Based on a true story

Po·lar·i·ty (Noun) The state of having two opposite or contradictory tendencies, opinions, or aspects.”the polarity between male and female”

Hello, my name is Samantha, aka Sam, and I have been in customer service for several years. I am a single woman who loves love, and I live life to the beat of my drum. I love to have fun (everything that consists of fun), have sex, and make money. Since I am in the customer service business. I meet handsome men that look very tasty all the time. There have been a few that I have engaged with sexually, but you know it’s work. Now there is this one guy, a man of sexual interest. He is so attractive. I’ve seen him at my job before. This man immediately finds me very attractive, and he is sexually attracted to me. People have told me that I exude sex. Sometimes my kindness can be taken for weakness. Presently he seems aggressive but passionate, very close in my face. I have seen you here before. What is your name? He asks. Samantha But people call me Sam. I replied. Nice to meet you, Sam. I’m Mystery. He replied. We make small talk for the next few minutes. I was a little memorized talking with him. Honestly, I don’t remember much of what was said. That has changed when he shows me a tattoo of a blade on his arm. That’s nice, I replied. He then says that’s the exact size of my dick. Immediately my pussy responds, my nipples respond as they harden around my nipple piercing. I said, oh, ok, I see you. It was evident that he wanted to give me the dick. Hopefully, I will see you and your sword one day. He suggested that we exchange numbers.

Fast forward to our first conversation after our initial meeting at my job. Did I mention that his name is Mystery? I should have known he would be mysterious when his mother wasn’t sure what she was getting. Everything with Mystery started great. The conversation was intense. We did not agree on much of anything. We had not had sex at this point and actually would not have sex for several months after meeting. One day we decided to face chat sex. I would get to see him pull out his sword and sharpen it until he exploded. The sounds of my vaginal secretions and moaning would intensify him. I love sex and the way it makes me feel so therapeutic.

The more we talked on the phone he and I realized we were the complete opposite (we would argue over the silliest things), but we have amazing chemistry, the attraction is there from both of us. I needed to make it real I need to fuck him, a couple of times.

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Mystery has his apartment, built for a king, and It almost felt like I was in a coming to America movie. A prominent dick servant ready to serve me all of him. Mystery fed me grapes, and tongue kissed me. He said to me, you can kiss me. I love to kiss. Lord, I was ready, and then there was the music in the background, Mary J. Blige. We were inseparable. We took our clothes off without moving an inch. Our bodies were one as he licked my nipples, slowly leaving a trail to my throbbing vagina. Then he sucked the shit out of my Pussy, leaving me very shaky, and all I could do was hold on to his bald head for support. I pulled him up full-on eye-to-eye contact, and we started kissing again as I guided him and his sword with pressure into my soaking wet pussy. My pussy is smart. She grabbed that dick and held it. I love it when a man doesn’t slip out when standing up. Mystery pulled my hair and headed back and took small bites and licks at my neck as he pounds my pussy. I started busting all over him, and in his ear, I whispered, I AM CUMMING. He turns me around, tickles, and massages my spine as he slides in me, thrusting me. He said I know you are a freak, but how much I don’t know?

He is going in slow, but as far as he can go hunched over, I say, “try me. “ You know he tries me, Mystery sticks his finger slowly into my ass, and he pumps then another pump, and he continues to pump my pussy. I start yelling his name, mystery, mystery, mystery. He says, yes, Sam? I said IM CUMMING! He said, oooooooohhhhhh yes, you have me my my Sam. I said yes, he told me IM CUMMING toooooo! I said, shoot it in my ass crack. He is quick. I felt all of his juices drip from my clitoris. Mystery was shaking. He said he let out the most significant load like a small can of sweet magnolia milk.


I know we have to work together no matter how different we were because we were the same. When it comes to sex is what we love and adore.

I only fuck mystery once a month too much of that big dick, and I’ll be paying his bills. See you next month with some more mystery sex.

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