About The Blog

Sxtopia is a blog about sxploration. A place where you can get lost in reading pleasurable stories.

Mike & Fabiola

Based on a true story. Read about Mike & Fabiola’s relationship that Mike manifested the two recently met. Fabiola, with Mike’s grooming, is exploring her sexuality and femininity. The build-up is the first story into the lives of Mike & Fabiola’s unconventional relationship. Mike is grooming Fabiola to own her. Once Fabiola is owned by Mike, she will be free to explore her inner sexual prowess with his strategic help and her desire to please him. The story begins the night before Mike leaves Fabiola for a 2-week vacation.

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Every 48 hours come back for a pleasurable true story from a different author.

SX in 48

Libre: Live Free

Being an unapologetically sexual being. Stories about real people finding sexual freedom.

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