Distracted Thoughts (Continuation of Endless Nightfall)

Mona always told herself that she didn’t want a relationship like her parents, which consisted of emptiness, unhappiness, and detachment, but somehow, and in some way, she encountered those types of relationships in her life. In her defense, Mona gave too much of herself to men that didn’t know her worth until it was a little too late. Her relationship with Stephon wasn’t one she wanted because she knew she wasn’t ready to give herself entirely to anyone because of her past relationships. When Mona and Stephon first met, it was an instant connection. He treated her like a princess from day one, buying her whatever she wanted and treating her like gold. Mona was in awe about the way he made her feel. She couldn’t believe that men like that existed because she had never met a man that pampered her or made her feel like Stephon did. Of course, she was skeptical because, in her mind, it was too good to be true. Her motto was “All that glitters isn’t gold,” and she instilled that in her head from day one. Stephon was there when Mona needed someone the most, especially when her mom passed away. He showed so much compassion, love, and empathy, and she appreciated him for that. Mona went back and forth to NY for four years before meeting Stephon because NY was somewhere she always wanted to be. She finally found a three-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn and resided there for a year, but because of circumstances with her family, she decided to move back to Miami. She made sure she made an effort to see Stephon every month and stayed for three weeks at a time to be with him so it would make him feel like she never left. As Mona layed in Stephons’s arms, she got mad all over again. After not seeing each other for three weeks and just having passionate sex, Mona’s thoughts of him hurting her with lies and deception crept into her thoughts which caused her to pull away from him on the bed. “Why do I keep putting myself through this,” she asked herself? As tears rolled down her eyes, she turned her back to him and lay in a fetal position and kept her thoughts distracted by his infidelity. She thought about the whole scenario in her head over and over again until it drained her mentally. She forgot about all the good things that Stephon did and how supportive he’s been. For that moment, she only focused on the negative part of him, which consisted of lies and deception and also the break-up until she fell asleep with rage and anger.

The Proposal
The breakup was a hard one for Mona to swallow because, before the split, Stephon asked her to be his wife marry him and that’s what made her truly believe that he was the one. She thought about almost being his wife and the memories of the proposal. It wasn’t just an average proposal. He went all out to let her choose a beautiful ring on Macy’s website over facetime because Mona was in Miami at the time. The proposal was different and cute, nothing modern or traditional. “Hey, babe, what you up to Stephon asked? “Nothing much. I miss you, that’s all,” Mona replied. “I miss you too,” he said. They were talking about breaking down different words and the cosmos since that was his favorite topic. The conversation about the topic lasted for about 30 minutes. All of a sudden, all Mona could see was pictures of different styles of rings. Mona asked, “babe, why are you showing me pictures of rings for”? Stephon pulled up pictures of different engagements, rings out of the blue, and said, “choose the one you like” Mona gasped, trying to hold back the tears, “are you serious right now”? “Yes, I’m serious,” Stephon replied. Mona couldn’t believe this was happening and wasn’t sure if it was really what she wanted, but she was sure she wanted him in her life. He scrolled and clicked on different rings for about 30 mins for Mona to choose from until she found the perfect one for herself. It was a diamond heart-shaped. G cut ring that fitted her personality to perfection, just simple. “You sure you want to do this”? she asked Stephon. He replied, “yes, I want you to be my wife.” Before him asking her to get married, whenever Mona would go back and forth to NY, they would spend quality time together watching documentaries, listening to music, freestyling with one another, and just enjoying each other’s company as if nothing in the world mattered but their time together. She would always cook and make special entrees for him, and he always felt compelled to have her cater to him. She would jokingly make comments like, “I’m doing all of this as if I’m your wife” Stephon would reply, “you’re already my wife,” and said it with certainty. After Mona chose the ring, Stephon ordered it and told her it would be there when she landed in NY within a week. They said I love you to each other and hung up the phone. Mona rushed to call her girl Ashley after she hung up the phone with Stephon. “GIRL, you won’t believe what just happened,” Mona screamed. Ashley was scared about what was going on because of Mona’s reaction, and she asked, “what the hell is wrong with you? you ok, you need me to do anything”? “No girl, guess what just happened,” Mona stated. Ashley was eager to know, “what girl? Just tell me.” Stephon just asked me to marry him,” Mona replied. “Are you fucking serious?” Ashley asked? They conversed for about 30 minutes and hung up the phone. A week passed, and it was time for Mona to fly back to NY as an engaged woman. When she finally got to Stephon’s place, she was so tired she went straight to bed. It was the beginning of winter, so she was freezing and wanted to stay warm, so she went right under the covers. Stephon greeted her with a warm sweet kiss. He took the covers off of her and wanted her to get up so they could go out. “Babe, get up. We are going out. It would be best if you didn’t fall asleep yet. At this point, Mona was confused because she had never seen Stephon go out during the winter season. “I’m a tired baby. I just landed,” Mona responded. He told her to put her jacket on so he could take her out to eat. Less than 7 minutes, he grabbed his coat and said, “come on, the Uber is here.” While they were in the Uber to get to their destination, they held each other’s hand, and he kissed her on the forehead. She felt so proud to have found a man that finally realized how worthy she was to be a wife. When they got to their destination, she realized it was the same park they met; Washington Square Park. While they were holding hands walking through the park, Stephon asked, “babe, which stone do you like again” Mona replied, “rose quartz.” He had a small little black bag in his hand and was trying to figure out which bench they sat on when they met for the very first time. At this point, Mona thought he asked what stone she liked because she thought the rose quartz stone was in the little black velvet bag he was holding. When Mona and Stephon finally remembered which bench they met, they went straight to it. In Mona’s mind, she thought he just wanted to spend time with her and go to the park even though it was cold and give her a stone. So she aimlessly went along with it. Not taking in what was going on, she turned around only to see Stephon on one knee with the small black bag she saw previously in his hand. He took the ring out, and in front of everyone, he asked, “Baby will you marry me”? She couldn’t believe that he went all out to do something so wonderful and well planned out. She screamed out “yes” as he placed the ring he ordered on her finger. Tears came down her eyes as she thought about her mom that passed away four months ago. She knew that her mom always wanted her to get married and to see her walk down the aisle, but unfortunately, she passed away before it happened. Nonetheless, Mona was on cloud nine, knowing that she had just got engaged. They left the park and went to get a slice of pizza before they called the Uber to go back home. No one or anything could ruin their special day, not even the freezing weather. Lingering thoughts continued to consume Mona’s mind making her heart heavier as she lay there reminiscing.

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Engagement Sex
Mona continued to reminisce while lying next to Stephon about when Stephon decided to take Mona to the sex store so she could pick a couple of toys after the proposal. Mona had never been inside a sex store, so she felt embarrassed to go in. “Babe, why are we here”? I want you to be spontaneous, he replied”. Mona was already spontaneous, and she proved that to him by stripping for him, sucking his dick in a way no one did, and showing him the nasty side of her that he didn’t know she had. Of course, Stephon convinced her, so she went in. As Mona looked around, she was a little tense because it wasn’t her cup of tea. Stephon eased her tension making her comfortable by letting her look at the different vibrators and to pick one he could use on her. She found the perfect one, and it was a cute small purple vibrator. They walked out of the store to get in the Uber to go home. When they got back to the house, Mona took a nice shower and put on nice one-piece lingerie that Stephon had ordered for her way before the proposal. She looked so sensual and sexy she couldn’t wait for him to see her in it. Stephon was sitting on the couch and ignored what Mona had on because he was playing his game. Mona went in front of the TV, and as he looked up, Stephon said, “Omg babe, you look so fucking sexy. Stephon couldn’t take his eyes off of her because he was so mesmerized. She grabbed his hands and went to the room. She kissed him long and passionately until she could feel her pussy getting wet. They both got on the bed, and he continued to kiss her while on top of her. He got off the bed to remove his clothes and got back on the bed, and slowly removed the lingerie off of her. He licked her body from top to bottom. He opened her legs wide open to eat her pussy for the very first time.” “Omg, baby, it feels so good,” she cried out. “Mmmmm, eat your pussy”. Stephon inserted his fingers into her vagina while he continued to eat the shit out of her. “Mmmmm baby, don’t stop.” At this point, her pussy felt like an entire waterfall. He got up to get the vibrator he purchased for her and proceeded to put it on top of her clit, and started teasing her pussy even more. Mona couldn’t help herself “baby, I’m coming uggggh.” Stephon put the vibrator to the side and proceeded to stick his dick inside her juicy pussy. “Omg, babe, your pussy so warm and good,” he said. He penetrated every inch of his dick inside her walls in the missionary position. He took his dick out and told her to lay on the side. He went behind her and stuck his hard dick inside of her as she moaned, “oh babe, your dick feels so good.” She cocked her legs wide so that he could feel the deepness of her vagina. “This my pussy”? He asked, “Yes, baby, always and forever,” she said. Since the vibrator was next to him, he used it on her ass which made Mona explode with cum. She turned around to kiss him while his dick was inside her. Mona started rubbing on her clit and squeezing her pussy in and out so Stephon could feel her pussy throbbing on his dick while using the vibrator on her ass. She pressed her pussy on his dick, making his dick harder and harder with every stroke. She turned to look at him, and his eyes rolled back with pleasure. “Damn bitch, you about to make me cum” he said. He fucked her more demanding and more complex, enjoying her pussy juices slowly coming down his dick. She poked her ass out so he could get it all in. “Baby, I’m coming,” he cried out” “Cum for me,” “Ugggghhhh,” Stephon screamed out. Stephon came inside her pussy shaking. She turned over, and he kissed her and said, “I love you” “I love you so much too.” They held each other tightly and fell asleep. She woke up with beautiful memories of them together. She was so confused. “Do I want this to end?” She turned around only to see Stephon smiling at her. She smiled back and forgot about the breakup.

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