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Sxtopia Podcast Ep: 1 Special Guest: The Key To Life

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Welcome to the Sxtopia Experience Podcast Edition. Today’s guest is The Keys to Life. Tell your fellow Sxpot’s about yourself.

TheKeyToLife: What’s good? Um, I’m the Key To Life formally of the narcotics production team. I would say about 2010 I just kind of stop doing music kind of like I was defeated by the industry. There was a lot of things I did not like about it. There was a lot of uncertainty when it came to music this was before the whole iPhone streaming the Napster and Lime-wire um you could get music for free so why would you buy it? At that time so you know I chose to go a different path went back to school and got my MBA and about 2020 during the pandemic you know I still had some equipment and my son asked me to show him how to use the equipment so I got a new piece of gear and I sort of had to learn that in order teach him and through that process I fell in love with it again and ever since then I have just been building and building and building to you know I found a style that does not sound dated and does sound to far off of the type of music I like and now I’m here and beatsforlife.com drops on Friday at thekeytolife on Instagram and all platforms

Host: Nice! That’s really nice. I know that you did the song for the blog, so I am definitely familiar with your work so that the audience can get a little more familiar with your work. You were, um producing tack in the past.

TheKeyToLife: Yeah, um, actually, I have a gold record on the wall when I was with the Narcotics, my brothers. Shout out to Dre Knight, Double 007. We had the chance to work with LL Cool J umm freeway; umm we produced a record on his last def jam album, and we also did make your girl feel remix with Kanye West, hush with Sizzla, and Kim Davis, a lot of joints that kind of never made it to the forefront but still placements. So I think, you know, if a few things, had it happened differently, the conversation would be a little different now, but again I don’t have any regrets. Um, we didn’t have a falling out or anything like that. You know, life just happens.

Host: Are you still working with your old collaborator, or are you doing something more on your own now?

TheKeyToLife: Naw I’m doing just straight on my own.

Host: Do you still have like those connections and stuff like that?

TheKeyToLife: Yes I am still linked to you both Dre Knight and Double 007 so but I don’t think double 0 does music anymore but Dre Knight is doing very well for himself he is out in Miami has a movement called the gem factory and he is still doing music he is an amazing musician and producer he has a lot of talented artist that he’s working with now. I think he did Acura Integra by Frank Ocean a few other joints he doing it big so.

Host: That’s really nice.

TheKeyToLife: Yeah

Host: So what’s one of your favorite artist you might have worked with or umm you dealt with in the past that you were like he or she is like a really cool person?

TheKeyToLife: I mean, like LL, like I put him on my top ten any day, and uh, I think the kids nowadays they see L on tv, they don’t realize he was a maverick. I mean, he was just straight beast. He did go from doing a record about ladies and love to just the hardest raps. I mean, the dude made a song called I need love back in the ’80s. It was rocking. I mean rocking; he’s playing boom boxes. I hear that keyboard come on. I’m still like, wow.

Host: So what song did you work on where you received the gold record for?

TheKeyToLife: It’s called what you want. It’s LL Cool J featuring Freeway, um, from rockafella, and it was on the Todd Smith album.

Host: Okay nice. How was it working with freeway?

TheKeyToLife: Well, again, we are in the technology age where you know you don’t physically have to be in the same space. Free is one of the dudes where he was, like, maybe in the next room. I was in the B room while he was in the A room, so, like, I never really met him, but you know, from what I hear, you know, he did a record with my boy Sha. And maybe a few months ago, I posted that on my IG and @ him, and he hit me back, so, and you know. A couple of people chimed in. He is defiantly a cool dude and nice with it.

Host: Yeah, defiantly. If people want to hear your work, I’m sure I will tie in the song you produced for the blog you um creatively made, and it will be playing in the background, so when you hear that, just know that it is from The Key To Life and he donated that to the blog so umm, I really do appreciate that. How did you find out about the blog?

TheKeysToLife: Well, it’s funny, we kind of, you know, we have a history but no history like I hung out with your brothers and like I knew them like I saw them every single day. I saw you maybe every once in a while; you were their sister, and like I knew your best friend, you know, but didn’t really know you. So we technically- did you go to Huddy?

Host: No I went to Myer Levin.

TheKeysToLife: So when we connected and, um, and we first started speaking, I was like, yo, it felt like a long lost home girl, and it was like we knew all the same things. We grew up in the same circle but never really knew each other, so like, you tell me what you were doing like I was, you know, kind of at a different place in my development, so like, you know. Even at this point, I’m trying to collaborate as much as I can, so when you said what you had and what you were going on, I, you know, took a look at the blog and was like, this is dope you Know its a dope concept and the stories were very very well written, and I was like I want to be a part of that, so I found a nice piano rift put together some percussion it didn’t really need like hard drums it just needed just some percussion and I put some soft drums in there just to kind of give it a little bit of movement. Then one of the things that you said that you wanted was you wanted someone to be like some what I read your blog.

Host: Yes, yes, that was the main thing I wanted. I read your Blog, and you got that amazing voice.

TheKeyToLife: So the funny thing is, like you, I told you everything you want nowadays it can be computer generated, so that voice is just a computer-generated voice. I went to a website, I typed in, I read your blog, and it allowed me to pick different voices, whether it’s a female or this person with an accent, so I went through maybe like five or ten of them, and once I got to that one I was like okay that one feels right. They let you slow it down so that you know there is space in between the words a little bit of flection here, and I just chopped it up added it to the track, and it worked out.

Host: I know that sounds easy for you, but that was like everything for me. When you sent me that, I remember playing it in my car for my brother, we were going to, um, a little photo thing, and I was like, listen to this, I got this made for the blog, and that like to the blog to a higher level Just for me personally to know that I had this track personally made for the blog. So I defiantly um appreciate that, and I appreciate you being my guest on the podcast one of my first guests on the podcast so I defiantly always feel the love and support there.

TheKeyToLife: Anytime, anytime, anytime, anything you need, just let me know.

Host: Well, you know the premise of the blog was true stories, and um, do you have, like, a favorite character? Do you remember anyone that stood out to you, maybe from the blog that you had liked?

TheKeyToLife: Not by name, but you know what it’s like. Of course, the dude you had. This one main character he’s blowing backs out, and she is feeing for it, and of course, that’s the guy that you know most guys would try to be like, aight that’s who I am. Even though most guys aren’t.

Host: But you could relate to that. You could you saw yourself in that. I get that. A lot of people say that they see me in the character Fabiola, so I guess you might be talking about Mike, her shooter.

TheKeyToLife: MIKE!

Host MIKE!

Host: So, like, when you would read the stories, was it something you did in your downtime personal to you? Was it like an arousal there? Did you get you know?

TheKeyToLife: I think that those things are meant to create a visual and of course take you to another place your memories or something that you may want to do in the future; you know these scenes, you know we all do it we have these little moments this scene would turn me on and I would love to have that organically, right, or you can just plan it out.

Host: So, have you been in a long-term relationship where you had to like plan sex before? Say Tuesday at 8:00 PM. We are going to be having sex. Have you ever done that?

TheKeyToLife: I mean, it wasn’t that formal for me. You know I wanted it all the time to be honest. I was married.

Host: You were on your wife when you were married. Are you currently married or single?

TheKeyToLife: No, no, I’m not not anymore.

Host: Oh okay are you relationship or your single?

TheKeyToLife: Nah, I’m single.

Host: Oh, okay, so how is the single life? Do you get a lot of sex, or are you more picky? What do you think? Low key?

TheKeyToLife: I mean, listen, I am all about rule number two of the ten crack commandments and, um, move in silence. I mean, I’m good, though. Like, I’m good.

Host: So when you are dating, do you, um, have you ever like sent random dick pics before to someone your dating or interested in? I mean, I never got one; I’m just curious.

TheKeyToLife: Alright, so what I heard because, you know, I have a lot of friends, female, male, whatever the case might be, and pretty much 99% of my female friends tell me how disgusting they feel when somebody sends them an unsolicited dick pic like so I don’t think that is something I would ever do.

Host: Okay.

TheKeyToLife: Just a random unsolicited. No.

Host: What about solicitated? Like your boo thing, it’s your boo thing. Unsolicited is creepy. I’ve gotten a good amount of unsolicited, and I’m like, why?

Host: What about if you get pics? Would you like to show it to your friends or it for your eyes only?

TheKeyToLife: Oh, I am a vault, so whatever comes in my direction, it stays with me. I learned that at an early age from my sister and my female friends. Like, you know, dudes can screw themselves out of a good situation just by flapping, you know.

Host: Okay, okay yeah.

Host: Okay yeah, you know, actually, I know someone that happened too. They had taken some, um, pictures. This is, you know, back in the early 2000s, you had to get pictures developed, so you had like pictures around, and um, a friend happened to see it. They didn’t really show the male friends their girl’s pictures, but they did happen to see it, and the friend told his girl and mentioned that they saw pictures. It broke up their relationship.

TheKeyToLife: Yeah, I mean, why risk it? Number one, if you really into somebody, then why you would show it to somebody else? Like, you know, dudes get jealous. Dudes, see what you know. No, I don’t need the listen. I am very private when it comes to you know. I think that part of being intimate, you know, is that security of you can be totally vulnerable, free connected and not have to worry about any bullshit. So for me, I’m private.

Host: So no threesomes then.

TheKeysToLife: I mean.

Host: Awe, hahaha. You had your little hoe phase. Let me find out.

TheKeyToLife: I mean, I’m just saying, Listen. All I’m saying is it has never been planned.

Host: Okay, but you know if the situation presented itself, you weren’t timid?

TheKeyToLife: Yeah. Like, Like most people say that, um, that a lot of people get swept up in the moment, and it’s too intimidating. I mean, I don’t know. In that moment, I really didn’t think about anything else.

Host: Was this like someone you were in a relationship with? or two randoms? Or One relationship?

TheKeyToLife: No, no, it was a friend.

Host: Oh, two friends?

TheKeyToLife: Yeah, yeah.

Host: Okay, alright, you just were lending out your services?

TheKeyToLife: I mean, like I said.

Host: Is that something that is done over and over again?

TheKeyToLife: No, no, no, literally just a one-time, and you know. It was just a moment. I was younger, and you know. It is what it is.

TheKeyToLife: Yeah, I mean, any guy is not going to just be like, ooh no, I can’t. Unless he can’t perform, maybe he would shy away from that.

TheKeyToLife: I was completely single like I wasn’t doing anything wrong. It was like that moment happened really unexpected she just stop by to say hi with a friend and.

Host: So can you ever have like have maybe the role reversed where you and a male friend you and your homeboy might do one girl? Is that something you would do? Is that a threesome to you or is that more like a train.17:19

Host: So can you ever have, like have maybe the role reversed where you and a male friend, you and your homeboy might do one girl? Is that something you would do? Is that a threesome to you, or is that more like a train?

TheKeyToLife: I mean. I guess the whole thing is, and it is, sort of a double standard, right? I grew up that is a train!

Host: It’s a train ahhhh, it’s not a threesome with two dudes and a girl.

TheKeyToLife: No, I’m sorry I got caught up. I listen to big Pun. It’s triz. That’s what it is, triz.

Host: Are you willing to participate in a train as you were a threesome?

TheKeyToLife: Um, Now I wouldn’t be involved.

Host: For either?

TheKeyToLife: I mean for the train.

Host: Oh, a train your still willing for the threesome but not the train?

TheKeyToLife: I mean, listen, I what it is I like I have no urge like its not something that I feel like I need to fucking get off my bucket list. Cause I’m good, I’m fine. If I never happen again, I could care less, but I just I don’t like to talk in terms of absolute. I like to give myself enough room that if it should present itself that I have an option to say yes or no depending on the situation.

Host: That makes sense.

TheKeyToLife: I try not to talk in absolutes cause, you know, I try to be as present as possible, you know. Being safe, you know, being honest, you know, living in the moment. That’s not going to ruin future moments.

Host: So do you, um, like, watch porn? Did you think the blog is like porn or just like an erotic story? A little visualization did differentiate between porn and the erotic stories?

TheKeyToLife: I thought it was like on the level, let’s say, Zane.

Host: Okay. Yeah.

TheKeyToLife: So, like those, you know, I watched a couple of those episodes. I mean, who didn’t but as far as porn. I’m not really into it. If it comes on, I’m not going to be like, hey, what the hell. I’m probably not going to throw on porn hub or whatever.

Host: And search out something. I mean, you’re a guy you don’t just like, you know, I don’t know what guys do. I just thought that was a staple in a guy’s browser.

TheKeyToLife: Nah, I really, to be totally honest, I’m just not really big into it like that. I condone it. You know that I look down on anybody who does. You know, it’s just not part of my life, honestly.

Host: So when you are in your intimate moments, do you feel like you cater to your partners? Like her getting off is like the main priority to you or.

TheKeyToLife: I mean, I think it’s the priority.

Host: Oh yeah, it’s the priority.

TheKeyToLife: I mean seriously. What is the point? Likes seriously, what is the point? Especially now, we guys have to compete with like the rose and all sorts of other gadgets. So you know, I think that it’s part of. I don’t know. As I’ve gotten older, it’s them first, then me second. You know, partner first and then me second.

Host: So you want to make sure she is good? She had an orgasm’ she came something happened over there. You ain’t going to leave her high and dry.

TheKeyToLife: I think that’s part of the connection, and the beauty of like sex is that you know you’re doing things not necessarily to make you feel good but to share the good feeling, and you know part of that is being a giver. I mean, men buy design is givers.

Host: Oh really now.

TheKeyToLife: You guys are acceptors just by our physiological setup.

Host: I love a giving man. Giving in the bed and giving in gifts. I ain’t going to lie either.

TheKeyToLife: Ha, I see, I see your love language, uh, a gift.

Host: My love language is quality time. First off, because I ain’t playing, I need my quality time quality time and then my second love language, of course, receiving gifts because I am a good gift receiver. I would be so happy.

TheKeyToLife: I mean, who is not a good receiver?

Host: Hahaha, some people don’t like getting gifts. No, some people don’t like getting they are like why did you get this for me or I don’t like this. Some people can’t really accept it. You know some people can’t even accept a good compliment. Like words of affirmation, that’s a love language. Not everyone likes that love language. You know they don’t want to hear that all day words of affirmation. What is your love language?

TheKeyToLife: I think it is words of affirmation. And so it. Let me not say that. I think over the last few years, I have realized that words of affirmation they may be like straight ego-driven, right? And I strive to not be like moved by the ego because the ego will make you do dumb shit and think dumb shit. It’s like, you know, again, their many regrets I have in relationships, and the ego is at the center.

Host: Wait, do you have a one that you feel might have got away? Do you have that, ah, one got away kind of thing in your head or not, not that serious?

TheKeyToLife: I mean, listen, I was married. I had a whole, you know. I was married for a long time.

Host: Mmmhmm.

TheKeyToLife: And so you know, I think everything happens for a reason, and I am right now, and she is where she is right now for a reason. But, like, of course, like if I got to go play a little differently, it probably would have been different because. You know, you learn a lot f things as you get older, and you realize that some of the things that you have been taught have been stupid. HAHAHA. Right, and when I say taught, you know, either dude in your neighborhood, your friends, your parents or whatever, society sometimes that shit is stupid, and you really got to do the work, and you have to figure out what works for you.

Host: Yeah, you have to dig deep and see the beliefs that you hold on to that you might not realize that you’re holding on to release it. Let it all go.

TheKeyToLife: Exactly.

Host: Stop worrying about what people think, stop worrying about failure, get out your head and get pushing that what I think.

TheKeyToLife: Yeah. And so I don’t feel like, you know, when you say the one that got away, I mean I think that everyone who has come and left my life in that capacity it happened for a reason, right, and so I don’t look in the past like oh damn she got away because honestly you ever try to date like an ex? Five minutes in, you realize why they are your ex. It’s only when like both people super like really healed and really do the work to heal that exes can get back together.

Host: Yeah, I agree because whatever it was, it’s still there.

TheKeyToLife: Exactly, It happened like yo like I’m not going to focus on what went wrong. Of course, you got to take inventory of. I guess whatever perceived messages, I mean, um, things that you did wrong. You wish you could have done better, but at the end of the day, things happen the way they were supposed to happen because they were. It was written it was supposed to happen that way. And it happens for a reason, and so you know look forward be present, or you know opportunities may miss you bye.

Host: So I mean, you read stories on the blog before, and this is the Sxtopia Podcast, which is a compliment of the blog for our Sxpots that might be listening. I know you must have like a Sxtopia moment, like something short or innocent you might want to share with us, Just like a little moment. Like you had your little threesome moment. Maybe when you were doing your music in the studio. You know, I don’t know. I just visualize a lot of stuff like that cause that’s just me. You live in that really fancy building. I know you probably had a moment. I know people are like, wait, how does she know where he lives? Yes, cause when he did the track. I had him help me record other stuff so. Come on, give us something. Give us sxpots something—just a little taste.

TheKeyToLife: Listen, this is like the drink champs moment where like, Norie gets the guy or girl really drunk, and they start spilling the beans. There is no alcohol here right now. I mean, listen, what I can say is that I’ve enjoyed amazing sexual experiences over the last few years, and it’s been like a re-awakening.

Host: Oh, okay, you have been divorced, and you are back out there now.

TheKeyToLife: Yeah, just, Exactly.

Host: Do you see changes in your sex game? On how you’re laying down the pipe or?

TheKeyToLife: I mean, it’s just it’s more of like, you know, of course when you are in that moment, like, you know, sometimes I think there is a big difference in, you know, just fucking the shit out of somebody and making love. Those are two different things so.

Host: So are you a pounder you would say?

TheKeyToLife: No. Um, I am. My boys would say a slow jam. Definitely slow jamming.

Host: No pounding? I mean if she requests it?

Guest: There is a peak and valley. I mean, you can’t just go straight to pound town. You can’t go straight to pound town.

Host: Like come on add another layer. But some people might be into that.

TheKeyToLife: Alright, so you like to be pounded out?

Host: Sometimes, not every minute, no, hahaha. If I ask for it, do it.

TheKeyToLife: It’s peak and valley. I mean, of course, at some point, you going to be like. What’s that Issa Rae show? Uh, Insecure.

Host: One of my favorites s. I like being on top. I don’t know to choke me out a little bit. Let me hold your chest if you got one. If you don’t, you know I will hold your shoulders. But hahaha.

TheKeyToLife: You know what? I didn’t even like choking. It’s like a real thing like.

Host: Not hard. I don’t want to pass out in your bed.

TheKeyToLife: Well, you know what I’m saying? It’s a thing.

Host: Well, give it a try next time your lady friend is on top, you know.

TheKeyToLife: Listen, I got a good grip.

Host: Awe! hahaha. I will have to bring you on for part two, so now you can have your Sxtopia moment that you can share with us sxpots so we can know what’s going on. You can’t keep it all to yourself. We want some interesting content maybe you might want to turn up in the bed.

TheKeyToLife: I feel you. I’m just like a vault you know I’m a vault.

Host: I know when you came on saying that. I was like ooh man, Fatimah, I don’t know how you are going to break through this one.

TheKeyToLife: But I’m like I said, I’m not a prude, right like? I’m just more so just have discretion, especially in this day and age, because you don’t know who is going to listen to this and for what context.

Host: It will be posted to the blog. A few clips to social media. Give it to you, definitely let you chop it up, screw it up, and maybe do a new song that says I heard your podcast. I don’t know. Since it’s, I read your blog.

TheKeyToLife: I mean, it could be the same beat I could just put in. I heard your podcast.

Host: I would like to hear how that sounds.

TheKeyToLife: It will literally sound just how I said it. I like your podcast, or I listen you can’t l read your podcast. I listen to your podcast. I heard your podcast.

TheKeyToLife: O, yes, good one, good one.

Host: I will text you that. I heard your podcast. So that will be the new official song. If anyone wants to hear the original blog song go to definitely go to Sxtopia.com, and if you go to the audio part, you will hear it. It’s the song that’s playing behind the audio. You can go to Sxtopia’s Facebook, and the song is there also with some beautiful visuals of myself, and you can also hear the song there. So I want to thank you so much, um, TheKeyToLife coming on. Just, you know, talking with me candidly and stuff like that with you being a vault and everything. Still, you did open up, so that was really nice, and I really do appreciate that. Before we hop off, I just thought that maybe you can put out what you said on your website coming, and also if people want to hear some beats, you have your social media, so why don’t you give out that information?

TheKeyToLife: Of course, I am sure you will write this out in the blog at some point, but my social for ig, and I just sucked it up and got on tiktoc its @__thekeytolife__, and I have my website dropping this Friday (01/27/2023) http://www.beatstolife.com You know just looking forward to expanding something that I love to do because really it’s a hobby that I turned into another stream of income. Something that I would literally do this, paid or not. You might as well make a little bread on the side. It’s like therapy. It’s like cooking. It’s therapy.

Host: Definitely, ladies, the cooking is good because that was a requirement. I needed to taste that cooking, and it was good so. Do you want to leave your height and weight and everything for the ladies that might be listening? Hahaha, I’m just joking with you putting you out there. You, like, wait a minute, she auctioning me or something she putting me out there. I’m just joking. Thank you so much for um joining today’s podcast, and you have a great day.

TheKeyToLife: Same to you. Thanks again for the invitation. I had a great time. Alright Bye.

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