mrs. Thomas to stand up so I could get a full vivid glance of that grown womanly soft ass clad in her leggings as she walked off to get a drink in the kitchen. She never got up, though. So the longer I sat there, the hotter my arousal flames danced along my arms and off the back of my neck. I leaned back, with my arm draped over the back of the couch, really taking in the scene. I needed to get my shit off. I needed to fuck.
The longer I sat there glancing from Kena and then over to Mrs. Thomas, the harder I got. Kena’s mom probably couldn’t see a visible tent thru my loose jeans. But I wonder if she felt my energy. I sat with my knees pointed out wide, letting my Lieutenant aim right at Kena’s mama through my jeans. Mrs. Thomas briefly glanced at both of us, but I didn’t clarify what she was saying. My attention was on the current throbbing my beefy dill pickle was doing as I sat there. I undressed Kena’s mom right there in my mind, wondering the type of panties she decided to wear with those leggings.
I didn’t know what to do at this point, and I was ready to roll out. But I felt bad for being blatant about leaving. Then suddenly, Kena’s mom looked over at me with a soft grin. ” So you two went to school together?” Mrs. Thomas chirped up a bit, adjusting herself in the recliner as if gearing up for a bit of small talk. I stopped myself from just throwing my arms up in annoyance.
Their voices faded, but both of them kept talking. Their mouths were exchanging information back and forth, but I couldn’t hear shit. I heard a shallow dull sound of the TV. I even heard the AC running. I didn’t hear their voices, though, at least not their voices in the conversation. I heard something else. I heard raspy huff-huff-huffs with a couple of breathy gasps in between paired with the sound of bare ass plopping against my pants with a densely audible fwomp-fwomp-fwomp-fwomp.
I mean, what the fuck? I caught myself looking blankly at Kena’s mom and then over at Kena, who still had her feet up, and her chin leaning on her left palm. Kena’s lips were moving too! I couldn’t hear a damn thing they were saying, though. I only heard a mature woman’s quick, hasty grunts and sighs as she bounced on the mysterious pogo stick. I heard a quick creaking of the recliner as the invisible pounding proceeded on. Kena’s face had a little bit of attitude stuck on there. Hell, if I knew what the reason was, maybe she and her mom were bickering.
Mrs. Thomas rotated halfway in the recliner, crossing one thick, velvety thigh over the other. “You ready to go?” Kena looked over at me as she finished tieing her shoes. I’m not sure how long I zoned out for. “Rell, it was nice meeting you; you two, please be careful.” Her lips were so full and pouty, and I observed them when she talked. The way they curled and puckered. The cock was drooling all over himself in my draws. I won’t lie, it had been maybe less than a year since I got my first fill of feminine cobbler, but I was already a greedy muthafucka. I wanted to bend both mom and daughter over in this twilight living and go to work right then and there.
“Nice to meet you too.” I told Kena’s mama verbally, but in my mind, I told her I’d have you up on the counter hollering out if I could. We locked eyes until I turned away. You all ever felt that shit? You know the feeling when you’re interacting with a particular person, that if the timing was right, something could pop off with that person right then and there? That was the only time I met Mrs. Thomas. That was the only time I stopped by Kena’s house, now that I think of it.

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Right, when we left, I was out of my daze. We drove to the Sprint store first to get Kena’s charger port checked on her phone. Luckily it wasn’t too crowded cause I was starving for something fast, fried, and greasy out of somebody’s drive-thru. We ate right in the parking, chatting over past times and referring to a few people we knew. I was all brand new to this whole jumpoff thing. My aroused state was no longer raging flames but more like smoldering embers.
She said nothing anytime I glanced at her exposed deep cleavage. We were riding towards nowhere as she kept talking, and my balls kept pulsing between my legs each time I switched from the brake to gas. I was focused on the road, but my hands went on auto-pilot. Gradually she said fewer words when I caressed her left leg from her knee and on up her ample thigh. When my hand reached her waist, I paused, with my fingers dangling down over her inner bikini line area through her pants. I patted her and gave an open cuff mild squeeze, my fingers firmly pressing against her, right beside her pussy thru her sweats. Through the clothing, I felt a searing heat already marinating when my hand came close to the peach.
When I noticed she had stopped talking, I looked over at her, and she was already staring at me. Her eyes were lidded in a relaxed open position, slanted with her eyebrows. When I squeezed her thigh, grabbing part of her waist in the process, she swiped her tongue across her top lip and bit the bottom with an audible exhale. My breath became sharp and jagged. I noticed by now I was pressing on my zipper. I felt angst as my eyes darted around, looking for a spot as I drove.
I pulled into a nearby shopping center, looking around for any place. I tried to be careful in my mama’s SUV going over speed bumps in the lot. I was just in a hurry cause I tried to roll over the speed bumps with ease, but the car kept rocking and still sent Kena’s titties in a jolting flutter. The real of the moment was settling in. I was about to thoroughly fuck the shit out of Kena.
I did my best to get somewhere secluded, but we were right in the wide open. Luckily it was just after closing time when I whipped into this bank parking lot. I immediately went all the way to the end of the lot and backed into this corner spot that angled at a position I could see everything coming and going a ways away if someone potentially tried to pull up on me. I heard Kena breathing heavier at a different pace than my irregular breathing.
I noticed while shifting into park, it was tranquil in the car, except for loud clicks and shrieks of our seat belts, as I laid my seat back far as possible while keeping eye level with just the top of the dashboard. Hours prior, I thought this would play out in a different area, and also, I figured I’d have music playing. This was none of that shit. She turned towards me quietly, putting her feet up on the seat sideways after she kicked her shoes off, just like she did at her mama’s house.
My hand was out straight with my fingers together, forming a soft blade that glided right up thru her cleavage, peeling her shirt up along the way with two of my smaller fingers. I was deftly jarring and tugging my zipper down hastily with my left hand, while in my mind, I caressed her big titties in slow motion with my right. I noticed the texture change under my fingertips from the worn satin of her big round cups on up to the rough fringe lace edge of the top of her bra.
All of my senses were triggered, and I felt every texture across the pads of my fingertips. My hand kept gliding from rough lace to what felt like broiling hot, fluffy, juicy round pancakes. Her cleavage felt like it was giving my entire hand a passionate hug as I felt her buttery, fleshy, hot valley of deep jiggly blooms. My draws yanked roughly down past my ass, left nothing but a heavy full sack and my dick standing straight up in the breeze of the flowing AC. It flexed and throbbed the way Kena’s big titties embraced my hand.
Everything shimmered and gleamed, especially the bulbous plump wide mushroom-like rigid crown of the tip from the remnants of the daze I was in with Mrs. Thomas. Before I knew it, Kena’s bust was sprawled out freely hanging over her big unpacked bra cups, as her nipples looked at me like huge endearing eyes of affection. She grabbed me up, and her lips pouted with her thin eyebrows squinted like she was strained with lust. I felt her hot palms and cold fingers close around the sticky shaft like a pistol grip.
She slid her hand up and down with single strokes without jerking me, massaging in cold pre-cum against a hot ass shaft. My fingers brushed against her drink coaster-sized areolas, feeling the offset texture of her cleavage to the bumpy rigidness of her rubbery chapped nipples. I clasped my palm around Kena’s left titty while her smooth Mellon slipped downward out of my fingers softly, almost like a liquid form.
She looked around very briefly, then looked down in my lap with the slightest grin. This was the first time I noticed Kena’s lips were just as full, pouty, and curled under when they moved, just like her mom’s. Except they were a smaller-sized variation, in an almond shape when pursed closed. She captured the magic wand in one fell swoop. Immediately my fingers glided thru her curly hair, gathering it up in a soft, relaxed fist.
My voice caught right at the base of my neck. My lower jaw was strained from being clenched tight. She sprung up quickly in the seat with a loud wet pop off me. In a quick motion, she grabbed her Burger King cup from earlier and flung a few stray ice cubes in her mouth. “Let me show you something.” Kena said. Her voice was watery. I could hear the ice sliding around and underneath her tongue when she talked.
I gathered a bunch of her curly locks in a loose grip trying to direct her aggressive polishing. It was useless; her hair went one direction while her whole face swung and spiraled sporadically. A mix of hot spit, melting ice, and a trace of Hi-C Fruit Punch became a newfound liquor to my jock. I lifted my head the best I could to keep an eye out for bystanders. She never looked up herself, except for when her eyes casually looked at me as her head bobbed around. Maybe she felt like I was doing enough to keep a lookout where she felt comfortable. Or maybe she didn’t give a damn like she wanted someone to see her work.
Everything was amplified. She was loud and raunchy as she said things with her mouthful. I couldn’t make out much over the loud swishing and humphs. A slight graze of her teeth, followed by her cold tongue, and finished off with bits of ice instantly melting against my skin sent things into a frenzy. I didn’t catch cramps in my neck too often. But this right here was one of those few times. She didn’t stop her motions until she felt like it. I was letting out groans from my chest that I never made before.
I was just all the way zoned out. I wasn’t expecting that shit. The moment was earth-shattering. Well, by the time I was lying down in the hatch of my mama’s SUV, there was no time to grasps how we got back there. The seats were folded into the floor of the Expedition, and Kena’s sweats were in a bundle beside me. Her sobbing hot peach damn near scorched my belly from the simmering heat that had been building up inside her all afternoon. She was straddled on top when we embraced in an electric kiss. It felt like charges surged through my lips and around my tongue.
Her cleavage melted into my face as I alternated back and forth, sucking from the left nipple to the right. I was hungry for them. I inhaled her titty in my mouth fully but only covered the tip of her G-cup missile. She threw her head back while sat above me as I did my thing with her melons. She gyrated her hips on my belly, tracing a slick wet circle as my tongue tap-danced and caressed the rigidness of her nipples. She looked back between us and grabbed my fat toad with two fingers. The juicy, fat crown pulsed as she aimed it upwards. In one fluid motion, she moved back, lowering that hot ass pussy on me.
Hot squishes and liquid gulps sounded off as my fat mushroom disappeared smoothly past her dripping lips. I banged my head on the floor after that first initial feel of pussy. She sank further. My dick felt like it was slipping up in a hot, ripe, buttery sleeve of pumpkin flesh. Her big ass titties were right above me, randomly banging around as she wiggled and ground right above my nuts while she leaned down on my shoulders for support. I felt my classmate’s naked ass, and squirming hips as her breast slapped and brushed against my face when I tried to catch a swinging nipple in my mouth.
She had her eyes shut, and her mouth hung open as she moved on my dick, massaging me with what felt like gloves dipped in lotion. This wasn’t a moment of catching up as old school friends. This wasn’t anything cute and funny type of activity. This was an aggressive, nasty fuck. This was finally paying off a past due balance type fuck. I smacked and grabbed that ass as she ground and fucked on my dick.
She suddenly raised in a squat position causing the hammer to slip out and become wedged against the hood of her clit. She looked down at our joint. I gave her pussy heavy wet thumps as I rubbed her clit on the underside of this rigid royal crown. Both of our nerve endings poked, pushed, and prodded one another until Kena hunched forward, and I dipped back inside her. The surroundings were a tad different this time, and I immediately felt a puddle of juice already waiting when I slipped back in. She stood on her tip-toes as she started bouncing in quick short strokes.
You thought about this, huh?” Kena smirked, looking down at me over her peaks with teeth bared as she rode. “No, you thought about this shit. You know it.” I replied, grabbing two wobbling handfuls of ass as she gave long individual bounces on my lap. “Shut -thuh-fuhck-uhhp” Kena gasped out. I slammed her down by her ass cheeks as she picked up full speed, helping her give maximum results to reach bust a nutville. Her titties swung back and forth heavily as her ass gave loud high pitch smacks against my damp thighs.
It’s amazing how all the senses are heightened in such a natural state. The car remained quiet except for heavy breathing and wet smacks as her hot naked ass gave banging thwomp-thwomp-thwomp audio while beating my thighs up in the process. Her titties were in sync with her bouncing ass as she let loose trying to disrespect my nuts with a flow of cum. “Huhhgh-fuhh-thihh-puuhussy,” Kena strained out over loud, skin slapping.
Our bodies became one mechanism as I was the piston, and she was the cylinder as ass cheeks repeatedly banged until she gave a groan and holla from her gut, as did I when we kicked up the pace one more notch, just slipping and sliding at this point. I forgot where we were. I hoped nobody was outside the fucking window waiting for us. We were too far gone. I slung my dick in that pussy, splattering juice in the process. My legs locked straight out. I was so deep in ecstasy. I just knew this wasn’t the last time.

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  1. Damn for a man to write that story tells me alot about how they minds think when they making love to a woman. It seems Kena had him sprung from the first interaction with sex between them. The details of the story was so descriptive and well written. Awesome story

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  2. Hi! I’ve been following your weblog for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Houston Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the great work!


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