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Welcome, to Sxtopia Blog where words bring pleasure. This is not your typical blog. Get lost in true erotic stories from singles and couples. Come back every 48 hours for a new story in our SX in 48 blog post. Meet Mike and Fabiola a unconventional relationship Mike Manifested. A new Mike & Fabiola story will be added weekly to the blog. Being an unapologetically sexual being. Our Libre section of the blog is where you will find stories about real people finding sexual freedom. Thanks for visiting. Please Join our Email List to stay up to date.

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Hi, I’m Fatimah W. Currently a office manager, I became a freelance writer in 2021. I came up with this idea for the blog because I wanted to be able to express for people their sexual stories in a tasteful way. I love writing about my fascination with love, sex and relationships and what some may say is unconventional. The Sxtopia Book is coming fall 2021. Please subscribe to our mailing list.

Click play to watch a clip of Fatimah the creator of the Sxtopia Blog.

Fatimah the creator of the Sxtopia blog.

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