Acting UP (L.D.E.)

Based on a true story

Fabiola could not understand why they hadn’t spent any time together. She was used to sex in 48 hours. It had been four days since she last saw Mike. It was a beautiful summer day, and Fabiola was off from work. She called her best friend Sam and asked her if she wanted to go to the pool. What pool? Sam asked. We can go to Mike’s house to use his pool. Yes, I’m down! Sam says. When they arrived, Sam asked Fabiola. Is this what he has to offer? Yes, girl, he said I have access to him and his things. Shit, I will take it! Sam says. I’m mean, look at his crib; this place is fly. Mike was at work, and Fabiola took advantage of Mike and used him for his pool. It made Fabiola feel good that she had access to Mike’s house while he was at work. Mike’s friend Tony stopped by the pool to say hi to the ladies. He chilled for a while, drinking and having small talk with the ladies. Sam and Fabiola found it strange he did not get in the pool. While he was there, the ladies felt hungry. Do you mind picking us up something to eat? Fabiola asked. What did you want to eat? Tony asked. Passion Cuisine. Sam replied. How could I say no to such beautiful women? Tony says. Fabiola and Sam used their charm to get him to not only agree to get the food but also offer to pay for it. He’s a good guy, they felt. They liked being in the company of men who wanted to impress them. Mike arrived home while Fabiola and Sam were still in the pool. The music was playing loudly, so the ladies did not hear Mike pull up on his Harley. Fabiola got out of the pool to make another drink when she saw Mike walking towards her. Mike was very impressive, and that turned her on. Yay, you’re home! Sam, Mike’s home. Fabiola says. What’s good, Mike? I love your backyard. I don’t know why I haven’t been over here sooner. Sam yells from the pool. Thanks. You are welcome anytime. Mike replied. Would you like a drink? Their sandwiches, do you want one? Fabiola asked Mike. Yes. Mike replied. Mike looked around the backyard. Where’s Tony? He asked. He went to get us some food. Fabiola replied. Fabiola made everyone a drink. She got back in the pool. Mike, are you going to get in? Fabiola asked. No. Mike replied. I’m going to chill here and watch you enjoy yourself. Fabiola had a low tolerance for alcohol and was feeling the effects of drinking. Tony was back with the food. Tony greets Mike and asks him. What’s up with Sam? Tony was eyeing Sam the whole time he was there and finding any reason to talk to her. Fabiola asks the guys to take the food inside. Fabiola and Sam finish up in the pool. They grabbed their things and headed inside to eat. Fabiola was drunk. She hoped eating would lessen the effects of the alcohol. The food didn’t help Fabiola was still drunk. She wanted to fuck Mike. It had been so many days since they were together. Mike’s presence made her pussy wet. She was kissing him and dancing with him sexually. Mike knew Fabiola wanted to get fucked. He could have taken her to his room and fucked her. She was so drunk he decided to have Sam drive her home.

Fabiola was horny and miserable. She was mad at herself for getting drunk last night. Yesterday was the perfect opportunity for her to have gotten some good dick from Mike. I have a case of L.D.E. (Low Dick Energy) that’s what she thought. Between Mike’s training for his Lieutenant position and working his regular schedule, he hadn’t had time for her; all they did was face chat. Fabiola’s phone rings; it’s Mike calling her face chat. She answers the phone Hell-o. How are you feeling from last night? Are you hungover? Mike asks Fabiola. I feel ok just hungry and horny. Fabiola replies. The two H’s. Mike says. They continue talking. Fabiola was lying in bed naked. I have L.D.E. Fabiola tells Mike. What is that, he asks? Low dick energy. She says. Mike laughs. I’m serious, Mike. She says. Let me see my pussy. Now you are telling me you have L.D.E. You keep complaining you’re so horny. Mike says. Fabiola motions the phone down to her pussy and begins playing with herself. Spreading her lips open and rubbing her clitoris, and fingering her pussy. Look at what you do to me, Mike. She says. Put a porn on you like. Mike tells Fabiola. We will watch it together, he says. I want to see what porn you choose. Be nasty, Fabiola. Real nasty. Mike says. I don’t watch porn. Fabiola says. I’ve seen it before but not often, mostly when I was a teen. She says. She searches and puts on a woman getting fucked by two men. Oh, you’re a nasty hoe today. Mike says. Fabiola laughs. Yes, Mike. She says. I want to see what that is all about. She says. Fabiola presses play on the video. Do you see how she is being pleasured? Mike asks. Yes. Fabiola replies. The moans coming from the porn were turning her on. She closes her eyes and visualizes Mike fucking her and giving her his jacuzzi. It felt natural in the moment hearing Mike talking his shit to her. Mike, I’m going to cum! Get that shit out! Cum! For me. Mike says. “I love you, Mike,” Fabiola says as she is cumming. I know you do. Mike replies.

Mike face chats with Fabiola while on break during his training. I miss you, Mike. I miss your dick. Do you? Mike asked. Yes, and I want to get fucked! This L.D.E. is getting to me! She replied. Do you miss me? she asked in a soft tone. You know the answer to that. Mike says. Why haven’t I seen you then? Fabiola asked. You see where I am at. He said. Mike flipped his camera around to prove where he was. Mike hated when he didn’t please Fabiola. He took pride in fucking her. I be busting your ass, Fabiola! Mike tells her. I rode my motorcycle here today. I get a 2-hour lunch break. I’m going to come fuck you. Fabiola’s face lit up with excitement. Are you? Yes, it should take me 30 minutes to get to your house. You command dick, Fabiola. Mike says. I couldn’t wait any longer. She says. Fabiola made Mike lunch. After they fucked she wanted to make sure he was fed.

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When Mike arrived, he texted Fabiola. Open the door. It’s open, she replied. When Mike opened the door, he saw Fabiola sitting on the couch in white Lingerie with her legs wide open. He noticed the lingerie was crotchless, and he could see Fabiola’s pussy waiting for him. She looked so sexy with a look of innocence on her face. That’s how he felt she looked. (All he could hear in his head was fuck me, Mike! Fuck Me!). He tongued kissed Fabiola touching his pussy at the same time. Why is my pussy so wet? He says. You can’t wait to get fucked. You little hoe. Bend over! He says. Fabiola bends over, arched her back, and spreads her ass cheeks on the couch. Damn! That’s how you are giving it up? That’s how you are feeling? Mike sticks his dick in Fabiola’s wet pussy. She cries out with pleasure. He slowly lets her throw it back on his dick until she takes it all in her tight pussy. She feels Mike’s balls hitting her on her clitoris. It’s throbbing, so she starts rubbing her clitoris as she takes his dick. He’s fucking her pussy with intensity holding her at the waist. You can hear the pop, pop with every stroke. Mike is going in! This is what you wanted, hoe! Now you got it! Take this dick! Mike was not playing with Fabiola’s pussy. She was talking a lot of shit to him about some L.D.E. He was going to put her in her place. Ayyyee-aaahh, Fabiola is crying out. I need this dick! Oh-awe-yes-mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes. I’m cumming, Mike! I’m cumming with you! Mike says. He lets out a grunt. Fabiola hears him. “I love you, Mike.” I know you do! Mike replies.

Fabiola fixed Mike a plate for him to eat his lunch before he left. The food was delicious. Mike tells Fabiola. He had cleaned his plate. She prepared a Tupperware put the leftovers inside. Take this with you; she tells Mike. I deserve all this. Mike says. Mike was standing at the door. Fabiola tells him how sensual-magical-wonderful-unstoppable-and-beautiful he is. (yeah, that part he would say after beautiful). She was hanging on his arm, rubbing his chest and kissing his lips. She was so attracted to Mike and couldn’t keep her hands off him at the door. Mike says to Fabiola do you want some more dick? Fabiola’s pussy was throbbing for Mike. Mmmhmm-yea. She replied. I’m going to give you more dick. Fabiola did not want him to go and was happy to have him inside her again. They went back to her bedroom. He took his clothes off, and his dick was already hard. Fabiola was so turned on that he came back to fuck her again. His dick was rock hard for her. She appreciated Mike so much. He was so sensual. She thought to herself as she took his dick in her mouth and deep-throated him until she couldn’t get any further and gagged. Your a pleasing hoe Fabiola. You deserve this! You deserve to be loved and fucked good. He tells her as she is deep throating his dick. It feels good to hear him acknowledge that. She thinks to herself. Mike is different. He wasn’t an “AJ.” He was magical. He would express his feelings and show her love. Fabiola starts riding Mike’s dick. She’s lying on his chest, kissing on his neck and tongue kissing him. Fabiola is so into the moment and how Mike makes her feel. She begins to cry. I’m crying on your dick. She tells Mike. Why are you crying? Mike asked. I need your dick, Mike. She replies. I haven’t had it, and I miss you so much. I’m emotional. She says. It’s ok, Fabiola. I’m not going anywhere, he says. Is it mine? She asked. And for the first time. Mike answered Yes, it’s yours, which made Fabiola cry some more. You keep crying. Don’t cry, baby girl. Mike lays her down and eats her Pussy. I’m cumming! “I Fucking love you, Mike.” Fabiola cries out. Ride my dick. Mike tells Fabiola. She straddles Mike’s dick and starts riding up and down. Fabiola just had an orgasm and was experiencing so much pleasure she cums from riding Mikes dick. “ I love you, Mike.” Fabiola cries out. She goes weak. Keep fucking me! Mike says. He begins to choke her with one hand, telling her, you get good dick, don’t fuck this up, Fabiola. Mike would loosen his grip. “I won’t”! She says. “I can’t.” I own you, he says. You need my dick, Fabiola. She intensified riding Mike. He placed his second hand around her neck and was choking her with both hands. Mike repeated his self you get good dick, Fabiola, don’t fuck this up. Her riding him intensified even more as she was so turned on, and in the moment, she zoned out and rode his dick wild. At the same time, being choked with both hands around her neck, she could feel Mike’s power in his arms as he thrusts his dick into her until she cries out, “I love you, Mike,” and begins shaking and cumming all over Mike. “It’s ok,” Mike says as Fabiola is whipping on his chest. She is crying.

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8 responses to “Acting UP (L.D.E.)”

  1. Damn…Mike wanted that pussy just as bad as Fabiola wanted to give it to him. The story showed so much passion between the two that you can feel that their energies are connected with one another . This story showed so much emphasis and was well thought out. It also shows how much the characters are crazy about each other. Beautifully written.

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    1. Thank you Murlaine for your support and feedback

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  2. Good script, definitely had my imagination going wild..

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    1. Thanks Owen for your feedback.

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  3. […] Acting UP (L.D.E.) […]

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  4. […] Acting UP (L.D.E.) […]

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