Love Is….

Based on a true story

Mike had intentions to manifest his next relationship. A woman to love and care for him. Mike had women begging him to own them. If he wanted to, he could have quickly put that into motion. Fabiola walks into Mike’s life, and from their first date, Mike feels a magnetic connection between them. He knew this could be the relationship he was looking to manifest. Mike saw excellent qualities in Fabiola. She was soft, feminine, intelligent, funny, and attractive. In the beginning, they spoke on Face Chat several times a day, really getting to know one another. They would fall asleep on Face Chat then wake up the following day to start their day on Face Chat. Mike would listen to Fabiola talk about the world’s problems as if they were her own. Fabiola was so passionate about every point she would make. She had this passion for life, this idea that anything was possible. As Mike continued to get to know Fabiola, he would say certain things to Fabiola. It was very subtle. She always picked up on it and would be intrigued. She would ask lots of questions. Mike knew Fabiola was a bright girl but could she handle everything he wanted? Could she become the hoe he needed her to be? His hoe! The more he fucked Fabiola and got to know her, the more he liked to see her experience pleasure. She had denied that for so long. Since Fabiola has been on Mike’s dick, he sees how much she evolved. He was proud to have her on his dick. From the beginning, Mike noticed Fabiola’s willingness to please him. She wanted to learn as much about him as he wanted to know about her. Mike fed Fabiola’s needs; he knew what she needed and when to give it to her.

Their relationship was not about control. That is what most people would think it was. Mike was not a Dom, and Fabiola was not his sub. Everything was out in the open between them. Even some hard truths they both had to swallow. Commitment to them was a commitment to yourself first. They wanted to be together, so they were together. Everything was for Fabiola’s pleasure which also meant everything was for their pleasure. Two free spirits coming together, there was no blueprint on how things were going to go. They both would experience something new and fresh together. Have secrets between them see each other flaws and all.

Fabiola knew Mike’s relationship style was unconventional. She wanted to experience something different, and Mike offered that. Fabiola could be herself; she did not have to stop seeing anyone she was dating before Mike. Fabiola wanted Mike to know that she was willing to become his hoe to have Mike in her life. It was different how Mike went about things. He watched Fabiola take ownership of her sexuality to embrace herself in all ways. Mike empowered her there relationship exists with no boundaries in a judgment-free realm. Fabiola knew Mike was magic. He helped her grow in so many ways as a woman. She likes the pressure he applies. Mike kept her guessing what could be next!

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The sex between them was on another level for Fabiola. She was with a man that was all about pleasing her in the bedroom. The sexual pleasure she had with Mike she had never experienced before. Mike took his time satisfying Fabiola, making the sex last sometimes 2 hours. Mike was perfect for Fabiola. She loved just about everything about him. He told her this was for life, and that’s what she wanted a lifetime of loving Mike. Everything Fabiola experienced with Mike was the first time for her. The way he made her feel was unmatched by any other man she was dating. Everything was not perfect between them all the time. Fabiola’s sex drive was extremely high now, and she would need Mike’s dick every 48 hours. During this time is when Fabiola could get on Mike’s nerves ( he secretly loved it). He knew he made her this way. She was so horny all the time for him, and she was not afraid to express herself to Mike.

It had been 72 hours since Fabiola last saw Mike. She was upset at Mike for having her wait for his dick. She had LDE and was slacking while at work she was being mean to everyone, and only his dick would suffice. She needed to feel him inside of her. She wanted him to feel how tight and wet her pussy was for him.

Give me my pussy! Mike tells Fabiola. The energy is off. Fabiola responded. Okay then. Mike says. You don’t fight for anything, Mike! Said Fabiola. What do you want from me to kiss your ass? Mike asks. No! Could you show me you care? Said Fabiola. They were in Fabiola’s bed when this exchange took place. Mike turns Fabiola over and kisses her ass. He spreads her ass cheeks and kisses her asshole. Mike stop! Says Fabiola. Again Mike kisses her ass cheeks and says nothing. Mike takes his dick out of his underwear. I’m going to fuck you, Fabiola. Get your pillows. He says. Mike puts his dick inside Fabiola’s pussy and starts giving her backshots. Mike is pounding Fabiola’s pussy from the back he knows that is what she wants; she is grabbing the sheets screaming with pleasure. Oh, Mike, ayè, yes, yes, Fabiola turns her face to the side. Mike sees the joy in her eyes. The gaze on her face gives him the stamina to fuck her. He lifts one leg to deliver deeper backshots into a helpless Fabiola. A-ha-oh-awe-yes-mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes. She cries out. I want to feel you on top of me. Fabiola says to Mike. Mike gets on top of Fabiola and puts her legs in the air. Fabiola grabs Mike into her and wraps her legs around him, in the missionary position. Mike, groans tongue kissing Fabiola and sucking on her neck. A-ha-oh-awe-yes -mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes. “I love you, Mike,” Fabiola says as she is cumming. A-ha-oh-awe-yes -mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes. “I love you, Mike.” A-ha-oh-awe-yes -mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes. “I love you, Mike.” Every four strokes you hear, Fabiola A-ha-oh-awe-yes -mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes. “I love you, Mike.” Wait, Mike, I’m so sensitive I can’t stop cumming. It’s alright. Let that shit out. He says. Mike continues fucking her. She starts shaking again. A-ha-oh-awe-yes -mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes. “I love you, Mike.” Fabiola kept cumming, and cumming she could not control herself. She was gripping Mike tight with her legs thrusting her hips into him. She cums again. Fabiola releases her grip. She hears her playlist. Mike, I want you to fuck me “wild crazy” to this song coming up. Mike jumps out of bed and stands at the foot of the bed. Bring that ass here. Fabiola lays face down with her ass up. Mike spits down the crack of her ass and watches as his spit runs down her ass. He slips his dick inside of her pussy. The song starts playing, and Mike does as Fabiola asks him to, and he fucks her for the entire song. Fabiola presses repeat. Lay down I want to suck your dick. Fabiola tells Mike. She spits on the dick and takes him in her mouth. She goes deeper and deeper with every suck until she has him in her throat. Damn Fabiola, you are so good. Mike is playing with her pussy. Your pussy is so juicy. Sit on my dick. Fabiola straddles Mike. She goes to kiss him, and he puts the finger he was playing with her pussy in between their mouth for each of them to taste her sweet nectar. He puts his finger in her mouth for her to suck it. Fabiola is riding Mike’s dick up and down, grinding her her hips on his dick taking every inch of him inside her pussy. I’m going to cum Fabiola whispers in Mikes ear as she stops moving suddenly. Keep fucking me don’t stop Mike tells Fabiola give me my pussy my dick is hard. You get good Dick Fabiola don’t Fuck this up! Mike says. Fabiola cries out in pleasure, A-ha-oh-awe-yes -mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes. “I Fucking love you, Mike.”

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  1. Keep up the sexy stories this one is great just like last ones

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    1. Thank you Amean for support. We are glad you enjoy our stories.

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  2. Great content thanks for helping my mind escape.

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    1. I’m glad the story was able to stimulate your mind.

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