The Jamaica Trip

Based on a true story

This was going to be the vacation of the decade. Samantha aka Sam planned the trip for her birthday. The tickets and outfits were bought for Jamaica. This was a much-needed girls trip. Everyone had a different reason for why they needed this trip. Sam wanted a sexual experience something different she could add to her list. Julissa was married and had her first child 2 years ago. She was looking forward to some relaxation away from her family. Jessica was into ladies now more than men. Simone was divorced and wanted to get away from the hustle of the city for the weekend. Sam and Simone are sisters and Julissa and Jessica are sisters. The sisters arrived in Montego Bay at 3 PM Friday for a weekend trip. At the check-in, you could see Sam’s eyes wandering around the lobby checking out the staff. She wanted her sexual experience to be with a Jamaican man not a tourist like her. She did not see anyone that turned her on. Sam had a look to her and to the right man he would desire to have her sexually. She had a beautiful cocoa bean complexion with thick curly hair. Big breast a nice round ass. Sam was a siren. She was also a manipulator. She knew how the streets operated and she moved accordingly. Put it like this Sam was the go-to person to get things done. The plug. She played by her owns rules and love to have fun. She was excited to be around and you were going to have a good time.

They had booked two rooms the sisters shared rooms. They showered and changed then met in the lobby to tour the resort and get something to eat. The next day was Saturday. Sam’s birthday and they were going to go boating. The resort was beautiful it had everything you could want on an all-inclusive stay. Samantha’s eyes wandered around as they toured the grounds. She never mentioned to the other sisters that she wanted to get fucked during this trip for her birthday. A gift to herself she thought. Sam continued to look for the guy who could get her pussy juices flowing. They stopped at the pool and had a drink admiring the scenery. Sam was flirting with the bartender. She didn’t want to fuck him but figured he could be helpful in other ways. Who has the ganja out here? She asked him. They were in Jamaica of course she wanted some good weed to smoke. Me mon the bartender replied. Sam’s eyes lit up. They left the pool area and went to eat some dinner. After dinner, they went back to the rooms to hang out. Sam rolled up several joints for them to smoke while talking and dancing to reggae music.

The next morning at breakfast. Sam noticed the staff had changed and the men looked better today. Sexier than the ones from when she checked in. After breakfast, they walked along with the beach smoking weed and had jokes on each other. It was almost time to go boating. The ladies rented a boat at the resort for Sam’s birthday. Sam and Simone wanted to try kayaking before going boating. The other sisters Jessica and Julissa didn’t want to go kayaking so they stayed seaside at the bar having cocktails and planning something fun to do on Sunday before they left to go back home.

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Sam and her sister Simone were ready to go kayaking. The way it worked, they would go on a kayak with a tour guide who would take them to the cave and back to the beach safely. Sam’s tour guide was a guy named Anthony and her sister Simone would be touring with Wayne. They exchanged greetings and put on their life jackets. Immediately Sam was attracted to her guide. Wow, your so tall she said to him. Mi 6’2”! He said confidently. You have a nice body she tells him. Yuh tink so. He replied. Yuh look gud yuh body ripe! Mi like yuh! He told told Sam. Anthony was intrigued by Sam he wasn’t sure what her nationality was. She told him she was from America. Sam looked over at her sisters blushing face. Whatever Wayne was saying had her sister lit up like a Christmas tree. Once on the water Anthony is pointing out the sights. Ova der-so volcano wata yuh feel it in a yuh bones. Sam had her foot on Wayne’s lap rubbing it on his thigh. The sexual tension between them was high. The whole time on the water they talking about sex subliminally. They had a good vibe and they both felt the energy.

They arrived at the cave. Everyone got out of the kayaks. We a go sightsee in-a di cave. Der is wata a dey. In-a di cave so mine yuhself. Anthony said. This is when the sisters split up. Sam and Anthony walked to the right and Simone and Wayne walked to the left. Inside the cave Anthony tells Sam. Mi see big man drown ova dey so, so mind yuhself. Carry me on your back Sam said to Anthony. A dat mi a waan. He replied with a big smile. Sam was on Anthony’s back her breast up against him. He could feel the heat coming from her pussy on his back. Wah mek yuh come ova yah-so? It’s my birthday today I’m here to celebrate. We a-go haffi mek memories to send yuh back a foreign wid! This is nice! I will remember this beautiful cave. Mi wah give yuh more than dis view! Yuh wanna a lickle some-ting more fi rememba Jamaica? He swings her from on his back to now carrying her and starts to tongue kiss her passionately. Do you have protection? she asked. Yea mon, and he pulls out a condom from his pocket. His dick was rock hard for her. Sam felt it and she wanted to fuck. Simone and Wayne also had chemistry. On the way to the cave Wayne was rubbing Simone’s feet and you could also hear her laughing after everything he said. Once they were in the cave. Wayne told Simone Mi wan kiss yuh. They kissed and he began to suck her breast and feel her pussy. Simone wanted him. He was attractive with smooth chocolate skin, muscular chest and arms. Simone was hesitant at first but rationalize that she was on vacation in a foreign country and she should enjoy everything the island had to offer. Including its men. Sam is watching as Anthony raises up from the water and rolls the condemn down on his dick. He holds Sam up and slips his dick inside of her. She is so wet and he feels how good her pussy is. Sam wraps her legs around him and starts bouncing up and down as he is holding her up. They could hear other tourists coming into tour the cave. They didn’t have much time he carries her further back in the cave keeping his dick inside her. She felt so good he didn’t want to take the dick out of her. Just then Sam hears her sister moaning. Simone was bent over getting back shots at the other end of the cave. Wayne was massaging all over her back and you could hear Simone moaning from the pleasure she was receiving. Sam was hearing her sister moaning from getting fucked. Sam was getting turned on from hearing her sister fucking. She starts gridding on his dick. Anthony’s dick was big and rock hard she felt like she was grinding on a pole. She’s rubbing her clitoris on his shaft. He’s grabbing her ass while holding her up. Sam whispers to him your dick feels so good. Fling up yuh pusc pon mi! He tells her. I’m about to cum! Sam says. Cum on mi yuh hav to enjoy yuh self! Yuh pusc a fat yuh kno! Gal yuh can fuk! Mi a cum wif yuh! They both climax at the same time. As the other tourists were getting closer to where they were fucking. Simone can hear Sam moaning as she is getting fucked. Simone begins rubbing her clitoris. Wayne is giving her back shots. Cock up yuh pusc pon mi! It fit mi cocky nice! Wayne tells Simone. He is deep stroking her pusc. You could hear him smacking against her ass. Simone cums all over his dick. Wayne slips out of her and turns her around he sits in the water. Simone straddles him and rides his dick in the water. Gal yuh pusc to gud! Mi hav to cum!

The sisters met back at the kayak. They made eye contact. How did you enjoy the cave? Sam asked her sister. They all laughed as they got into the kayaks.

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  1. Love the set up and the build up , definitely was able to visualize the entire story. Looking forward to reading more! Great job

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  2. Continue doing your thing love keep the story’s coming look forward to next week

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  3. Continue doing your thing love keep the story’s coming look forward to next week

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    1. Thank you for your continued support for the blog.

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  4. No words to express how talented you are I’m literally in suspense already waiting to see what happens next!! FIIIIIYYYAAAAHHHH!! 🔥🔥😈

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    1. I literally imagined every part to the story because it was so descriptive. I love how you had the characters speak their native language and you can hear their accents in your ears. You have a gift to write so continue with your stories until you reach the top. I love it I love it I love it🥰

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  5. Lmaoo wow this was heat 🔥🔥

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  6. Sam and her sister and playing no games , good content.

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    1. More true stories about Sam and Simone to cum.


  7. By the way I’m a Jamaican and you didn’t do bad at all with the accents lol, look forward to more, yuh zimmy?

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    1. The accents adds to the authenticity of the story 🇯🇲


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