Episode: 3 Flowz Money TV

Flowz Money TV: Yes, absolutely, and this is probably the first time I have ever told this story.

Host: OOOOH! This is a Sxtopia exclusive, thank you.

Flowz Money TV: Yes, absolutely, and when I tell the story. When they hear it, I know they will know I’m talking about them. Involving two sisters, they are twins, and I was in a sexual relationship with one of the twins. We went out a lot, and her sister did not go out a lot. Her sister was invited to one of my events. I could see the excitement in her and the fact that she was out in VIP. The lights, it was just an amazing night and um. I don’t know why they trusted each other so much. Her sister who I was in a sexual relationship, allowed her sister to come out with me alone.

Host: Oh, alone. I didn’t know you were alone with the sister.

Flowz Money TV: She allowed me to go out alone with her sister. When I pulled up to the crib, her sister came out in a see-through outfit. Mind you. She knows I am dealing with her twin. She came out in a see-through outfit. I didn’t even know what to do. I couldn’t believe it. We went to this event, and she danced on me the entire night; literally she danced on me.

Host: Do you get hard in that situation, or do you try to keep it not hard? What happens when she is whining about you? Do you feel your manhood rising?

Flowz Money TV: I never was the type to really get aroused off of dancing. However, the face-to-face action was the part where I started to really feel some sexual connection with her. When she began to face me, she wrapped her arms around my neck. Nevertheless, I am dealing with a girl I like. I’m dealing with her sister. After the event, we ended up engaging in sex. Her sister called her about why we were having sex, and she asked why it was 5:00 in the morning and not home. The sister, the twin, is literally riding my dick, and she is on the phone with her sister. She was lying to her sister, saying she was not with me now and that she had gone and stayed elsewhere. She is literally on top of me, and she has her sister on speaker, and I’m sitting there, and I can’t believe what is going on. You are lying to your twin for me, and that just puts another value on sex to me. So that means that the whole time you saw your sister and me out that entire time you were craving me. Shout out to the twins y’all know who you are. That was a crazy Brooklyn experience right there.

Host: So it really wasn’t a threesome with the two sisters. It’s that you had sex with the two sisters on separate occasions. Did you all ever come together, or is that weird for sisters?

Flowz Money TV: Right. No, we didn’t come together. I think where it gets a little sticky is the fact that earlier that day, I dealt with the sister who I was usually having sex with. Then later that night, I had her sister.

Host: Between the two, was it comparable to one better than the other? You don’t have to say who or anything like that. Do you think one sister is better than the other? The feeling, the vibe, what is it, or is it comparable?

Flowz Money TV: It was literally identical.

Host: Really! They are that identical.

Flowz Money TV: It was identical to the look the everything. It was unbelievable. I really thought I was looking at the other sister. That was the first time I had ever seen twins naked with the exact same body like that. That was pretty crazy. It was very crazy for me.

Host: Let me ask you this question because I have been asking people when it’s a man and two women. Do they call that a threesome? What is it when it’s two guys and one female?

Flowz Money TV: That’s a gang bang.

Host: Why is it not a Minaj? Is it not a train, then?

Flowz Money TV: It’s not a train. A train to me is I’m fucking. I’m finished, but I leave the room. My man comes right in, and he handles it. That’s it. We just ran a train, but two guys and one girl at the same time, that’s a gang bang, which is my favorite search on like a porn site. I always type gang bang.

Host: You don’t feel any way watching a gang bang. Would you join a gang, bang?

Flowz Money TV: No, I wouldn’t do it, but it amazes me. You know what? A gang bang amazes the shit out of me. It’s just the sheer sexuality of the ladies who are getting fucked in every direction. I’m talking by no homo, but these are colossal guys on porn. These guys are not fucking around. These women have a dick in their ass, a dick in their pussy, both nipples being sucked, and a dick in their mouth.

Host: If you had to put your dick in that situation, which hole would you put your dick in. If you had to hypothetically put your dick in that situation, where are you putting it?

Flowz Money TV: I would politely put her head over the bed as if she was looking under the bed backward, and I would use her mouth as a vagina.

Host: You are not going to go in the vagina. You would use the mouth for that. Okay, thank you for that. You know I fucking love your honesty.

Flowz Money TV: This was a lot.

Host: I know. I’m sorry we are going to end on that note. I’m sure I will have to bring you on this podcast for another candid conversation. Maybe with another guest because we have so much more. I know that we can touch, and you are like so giving and no hold barred. I really like that. As you said, sex is an experience, and you know, even talking about it is an experience. You can get arousal even hearing about it, reading about it. It just want it is, and it’s not something taboo or you have to shy away from. You know we are sexual creatures.

Flowz Money TV: Absolutely.

Host: You have a penis. I have a vagina for a reason. This was such a great conversation. Before we end the podcast, would you like to give us any social media handles? Anyone who is listening to this podcast, I would definitely suggest you follow this man. He does the best events in New York. He always has surprise guests that come out—last night for your Dollhouse Tuesday, you Rowdy Rebel and Fetty.

Flowz Money TV: Shout out to Rowdy Rebel, GS9, and Bobby Shmurda.

Host: No one in the venue knew they were coming. That’s nice too because celebrities can enjoy the event a little bit too because it’s not where, of course, where there are celebrities, people are going to gravitate toward them. Still, it’s not like people actually knew they were going to be there. You are doing a lot of good things. Why don’t you give your social media? If anybody wants to follow, I will put in the links as well.

Flowz Money TV: Yes, Please make sure you all follow me @Flowzmoneytv, the number on DJ for the ladies. I bring out the most ladies out of any DJ to any event. I am #1 for being booked in New York City. Suppose you need twenty females. If you need thirty, if you need one hundred, Flowz Money TV. I am the one who is going to pack it out. So make sure y’all follow me on that instagram you heard.

Host: Something else you just mentioned. Even if it is someone else’s event, they can hire you to bring out women.

Flowz Money TV: Absolutely. That is where one of my largest cash purses comes from. In some of these venues, they can’t get the ladies in there. They make one call to Flowz Money TV, and the ladies are in there with their cell phones out. They are tagging the venue bringing marketing, notoriety, and, most of all, awareness to the venue.

Host: Amazing. That’s another avenue of money making. You are doing really big things. I am so proud of you. I have known Flowz from his social work days and just wanted to see how you embrace entrepreneurship. Are you still with Nike?

Flowz Money TV: Yes. I am.

Host: I could attest to that because I have used the hook-up before.

Flowz Money TV: Yeah, it, friends and family only.

Host: Again, Flowz, thank you so much, and I know your fellow Sxpots are really going to enjoy this podcast, and I hope you have a blessed day.

Flowz Money TV: Yes, you too. Thank you so much. Thank you, Sxtopia.

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