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Welcome to the Sxtopia Experience Podcast Edition. I am your host, Fatimah. Today’s guest is Flowz Money. Tell your fellow Sxpots about yourself, Flowz.

Flowz Money TV: Hey, how are you doing, Sxtopia Nation? This is Flowz Money TV, and I am really excited to be a part of this podcast tonight. So I started out at an HBCU. I went to one of the top HBCUs in South Carolina, Classon University, and I graduated with a bachelor’s of Sociology. I came back to New York and started practicing social work until I found a grand opportunity at BET networks which really transformed my life and took me out of the field of social work and into the business of entertainment. At BET, I was able to meet a lot of celebrity guests. I was able to work on a lot of production projects, and then I also ventured into the event planning phase, which I am currently doing today. Currently, right now I DJ for the top events in New York City. Every Tuesday night is myself and power 105 Dj Self. We are at Dollhouse Tuesday with 718 Bruce each and every Thursday. You can catch me in queens at studio 59 with Sidiki young black business owner, where we have baddies on baddies events where we host some of the finest models and some of the finest actresses that New York has seen every Thursday night also. I am continuously involved in breaking new music I was one of the pioneers piloting for Favio Foreign, Fetty Luciano, Rowdy Rebel, Bobby Shmurda giving them grands access to a major network at BET networks. When BET was not putting emphasis on NYC rappers. My department was able to pull some of our most notorious artist bringing them to BET and give them major access and public networking. Currently right now I am hosting and I am event playing some of the largest events that NYC has ever seen. We have just capped off an event in October for Halloween called freak-o-ween which a subsidiary of freaknik myself and my partner Russell Grave we were able to gross over $40,000 of revenue for one event. Which has been one of thargest purses for a Halloween event. So you know we are really excited to just share this information with all of our viewers. Giving them mainstream access to a successful career in entertainment.

Host: That is amazing. I saw you had your event last night on dollhouse Tuesdays. You have one of the popping Instagram pages that comes on my feed, and you had a celebrity there last night as well. That looked like a really cool event, and is that in Brooklyn?

Flowz Money TV: Well, Dollhouse Tuesday is in Queens, New York, that’s in Astoria queens, or they like to call it Long Island City. The actual name of the venue is Havana Boulevard. The name of the event is Dollhouse Tuesdays. But the event is so popping it’s so popular that everyone thinks that dollhouse is the name of the club, and that is something that my partner, 718 Bruce that he, wants to capitalize on. He pretty much changed the game where we are branding events where you can take the name of an event and put it anywhere, and people will follow the event.

Host: That is a really smart idea. I thought the name of the place was Dollhouse. With you doing all these events. I am sure you keep a late schedule. Are you single or in a relationship?

Flowz Money TV: I am actually single; um, I am not in a relationship now.

Host: When was your last relationship?

Flowz Money TV: My last relationship it’s been a bit over a year since my last relationship. You Know me being single has done the opposite of what I primarily hear, which is that. Once you are in a relationship, you are a little more solid, and you kind of be successful with your goals, and I found pretty much the opposite being single. I found out that I have been more fruitful, more independent, and more ambitious to really go out there and fulfill my dreams. So I am kind of on the cruising stage right now, Fatimah.

Host: Okay. So you are cool with being single. Your not looking to rush into anything because you feel you have been on top of your game. As I said if you keep a lot of late-night events. I know a woman will probably not be too happy with that, especially since you are in the event planning business and Djing. You are doing that several nights a week. So you would be arguing if you were to be in a relationship, do you think?

Flowz Money TV: You know, I am glad you asked that because I truly believe in transparency in a relationship. I totally believe that if I am totally involved with a lady, she is the number one lady for me in my life, and I would never put my lady in a situation where she has to be in an uncomfortable situation around other females. I continuously invited my ex to these events. In order, I feel, to create an argument, she wouldn’t want to come to the events. Sometimes I would beg, like, hey, come see what this is about. Be number one, and that’s what a lot of males in the entertainment business really want because it would really be so much solid if you did have a solid female around you. Because it just shows you are operating from a business standpoint when you see a man and woman working as a team, and they are in a relationship, and you see them really working together for the same goal. Nightlife is really misconstrued into just wild parties drinking, and smoking but when you are behind the business operations of events all of that stuff is really secondary and sometimes not even secondary. Sometimes not even secondary it’s not even the focus. The focus is on having people have the greatest time and experience at the event. That’s just something where that a special woman would help me be a part of and help me grow this type of entertainment business.

Host: I completely understand that when I had my own business, I just wanted support from my partner at the time. I wasn’t really getting it, but I craved it. I don’t know what it is about that, but you do want to be supported in that way. They sometimes find other ways to support you, but I know exactly what you mean by that because you came to the boutique when I did events. I never had anyone there supporting me, so I know exactly what you me. I mean my friends and stuff and you and people, of course, supported, but I mean as significant other. Now that you are single, are you looking at these bartenders as the hostess? I mean, how are you dating? You are a handsome young man. How do you get in the lady’s pants? How are you doing? What a DM, what are you doing? As a single guy?

Flowz Money TV: Well, as a single guy at this time, I still really respect the fact of having a solid partner If it gets to the intimate stage, um, being with multiple women and the entertainment business or the nightlife business. I’ve learned from others experience having multiple women coming to an event and women are feeling each other out they are feeling uncomfortable and they can’t focus on the event because they are more concerned with if another female is dealing with the same male so I found that having the freedom in this lifestyle being open being honest to women letting them know if I am dealing with a other women. Has been a lot more beneficial for me because everything is on the table there is no smoke screens we can send a clear message to each other if this something we want to engage in. Being single has identified that for me.

Host: Being single, this is your time for you to go out and experience new people and just date. You don’t feel that way? Do you want to see if maybe where it could go first? You don’t feel to date like 4-5 women at the same time?

Flowz Money TV: No, for females, I feel like it is more fun dating. For guys, it’s a huge bill, so I want to be selective with that. The temptations are there, and I found a formula to like find this friend zone with some of the most beautiful women. A lot of my male friends often ask me how am I with all these beautiful women and are you if your not. I know your pretty much having sex with all of them.

Host: I see them on your page, and I will think he is having sex with all of them.

Flowz Money TV: Right, Right, and you know what. If you notice, if you really notice, what happens nowadays is if a female really does like a guy, she doesn’t show him. The fact that all these women are so comfortable taking videos with me kissing me on the cheek, hugging me, posting it reposting them says something about who I am and my temperament of me because a female knows that the next female knows how I respond or how I behave with ladies. So it’s uniform behavior that I practice, and that’s very important to me working in the entertainment business.

Host: You seem disciplined, like you thought about these scenarios and watched other people, and you know you like you really don’t want to get caught up in something crazy. How is it like when you do see s female, and you are like, wow, I am attracted to her? I mean, sometimes it’s just that connection that comes across, and you feel that energy. What is your approach, then? Do you send like a dick pick, or what do you do?

Flowz Money TV: In that case, I mean, I have countless, don’t get me wrong, I have had countless engagements where I was really trying to pursue, but I face literally the same issue every time I am at a date, and I’m talking about just not females from the club I’m talking about whether is a nurse, a social worker, principal at a school. It always comes down to. I mean, the first night, it always comes down to a bill I can pay at that moment. Even on my last date, I thought I meant someone, and we went for dinner. This was literally about three weeks ago. I thought she was the hottest girl. We went out for dinner, and she is telling me about her trip for the next week, and I was like yeah, that’s great you are going out of town. Before I even finished paying for the bill, she pulled out her phone and asked me if I could pay for her clothes to go on her trip. I was already a little uncomfortable, so I said you know, hey, let me see the cart. She says I’m going to give you the smaller cart. The smallest cart was about $500.00. I didn’t know what to do in that moment. I was so offended; I was just so offended.

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