Jacuzzi Nights

Based on a true story

Fabiola never knew what to expect with Mike. He was a mystery to her, a puzzle only she could solve. She was having the best sex of her life. Mike told her from the beginning she would be on his dick, she would need him, and she would fall in love with him. All of these predictions have come to pass. Mike was everything Fabiola wanted in her man. That was the issue. He wasn’t her man. He wanted to be her owner. She already gave up so much control to Mike. She felt he owned her, but she had not agreed to the ownership. Have you ever had a lifer before? Mike asked Fabiola. No, Fabiola replied. What is that? Mike explained to Fabiola this was for life, and she wasn’t going anywhere. That was what Fabiola desired to know she had a place in Mike’s life. She wanted to be his wife, and he wanted to and needed to own her.

It was mercury retrograde, and Fabiola was in her feelings. She kept replaying specific scenarios over and over again in her head. Until she made herself upset, she put her phone on do not disturb and went for a run to help clear her mind. After her run, Fabiola followed it up with 30 minutes of strength training. She was hungry and sore. She went home, showered, and made herself something to eat. Fabiola cooked a lot at home for herself. She would eat out when she went on dates. Fabiola left her phone on do not disturb. She looked at her call log and noticed she had a missed call from Mike. She stares at the phone and decides that she is not going to call him back. She instead chose to catch up on some gritty tv shows and try not to think about Mike. Fabiola fell asleep while watching tv. When she woke up, it was dark outside. The sun must have just went down. Fabiola checked her phone notifications, and she had a bunch of missed calls and texts. There were several from Mike. Fabiola wanted to take her power back. Mercury rules communication, and during this retrograde, Fabiola shuts down communication. She did not want anyone to have access to her, and that included Mike.

Mike did nothing wrong to Fabiola, and he probably was wondering what was going on. Anytime he called Fabiola, she would answer her phone. Now her phone was going straight to voicemail. Did she have him blocked? He thought about the last time they spoke and realized it was yesterday evening. He said he was going to call her back, and he never did. Mike tried calling again her phone went straight to voicemail again. He wondered did she go on a date. Was something wrong with her? Was she going to say her problem is L.D.E.? Mike had plans to meet with his friends for drinks. While he was out, his mind was on his hoe and why there was a lack of communication between the two. Mike decided to go over to Fabiola’s house and check on her. When he pulled up, the first thing he noticed was all the lights were off. He used his key to go inside. He turned on the light to his cellphone and walked to Fabiola’s bedroom. He opened the door and saw Fabiola lying in her bed naked, casually scrolling through her phone.

What’s the fuck is wrong with your phone? Mike asked Fabiola. What OMG, what are you doing here? Fabiola said nervously. What is wrong with your phone? Mike asked again. Nothing-I-I- Fabiola was stuttering. I came to check on you because you had your phone off all day. I see you are good. I’m going to leave. Wait, that’s it? Fabiola asks. Yeah, you are good. I was worried about you and I came over to check on you. I see you are good. Fabiola begins to tell Mike about her feelings and what is on her mind. Mike listens to everything Fabiola has to say uninterrupted. After Fabiola finished expressing herself, Mike tells Fabiola to come here. She gets out the bed and walks to Mike. He takes her in his arms and holds her tight, and they stand there in each other’s warm embrace. Nothing else needed to be said. Can you stay the night with me, please? Fabiola asked. Yes, Mike said. Mike took his clothes off neatly and folded everything before he got into the bed. Fabiola lays on Mike’s chest. You smell so good, she says as she is holding him until she drifts off to sleep.

It had been 48 hours since they had last saw one another. Mike’s face chats Fabiola from his jacuzzi. Fabiola sits up in her bed as she is looking at Mike in his Jacuzzi. I want to get in, Fabiola tells Mike. And you will. Mike responds to Fabiola. Why are you thirst to trap me, Mike? Fabiola asked. Mike knew that showing Fabiola he was in the jacuzzi would have her on his dick. He was right. I’m picking you up tonight for a date. Mike tells Fabiola. Her face lights up. Are you? So excited (she says in her baby voice). Mike picks Fabiola up at her house for their date. He takes her to a lounge for dinner and drinks. Once they are ready to leave, Fabiola doesn’t know what to expect next were they going to her house or his house.

Mike drives to his house. He planned to have Fabiola get into the jacuzzi, chill, drink, and then fuck her all night into the morning. Fabiola was so happy to be spending this time with Mike. He was everything to her. Mike made Fabiola so horny she could hardly contain herself. He was perfect to her. He wasn’t abusive; judgemental; he was astute and was so damn attractive. Mike goes into the backyard and removes the jacuzzi cover, and gets everything ready for them. Fabiola was not prepared to stay the night. She was without an overnight bag; all she had was her purse and the clothes on her back. She thought to herself. I will get in naked.

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Fabiola and Mike were in the jacuzzi drinking and talking. Fabiola was sitting on Mike’s lap, kissing and dancing all over him. Take some pictures of me, Fabiola asked Mike. They had a great time; they always did. Fabiola reached over to get her drink, and she felt the power of the jacuzzi jets on her clitoris. Oh wow, Mike! She says, laughing at this revelation. Can you cum from that? He asked her. Of course, the vibration is so forceful. She says, laughing. Get your nut Mike says to her. Fabiola goes to the jacuzzi jets closer to where Mike was sitting. She sits in a squat position the bubbles are rapidly hitting her clitoris and ass simultaneously. Suck my titis, Fabiola says to Mike, and he begins to suck her titis. Fabiola closes her eyes and is moaning and moving her hips slowly at the same time. Mmmhmm-yea Mike hears Fabiola moaning in delight. It doesn’t take long before Fabiola says I’m going to cum. “I love you, Mike,” Fabiola says as she is cumming from the vibration of the jacuzzi jets and Mike sucking her titis. I need you to stay like this, Fabiola. If you ever stop being a hoe, I will leave you. Mike tells Fabiola. I won’t. I love being your hoe. I need you, she says. It was getting hot inside the jacuzzi, so they sat on the ledge to feel the breeze on their body. Mike touches Fabiola’s pussy and feels how wet and cummy she is. That was crazy Mike just now how I came from the water. You make me so horny, Mike. Fabiola gets back in the jacuzzi. I love it around here. Your backyard is so peaceful and beautiful. All you could hear was the music that was playing and the crickets. Thank you. Fabiola says to Mike with a kiss. I want this for you. Fabiola keep being a hoe. They stay in the jacuzzi long enough for Mike to tell Fabiola to get another nut. How she had enjoyed it the first time so much it turned him on watching her be a hoe. Get your nut, he whispers to Fabiola. She sits back in the same position squatting in front of the jacuzzi jets. The vibration is hitting Fabiola’s pussy and ass. Yea, hoe get your nut. Mike tells Fabiola as she is squeezing his biceps and shoulder. Fabiola is rocking her hips back and forth mmmhmm-yea, mmmhmm-yea Fabiola cries out again. Mike takes over and begins rubbing her clitoris while the water is pulsating on her clitoris and ass. Mike! Mike! I’m going to Cum, Fabiola says as she opens her eyes and looks Mike in the eyes while biting her bottom lip. Mike, I’m going to Cum Fabiola repeats herself over and over until she clenches him tight, shakes, and lets it all out. I want to feel your dick inside of me, Fabiola says to Mike. Are you ready for me to fuck you? Mike asked in a low but forceful tone. Yes, Fabiola responds as she feels the energy inside her body rise. Go inside, get in my bed. I’m going to shut this down and come inside and fuck you.

Fabiola is lying in bed naked, waiting for Mike to fuck her. Her pussy was throbbing, waiting for Mike. When Mike came into the bedroom, it was 2:00 AM, and he looked over at Fabiola lying naked in his bed. Damn, she is so fucking sexy and beautiful. He couldn’t wait to put his dick inside her and have her screaming his name. You’re an excellent hoe. He says as he enters the room and walks over to the bed. Lay down I want to suck your dick. Fabiola tells Mike. He stands in front of the bed, and instead, Fabiola crawls over to him. She spits on the dick and takes him in her mouth. She goes deeper and deeper with every suck until she has him in her throat. Damn Fabiola, you are so good. Mike grabs Fabiola’s face and is holding it and makes his dick touch the back of her throat. Fabiola instantly gags on his dick. He does this a few more times make her gag more and more with each thrust. Sit on my dick. Fabiola straddles Mike’s dick. She holds it, and Mike thrusts up into Fabiola’s pussy, and she lets out a moan of pleasure. Fabiola’s titis are bouncing up and down in Mike’s face. Mike loved Fabiola’s big firm titis. He grabs them one in each hand and begins sucking her titis. Ooh-aah, Fabiola cries out, Mike, my nipples are so sensitive Fabiola says as Mike is sucking one Titi than the next. I could ride your dick all night. Fabiola says as she closes her eyes, bites her lip, and rides Mike’s dick in all different motions bouncing then grinding, riding on just the head, then taking the whole dick inside of her. You get good dick. Don’t fuck this up, Fabiola. Mike would say as he was choking her with one hand when Mike would say that Fabiola would grab his forearm and ride harder. Her ass smacking on his thighs. You could hear the sound of skin to skin. Fabiola had cum a few times on Mike’s dick. I feel you cumming on my dick hoe. What do you say every time you cum? Mike asks Fabiola as he is choking her. Fabiola tried to speak, but Mike’s grip was tight. She looked him in the eyes, and he read her lips say. “I love you, Mike.” He let his grip go. Fabiola laid on Mike’s chest and kept riding him up and down. A-ha-oh-awe-yes -mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes. I’m cumming. “I love you, Mike,” Fabiola says. You need my dick. Mike tells Fabiola. Mike fucked Fabiola all night, as he said to himself earlier that day.

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  1. This is awesome Fatima

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    1. Thanks for your support Nikki.

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  2. The one thing I can say the 2 have for each other is connection. Connection is everything in a relationship. It was beautifully written and very descriptive. Great job

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    1. Thanks Murlaine once you loose that connection the relationship will follow.

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  3. This needs to be made into a Netflix series. Let’s meet with a content team and push !! This is awesome

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    1. Lets take it to the top Flowz. My writing and your connections unstoppable team.

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