Episode: 3 Flowz Money TV

Host: Cause you’re not sleeping together. This is someone you just went on a first actual first date with? Are they asking you to buy a cart for them? That’s tacky.

Flowz Money TV: First. I couldn’t believe that she did that to me. I just couldn’t believe it.

Host: Is she getting a second date?

Flowz Money TV: No, it was no second date. Um, I was so offended I didn’t even know what to do. I just wanted to kind of evaporate from the moment, but this is something I encounter continuously um because it’s almost like a man should never have his reservations when female dresses sexy or proactive on a first date. It doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to be touched right?

Host: Was she dressed sexy?

Flowz Money TV: Not necessarily. She was very regular very winter look. Very winter-like NYC bundled up in a sweater under the thermal and all that.

Host: So, do you think she was looking for more of a come-up? A man to pay some bills or? I mean, it’s nothing wrong with that. I would look for that too, but I am not uncouth. I would never as someone that on a first date. That’s really weird to me, like you don’t have your mother? You don’t have a job? Your traveling that is so embarrassing to me. I would be floored. So what happened? How did the date end?

Flowz Money TV: I had to take her all the way home like a gentleman. I just tried to forget about the fact that it happened. When I pulled up to her building, she did ask again like hey, you didn’t give me a response on the cart. What are you going to do? I could of been honest and just said no, but I told her I was going to get right back to her. I ended up blocking her after that because I didn’t want her to call me and say hey, you didn’t get back to me because that would have just set me off. So I just blocked her after that, and I totally believe a lady should be wined and dined. It’s possible she could have got the cart if her approach was a little more subtle, even if she showed me something in the cart and was like hey, what do you think about this? Then I might have even offered, like, hey, let me get that dress, but just because the perception of me is a man of value or maybe I look presentable like I have money. That doesn’t mean that you should approach me in that manner, and that’s why I was making the correlation, too. If a woman dresses sexy or provocatively on a date doesn’t mean she wants to have sex. It means that’s how she feels for the date. That doesn’t give the right to say I know she wants to do something with me, let me push up on her.

Host: So you weren’t necessarily trying to have sex with her on this date? Or kind of it was in the back of your mind?

Flowz Money TV: Well, absolutely, she was someone I was interested in. I mean, If it presented itself .

Host: Would you have got the cart then? You would have felt more compelled to get the cart.

Flowz Money TV: Um, I probably would have got her two carts. If she would have, I would have told her to give me the bigger one.

Host: So she just didn’t play her cards, right?

Flowz Money TV: Absolutely, and that’s what I am trying to illustrate here. Is that I have had consecutive instances like this.

Host: Really? Are these younger women like the ’20s? Or I’m just curious.

Flowz Money TV: Right, earlier, I gave a list of a profession. I listed a principal, a social worker, a nurse, and even teachers, all people that I am around. Females that I know that I have taken out on dates, and it doesn’t matter the age at this time. Everything is about the era. As long as we are in this era, I seem to be facing the same dilemmas on the first date. It’s just a complete turnoff. Maybe it’s me, it could be, but when I start talking about it doesn’t sound like it’s me too much.

Host: So you can’t use the events you plan to cut down costs and use that as your first date? Or are you too busy once you are at the event?

Flowz Money TV: The event is not the best place to kind of invite a date out because I can never just sit there with you and talk. I am really worried about what is going on at the door. Is the bar flowing, the DJ playing on point? It’s so many factors.

Host: When you are trying to meet someone, is it on social media or just randomly driving, someone might introduce you to someone? How do you meet these women?

Flowz Money TV: Specifically for events, social media is my primary source of marketing. That’s where I get the bulk of people that want to come out to these events. When your talking about me just actually dating. There is no specific place I will look. I really don’t have a type of female that I desire. I don’t prefer dark skin over light skin or vice versa, or skinny or tall. I’m not a breast guy or an ass guy. I’ve pretty much have been like a face guy.

Host: Your more like an equal opportunity guy as long as there are looks some chemistry there.

Flowz Money TV: And pretty teeth like yours.

Host: Thank you.Thank you for that. Do you send out dick pics, or is that something you would not do? Unsolicited, do you just send out a random dick pic to someone?

Flowz Money TV: Absolutely, I love just to shock someone with a dick pic once in a while. You know, especially someone who, like we have a flirtatious relationship. We both may not know how kind of capitalize on the flirtatious relationship. I will just send a random dick pic early in the morning, and that response will dictate how we move forward.

Host: Oh, Nice. Okay alright. At least you are being honest. I appreciate your honesty. Have you read stories on the blog Sxtopia.com before?

Flowz Money TV: Oh yes, absolutely.

Host: You know that I’m open. I’ve written a lot of stories. They are not my true stories moments, but people do give me the information, and I am able to then write the story out for them. I enjoy listening to and reading erotic content. You know Sxtopia is an erotic blog, so I just wanted to know for our Sxpots that are listening if you had a Sxtopia moment that you would like to share with the blog. Something that might pop into your mind that stood out as a one or two encounter? You don’t have to say any names.

Flowz Money TV: Absolutely, and I love the Sxtopia content. It is so thrilling. Every sentence gets more intense, and it really draws me into comprehension. Specifically, Fatimah, I really enjoy the Party & Bullshit story. Fabiola and Mike, I could totally relate to that. I think Mike was a fireman. Yeah, he has a party, and I remember Fabiola. She went on facetime with him, and she began to kind of play with herself and showed Mike basically the goods. I totally related to that because I’ve been in situations where you know, I’ve been on facetime with a lady, and she would purposely get up out the bed, um, not wearing clothing, and I believe that it was warranting a response. When I did respond nine times out of ten because this has happened several times nine times out of ten it’s for me to explore kind of more of what I have just seen, so if she gets up on facetime, then I just accidentally see a nipple, and I say hey you don’t have on a bra. I feel like that’s too kind of get us to elaborate on why she doesn’t have on a bra.

Host: Do you like that? Can it be a turn? On its sexy, right?

Flowz Money TV: Absolutely sexy it shows a bit of confidence and a thrill. It shows a bit of confidence and thrill, and that’s exciting.

Host: You don’t seem like the type to have one-night stands. Do you have one-night stands?

Flowz Money TV: I’ve had one-night stands not by choice but by location, if that makes sense.

Host: Out of town getting it in. Gotta go home sometime. Do you have any kinks or pet peeves or anything like that?

Flowz Money TV: Sexually? one of my pet peeves is being bitted. I really don’t like being bit. Don’t by my nipple, don’t bite me, please. That might be my only pet peeve.

Host: That’s a good pet peeve. Don’t bite me. Yeah, that’s a good one.

Flowz Money TV: And, And asking me to bite harder on the nipple, I’ve been that’s happened to me several times bite harder, and I literally thought I was about to rip the shit off. I couldn’t understand how hard they wanted. I believe they say the sensitivity goes away when you get your nipples pierced. So I’ve actually engaged with that, and um, for sensation, I’ve been told multiple times to just bite harder on the nipple. As I am biting, they are like harder, harder.

Host: So you don’t mind taking directions in the bed? If they say put it here, put it there, you are doing that? Deeper, harder, faster, longer, stronger, hahaha you don’t mind?

Flowz Money TV: No, I don’t mind, but I also like to beat the lady to the chase of saying deeper, harder. I really will get there before she asks.

Host: Are you sensual, a pounder?

Flowz Money TV: You know what? In recent years I strayed away from being passionate and having passionate sex. I’ve totally, um, I feel like I had better success or maybe more long-term relationships. And when I say relationship, it’s a clear understanding hey, you are a beautiful female I guess I am a decent or acceptable guy to you, and sex isn’t the only thing we operate off of; however, we constantly do it because we kind of trust each other that kind of thing but it’s not necessarily a girlfriend. So can you re-phase that question for me?

Host: If I remembered it, I would. Are you more of a pounder sensual take your time. You beat it up, pound it out, in and out for two minutes? You were saying that you tend not to be as sensual as you once were in the past. You are a little more aggressive now, you’re thinking?

Flowz Money TV: Absolutely, that’s the piece on the sensual part. I have faded away from being sensual because I started to truly believe females don’t respond better to sensual sex. I feel like they respond more, at least in my experience, to someone who totally destroys the bed. Like, fuck the hell out.

Host: Leave, um, just ugh. You done to put that work in. You done fuck the shit out of them, basically.

Flowz Money TV: I don’t want to leave with no other impression than that now.

Host: Do you get up and leave after a fuck down like that? That makes more mystery to you like you done fucked her down, and you like, alright, I’m going to go? I mean, that would fuck my head up. Do you do that? Or do you still like to stay the night and cuddle?

Flowz Money TV: I would stay the night and cuddle. The reason why is because if, at this stage in the game, I’m just fortunate enough to select some of the finest and most beautiful ladies that like walk the earth and um I. Being that I am able to be selective, the quality is really worth being invested in. Nothing to the relationship extant but to yeah keep them around.

Host: Not a one-nighter, someone. Even though we are single people, it’s nice to have a sexual connection with someone and continue that sexual connection consistently with that person. Like I had a guest Scorpion Mistress, who mentioned that she liked that. She doesn’t want to get into a relationship, but she likes having long-term sexual relationships with someone. Where you really invest in knowing each other body and spending that time together. Then you know when it’s over it’s over you go home, I go home, and we meet up again. So your kind of cool with that? They don’t have to call you all day. Hey, babe, this and that. Your kind of cool with the relaxed relationship? Well, it’s not a relationship but a sexual ship?

Flowz Money TV: Yeah, and I believe it’s a relationship in some fashion. It is a relationship. I think that sex sometimes pins to be, um, it’s blown out of proportion sometimes. I feel like, two adults, male or female, the most beautiful thing we can share besides, of course, a child is the fact that a man and a women have the ability to have sex and make each other feel a certain way. That is one of the most amazing parts of life. The fact that a man and woman never met each other, they can make each other feel so good sexually. I think that at this point in life, if a man and women are friends and a guy is having a bad day or if a female is having a bad day, I feel like a male friend should be able to ask his female friend hey if I ate you out or If I fucked you would that make your day better?

Host: That would be nice!

Flowz Money TV: Yo! I’m wilding right now because I have home girls, and they really are my home girls, and sometimes in the back of my head, I wonder if they are thinking too. You know, like, if I fucked you, would that make you feel better? When you have what, ‘veI learned is female friends kind of bro guys now to like lay loads on them. Being that I know so many female friends, I get loads of despair. Oh, my bills, it’s just so many things that females are going through now. Not that sex cures everything, but if you can, call me and give me a list of concerns or issues you have. I feel like. In response, if you really call him a guy friend, you should be able to offer the dick.

Host: You know, that’s a valid point. I never thought about that because I have one or two male friends I unload on, and they probably believe in the back of their minds. Would you feel better if I fucked you? Hahaha. Yo, I can’t get over that, but that’s a valid point. That is a valid point, but would it distort the friendship? Can we still be friends? Even if you lent out the dick? Or now, do you feel like you’re going to be in that fucking stage? Cause you know if it’s good then.

Flowz Money TV: Well, many males I know might be a little more susceptible to that. If a female friend is a female friend who says you are always around mad girls and you need a solid woman, then she could be staying around to probably fuck you and try to change your life. Or you can have a female friend that loves you because you are with so many fine females, and she embraces that. So she could probably get fucked and continue the friendship without having an emotional factor. So I feel like it depends on the female. The females have the most control of the relationship, so it just depends on who you are dealing with.

Host: Well, I want to thank you so much, Flowz, for being as honest as you were with me during this podcast. It’s not easy to open up and talk about your personal life like that, and you were really, really candid, so I do appreciate that. Do you want to leave your fellow Sxpots with a story? Did you have something in your memory that you want to wow us with? What do you think?

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