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Hey there!

Welcome to Season 2. We have listened to our subscribers request and have launched the Sxtopia Podcast Edition. Each week you can listen to the true eroctic story posted on the blog. Visualize and fantasize your desires on a deeper level, as you hear a tantalizing voice. Making you feel as if you are in the room.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Fatimah W. Currently a office manager, I became a freelance writer in 2021. I came up with this idea for the blog because I wanted to be able to express for people their sexual stories in a tasteful way. I love writing about my fascination with love, sex and relationships and what some may say is unconventional. The Sxtopia Book is coming fall 2021. Please subscribe to our mailing list.

Click play to watch a clip of Fatimah the creator of the Sxtopia Blog.

5 responses to “Sxtopia Podcast & Blog”

  1. Great blog so far.

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  2. Marvin L. Fields Avatar
    Marvin L. Fields

    Excited about signing up.

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    1. Thanks for your support. A new true story will be posted to the blog every week. Leading up to the Sxtopia Chronicles book.

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  3. Amazing. I’m tapped in. I enjoy the sensual moods and vibes …

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    1. Thank you. I am glad you are tapped in. Stay tuned a new Mike and Fabiola story will be posted today.

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