The Twist

Based on a true story

Gosh, I can’t believe I’m running late. I had two hours to get ready. I still have to drive to the restaurant. I wish I could cancel. It’s so last minute, plus I don’t need him showing up here like he did last time at 2:00 AM. Fabiola thought to herself. I’m going to go and hear him out. He wants to apologize again, this time in person, and I said I would hear him out. I’m going to go and make the best of it. It was a beautiful Saturday evening. Fabiola had plans with Nigel. They were going to eat, then Nigel said he had a surprise for her. Fabiola wore a form-fitting black dress with a low neckline which showed Fabiola cleavage and lovely round breasts. The dress cinched at the waist and flowed down just past her ass, and that’s where the dress stopped. She took one last look in the mirror. Damn, Girl, he will be on his knees tonight either proposing or eating this pussy (she laughed). Either way, she thought this night ended with him on his knees.

When Fabiola arrived at the restaurant, Nigel was already seated, waiting for her. You look stunning, Nigel said to Fabiola. Thank you for accepting my invitation. I wanted to apologize to you in person for coming to your house, invading your home, and acting up. Do you accept my apology? He asked. Yes, Nigel, I do, but I told you that when you apologized with diamond stud earrings you sent them to my job. So what is this really about Nigel? I didn’t want that to be the last time we saw each other. You mean a lot to me. I care about you, and I missed spending time with you. Nigel said. I understand, Nigel. I’m glad you arranged this because you said some mean things to me, and now that things have cooled down do you still feel the things you said to me? No, I don’t, Fabiola, you are someone very special to me. I don’t care who else you are dating. The waiter came and took their order. They continued talking about the night Nigel had pulled up to her house unexpectedly. He explained to Fabiola that he did not think she had company over. He wasn’t in a jealous rage. He thought he would show up and show her how much he wanted her to make love to her. After Nigel explained everything to Fabiola, she told Nigel that they could put it behind them if he promised never to come to her house uninvited again.

After dinner, it was time for Fabiola’s surprise. It was two concert tickets to Fabiola’s favorite music artist. Nigel knew this would make Fabiola very happy, and he should be back between her legs tonight. Nigel wanted Fabiola even more after the night he came to her apartment, and to his surprise, a guy named Mike was already there. She ignited this competition in him to have her back to fuck her juicy pussy again remind her how good their sex is. How much fun they have together and all that he has to offer her. As they walked into the venue, a lady stopped them before they entered telling them how good they looked together. They stopped at the bar, got some drinks, and headed to their seats. Fabiola was so happy, just as Nigel knew she would be, she danced and grind her ass on him all night, and they kissed a few times. Fabiola was fun to be around; her energy captivated you.

After the concert was over, Fabiola asked Nigel to take her to her car to drive home. Nigel had other plans. He wanted to invite her back to his place. Why don’t you come home with me tonight and I will drive you to your car in the morning. Fabiola thought about it and quickly declined the offer. She didn’t want to give mixed signals. I had a great time with you tonight. Before Fabiola could finish her sentence, Nigel interrupted her and said, sssh, there are no buts tonight; you are with me. Fabiola liked when men took charge and applied that pressure on her. Okay, I will go home with you tonight, but I expect breakfast in the morning. She explained.

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They arrived at Nigel Condominium. He lived in the city; his building had all the amenities. He had a theater, lounge, rooftop deck, and an indoor pool. Fabiola always enjoyed herself when she stayed over at Nigel’s place. When they arrived at his apartment, everything was clean and well kept. He has a housekeeper that comes twice a week. You look incredible in your dress. I wanted to take it off you all night. Nigel said. Why don’t you? Fabiola said with a smile. I don’t mind if I do, Nigel said as he was walking over to Fabiola. He unzipped the dress, and it fell to the ground. He helped Fabiola step outside the dress. She was naked; she did not wear any under garments. Wow, Nigel says as he begins kissing her passionately, hugging and squeezing her tight in his arm. I missed your scent and how beautiful you are. Nigel dropped to his knees. Bingo Fabiola thought to herself I knew it. Nigel would take his time spreading Fabiola’s pussy lips, parting them with his tongue until he reaches her clitoris; he kisses it first, then gives it a suck. Fabiola looks down at him as she lets out a moan. Yes, Nigel, yes, right there, she says. Ooooh, she blurts out. Nigel gets up from his knees comes into my bedroom. I need to please this pussy. Nigel says.

Fabiola grabs her cellphone and follows Nigel to his bedroom. Once in his bedroom, Fabiola lays down on his bed-spreads her legs open. Nigel dives in headfirst damn; you taste so good; I can’t stop sucking it. Nigel says as he is sucking Fabiola’s clitoris and fingering her at the same time. Fabiola starts recording Nigel eating her pussy. Fabiola is moving her hips up and down, feeding her pussy to Nigel. She is moaning and groaning. Ooh, you are going to make me cum, Fabiola says. She is still recording Nigel eating her pussy. Nigel had a thick tongue that would hit and lick her clitoris. She could hardly contain herself. She always enjoys how Nigel eats her pussy. Fabiola cums in Nigel’s mouth. He goes to get on top of her; she turns over instead and says fuck me from the back. Nigel slips on a condom and goes to fuck Fabiola from the back. Her pussy is so wet and tight as he enters inside her; he strokes her tight pussy 4-5 times. This pussy talking to me Nigel feels himself build up his dick was throbbing. Damn Fabiola, you got my dick throbbing. Your pussy squeezing my dick like a vice grip Nigel says. He pulls his dick out and begins eating her ass and pussy from the back. Mmmhmmm, Fabiola says. Nigel did not want to cum. He waited weeks to fuck her and tried to lay it down. He thought to himself he knew he should have jerked off before their date. Right there, yes! Right there, Nigel, I’m going to cum! Fabiola says. Nigel licks & sucks every last drop of cum from Fabiola’s pussy. You taste so sweet. I want your clit on my tongue cum for me again. He tells her as he tenderly kisses her clitoris. Nigel puts his dick back inside of her pussy. Damn Fabiola, this is the best pussy; you feel so good. I want you to be mine. Nigel says. Fabiola is throwing her ass back on Nigel’s dick. He was not even thrusting back. Take that dick how you want, Nigel says. Fabiola arches her back spreads her legs more, and that was it for Nigel. He pumped 4-5 times, thrusting his hips, smacking, and grabbing Fabiola’s ass. I’m going to cum! Nigel says as he is cumming.

Nigel was fast asleep; Fabiola was still up. She watched the video of Nigel eating her pussy. Fabiola sent the video she recorded to Mike. She wanted to see his response. This was her first time recording someone Fabiola wasn’t sure what to expect. Mike told her it was okay to be with Nigel in that way. He said Nigel had you before I did and that anybody after him she would need to have his permission. Mike responded to the texted video. He asked Fabiola whether she was still there. Fabiola replied yes and that she was leaving early in the morning. She texted him that Nigel did not last long when they fucked. I’m going to fuck my hoe tomorrow when you get home. I will come right over from work. Mike says. Fabiola’s pussy began to tingle. Are you? She asked. Do you want that? He responded. Yes, I miss you so much, Mike.

In the morning, Nigel woke up before Fabiola and ordered from Del-Monaco’s from downstairs. He wanted breakfast ready for Fabiola when she woke up. I smell coffee, Fabiola says from the bedroom. I ordered coffee and breakfast for you. Nigel says to Fabiola. Everything looks so delicious, thank you, she says. After breakfast, Fabiola was ready to go she had plans to meet Mike. You don’t have to leave. Nigel says. I have some things to take care of today. I mentioned to you yesterday that I would come and stay the night with you but I have to leave early. I had a great time thank you for everything and the concert was amazing I will be talking about this all week with Sam And Jasmine.

Fabiola made it home before Mike finished his shift at work. She showered and waited for Mike to come over. She received a text to open the door. Its open. She responded. Fabiola was laying in her bed. Mike walks in her room….

To be continued.

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2 responses to “The Twist”

  1. Oh wow. Thats some Nola Darling shit from “she got to have it”. Having her cake and eating it too is the best way to not get caught up. I love the fact that she is doing her thing and the men just don’t care they just want her. The story brings rawness and still etiquette at the same time. At the end of the day., She’s getting what she wants and as a woman I have to respect that. Most men do the exact same thing so you go girl Fabiola kudos to you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mike wants Fabiola to experience this lifestyle enjoy herself. Why not she thinks.

      Liked by 1 person

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