Happy Holiday’s

Party and Bullshit

Based on a true story

Fabiola was planning to show up and show out. Mike invited her to an exclusive Fireman holiday party in the suburbs. He told her to bring some friends. There will be free drinks, and free food will be provided for the attendees. Who should I invite? I know Monique & Liz. We haven’t hung out in a while. This should be fun. Maybe they could meet their own fireman to date. Fabiola texted Monique and invited her. Once Fabiola text her the details, she was down to go. Next, she texted Liz and asked her if she wanted to go out for food and drinks. Fabiola left out the part of it being Mike’s holiday party. Liz would flake, so Fabiola wanted to put two friends in place.

The next day while Fabiola was working, Mike Face Chat her. Fabiola went to the bathroom. She put the phone in position for Mike to view her entire body. She lifted her dress Mike was driving. She squatted down low, and she slowly spread her legs open moved her panties to the side for Mike to see her pussy. Her pussy was creamy. Mike instantly saw how wet she was. You are on my dick Fabiola. Look how creamy your pussy is. Fabiola stuck her finger inside herself. When she pulled her finger out, you could see how wet her finger is and on the top of her nail, you could see a glop of white cream. Fabiola put it on the tip of her tongue as Mike watched. I love touching myself while talking to you, but what I really need is you, here, fucking me.

FABIOLA; OMG it’s so warm.

MIKE; Mmmm. I could have told you that.

FABIOLA; Look! What’s the probability I could put this cream on your dick tonight?

MIKE; It’s small I will have to get back to you. We are meeting in 48 hours for the holiday party.

FABIOLA; But I miss you, and I want some good dick. We could fuck tonight and again in 48 hours.

MIKE; Of course you do, but you are going to have to control your little hoe ass.

NARRATOR; You could see the look of disappointment on Fabiola’s face. She was not used to hearing no from Mike. He always wanted to fuck her. Something felt different. Something was up with Mike, and Fabiola would get to the bottom of it.

NARRATOR; Party time! The holiday shindig was tonight. Fabiola has to work. Liz was off from work Monica had to work as well. Liz picked Fabiola from work. They went back to her house to get ready for the evening, and they would pick up Monica on their way to the holiday party. All three ladies looked beautiful. Fabiola wore an all-black catsuit with some over-the-knee boots. Liz wore a Jean-on Jean outfit that’s a Jean top and tight jeans with some wedges. Monica wore tight jeans with a sheer red blouse and black pumps. All the ladies looked delectable. Once they arrive inside, the place is packed with the fireman. Fabiola got nervous and made a B line for the bathroom, and her friends followed.

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FABIOLA; I don’t have to use the bathroom. I didn’t see Mike, and I wanted to text him.

NARRATOR; The ladies made their way back into the restaurant and found a table, and sat down. Fabiola received a text from Mike.

MIKE; You choose the table the furthest away?

FABIOLA; I didn’t see you, when I came in.

MIKE; Look over to your left.

LIZ; Isn’t that Mike over there?

FABIOLA; Yes that him. Let’s go over there.

NARRATOR; The Ladies make their way over to Mike and his co-workers. Fabiola took the lead, and her friends followed her. As Fabiola walked over to Mike, she noticed the other men checking out her and her friends. They walk up to Mike and he greets the ladies. He begins to introduce them to some of the guys right next to him

MIKE; Can we get the ladies a table?

ROOKIE FIREMAN; Yes they can sit over here.

NARRATOR; Everyone wanted to make sure the ladies was situated. Once the ladies were seated they were given the pre-fix menu to order some drinks and food. The rookie fire fighter insisted they could get what ever they want. Fabiola new what time it was and to order from the pre-fix menu given to her. Of course her friends didn’t catch on and order drinks outside the pre fix menu. Mike makes his way over to the ladies he whispers in Fabiola’s ear.

MIKE; Yo! Order from the pre-fix menu.

FABIOLA; I did I ordered the Mango-Henny.

MIKE; Just make sure you order from the pre-fix menu.

FABIOLA; Girls why didn’t you order from the pre-fix menu?

MONIQUE & Liz; The young’in said we could order what ever we wanted.

FABIOLA; Make sure you only order food from the menu. Fabiola laughs.

NARRATOR; The drinks finally arrived after about 20 minutes. Monica & Liz wanted to go outside. Monica had bought some marijuana with her and they wanted to smoke.

MONIQUE; Are you coming Fabiola?

FABIOLA; Where are ya’ll going?

LIZ; To smoke, duh.

FABIOLA; No I don’t want to smoke and don’t be coming up in here smelling like weed looking high in the face.

NARRATOR; The two ladies begin to put their jackets on to go outside. The fireman start questing if they were leaving and they said no. Fabiola was annoyed with their decision to go out and smoke she didn’t think it was a good look. Fabiola stayed put at the table drinking. Once her two friends leave Mike comes over and starts talking with Fabiola. Then other fireman come over and introduce themselves to Fabiola. The conversation becomes lively Fabiola could really hold her own in any social situation. Fabiola was getting a lot of attention from everyone. It did not bother Mike one bit. He played the back and watched Fabiola do her talk and be social. Every time she met someone new and they told her there name she would spell it and ask if that was the correct spelling because that would help her remember people names. Her friends come back and they notice more people sitting at the table talking and laughing. They squeeze their way in and Fabiola begins introducing everyone. The drinks kept flowing and some food came out and the ladies ate. Fabiola was surrounded by fireman. There was one that had his hand around her waist. That was fine with Fabiola he then had two fingers slip down and touch her ass.

FABIOLA; Whoa your being fresh!

SENIOR FIREMAN: What Happened?

FABIOLA; Your Boys hand slip down and touched my ass.

SENIOR FIREMAN; There’s always one creep in the bunch. Yo! Keep your hands to yourself.

NARRATOR; The situation got wings and took off shortly all the fireman were chastising him for being fresh with Fabiola. Fabiola continued being the center of attention everyone was laughing and having a good time. Fabiola check the time it was after 11:00PM. She was ready to go. Fabiola whispered to Mike.

FABIOLA; I’m getting ready to go. Thanks for inviting us we had a great time. Are you coming to my house once you leave here? My pussy is dripping wet.

MIKE; You want me to come fuck you?

FABIOLA; I would like nothing more. I’m going to drop my friends home then I will be home waiting for you.

NARRATOR; On the way home, the ladies talked about the night and the fireman at the party. Everyone had a good time and thanked Fabiola for the invite. Monique was the first one dropped off. On the way to drop Liz off, Fabiola told her she was disappointed with how she acted and thought she should have paid more attention to the party they were at instead of trying to get to know Monique. I told you these were Mikes’s co-workers. Why would you go outside to smoke weed? These are professional men. They are not outside smoking weed. Fabiola and Liz went back and forth with each other. That’s when Fabiola sees the flashing lights behind her. It was the police. The cops were pulling her over.

CITY COP; License, registration, and insurance card.

CITY COP; Yes, that’s fine.

FABIOLA; Hi Officer. Is it okay if I reach in the glove box?

FABIOLA; I was picking my friend up. She was in some trouble.

NARRATOR; Fabiola Motioned to open the glove box. She gave the requested information to the cop. The Police Officer came back and handed the documents back to Fabiola, and told her to go on her way. He did not give her any traffic tickets. Fabiola and Liz were both happy it wasn’t any worse. They were about three blocks from Liz’s home. After she dropped Liz off, she called Mike to see how far away he was.

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NARRATOR: When Mike arrived, Fabiola was in the kitchen straightening up. He couldn’t wait to be inside of her tight warm Pussy.

MIKE; Bend over, let me fuck you.

NARRATOR; They both had been drinking. Fabiola smoked a little weed after pulling over to calm her nerves. Fabiola wanted his dick anywhere. It had been over 48 hours since they last fucked, and she was so horny for Mike. Mike came up behind Fabiola with his dick out. He slipped Fabiola’s panties to the side pushed her to bend over. He was being aggressive with her. Fabiola bent over the kitchen sink, and he plunged his dick inside her. Fabiola let out a gasp. She looks back at Mike with this look of fuck me on her face. She took Mike’s dick inside of her with pleasure. Mike holds her by the hips. He was thrusting forward into her as she is throwing it back on him.

FABIOLA; I’ve been waiting for this dick all week. This pussy is yours whenever you want it.

MIKE; Show Me. Tonight is all about you. Do you like how I’m Fucking you?

FABIOLA; YES! yes! I want to taste myself on your cock. Let us go to the bedroom.

NARRATOR; Mike stood at the edge of the bed and fucked Fabiola’s mouth. Ramming his dick serval times until she gagged. He pinned Fabiola down by her wrists while he was on top of her, fucking her in the missionary position (Fabiola’s Favorite position). MMHMM-YES.

FABIOLA; I love when you’re rough with me. I feel so helpless.

FABIOLA; I adore feeling you on top of me.

NARRATOR; Mike slipped out of Fabiola, held her legs up and went in with his jacuzzi, and sucked Fabiola’s throbbing clitoris. I’m going to cum. A-ha-oh-awe-yes -mmmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes “I love you, Mike.”

MIKE; Get your pillows.

NARRATOR; Fabiola grabbed her pillows and bent over for back-shots from Mike. The pillows prop her ass up higher in the air for deeper penetration. Mike is pounding Fabiola from the back.

MIKE: You said you like it rough! I’m going to fuck you rough.

NARRATOR; He is smacking her ass. Left cheek, then right cheek. He then spreads her ass-cheeks open and spits down the crack of her ass. Mike uses his thumb to put pressure on her anus.

FABIOLA; I’ve been a good girl. I don’t deserve a spanking.

MIKE; You’ve been a good girl. But this pussy hasn’t been. I’m going to teach this bad pussy to behave.

FABIOLA; I’ve never been fucked like this before. Oh-my-fucking-gosh! You feel so good.

MIKE; Ride this dick. We fucking all night.

NARRATOR; Fabiola Straddle’s Mike Dick is riding his dick as instructed. Mike was rock hard and was enjoying fucking his hoe. They fucked all night.

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