Episode: 2 Scorpion Mistress

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Welcome to the sxtopia experience podcast edition. I am your host, Fatimah. Today’s guest is the scorpion mistress. Tell your fellow sxpot’s about yourself.

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Guest: I am a scorpion mistress. I love to have sex and be treated accordingly and respected, and you know. But that’s the wild side to me. Now I have a wild story. You know.

Host: Thank you for that, Scorpion Mistress. Are you single or in a relationship?

Guest: I will always be single. Even if I was in a relationship.

Host: Oh! How does your um partner feel about that?

Guest: I don’t have a partner. I have a couple of friends, but I don’t really care how they feel about it.

Host: Okay. As long as they meet your needs and you meet there’s. Then you go your separate ways?

Guest: I don’t think that um. I’m not that deep into personal business. You know I am not looking for anything long-term.

Host: Okay so what they are doing when they are not in your sight. It is not any of your concerns.

Guest: No. I am busy myself.

Host: You keep yourself busy with what you’re doing, and when you get together, it’s to have a good time.

Guest: That’s it. It’s simple.

Host: You don’t need more than that? Right?

Guest: I don’t think so. I mean, I think you know life is good, and people have certain voids that they need to fulfill for themselves. So I know with my chaotic schedule what I am looking for and what I need per se or what I would want per se, and I just don’t want to have bad sex; I just don’t want to f-ing have.

Host: Okay, so what if you are double booked? How do you choose? Or do you just try to make it work?

Guest: I don’t double book!

Host: You don’t double book.

Guest: Why would you do that? I don’t double-book. Why would you do that?

Host: HAHAHA, I have double booked before.

Guest: Oh, I would never book. Not with two people that I have already been consistent with. I would never double-book. You know, so if I have been dealing with you for some time and we have the way we schedule things is the way we are going to continue to schedule things. So I would never double book that because I never date the same type of schedule.

Host: Okay. So you keep like an active roster going?

Guest: Kind of, sort of. I mean, I am the Scorpion Mistress, so there for me. You know not to be overly confident, but there is no bad sex delivery on my end. So there is no stone unturned. I don’t have problems with anybody you know. They know I’m single. You know, That is why I get the hit-ups. You know, that’s why guys, you know, hey, what you have been doing. Yeah, you want to know what I am doing cause you know I have been single for a long time. So they know I am not shacking with anybody. So they know I need to be serviced, you know, like a car.

Host: Okay. So you keep a lot of mystery surrounding what you’re doing and who you are doing it with as well.

Guest: Yeah, because they don’t, you know, they be like you can talk to me about other things no, it’s okay.

Host: So you don’t make it known that you are seeing someone else, but you don’t make it unknown.

Guest: That is correct.

Host: So you are not going to put that out there?

Guest: I mean, but I am not going to allow you to get into my business either. It’s none of your business. So let’s just stick to what’s your business. I just think that pollutes relationships a little bit, even friendships. You know what I mean, like you want to learn too much. Then I just feel like you can always communicate when things get a little more sensitive for you. If you are getting a little more attached to the pussy or whatever the case might be, than you can talk about those things but I don’t think much is going to come out of it from me. I will tell you it is. You know I don’t want a man.

Host: Okay, but do you ever feel like you get attached to the dick? What if you find yourself wanting it more?

Guest: I mean, at this age, I’m no virgin. I have children, so clearly, I was attached to somebody’s dick before. You know what I mean, and I’m quite sure someone else’s a dick. The point is I try to discipline myself so that I’m not attached to the person with the dick; I’m just attached to the sex.

Host: Okay, so you take the sex.

Guest: Yeah. 

Host: It’s not the person you’re attaching to?

Guest: I mean, the person has to be. You know, come on. The person has to be a person. You know, be real, realistic, down to earth, fun laugh joke wants to go out, you know what I mean. Don’t short-change yourself. There is no price for your good time. Just go out, be free, you know, travel, you know what I mean, let’s fuck away, or whatever the case might be, it doesn’t have to be so designated, but everybody wants a piece of that in their life to me they want to feel free sexually. So not saying hey, look for me. I’m your girl. I know people who are in relationships or friendships that are not happy about that.

Host: So if one of your guy’s friends were like, I want to take this to the next level. Is that off the table, off the table, or would you maybe think about it?

Guest: MMMMMM. I think that at this point, if someone were going to woo me, I would feel it, and they probably wouldn’t have to ask me because I’m already all in, you know what I mean. But if you got to ask me If I want to go further, we are probably not going to go further.

Host: Okay. Do you ever think that you might throw that out there?

Guest: NO!

Host: You are not going to throw that out there.

Guest: No, hell no!

Host: AAAHHH. So um, have you read stories on the blog before? On the Sxtopia blog?

Guest: I have read a couple of stories, I read a couple of stories. Um, there were some stories that I kind of felt might have been a little mirrored in my life at some point. That’s why it made me want to, actually. That is why I am glad this is a little more verbal versus reading it or whatever. People can actually kind of, you know, sometimes you can hear the intensity of the stories by just, you know, just the voice alone. So you know, like 1-800-call-me. You know, that was out back in the days men just wanted to hear an excellent sexual agent, so it’s good that that’s now happening in the next segment of branding, which I wanted to be a part of because I can always tell a story on there I want someone to hear me.

Host: Yeah you passion.

Guest: yeah, because this story that I have for you called sanitation trash

Host. MMMMMM. Sanitation trash.

Guest: T-R-A-S-H!

Host: Okay. So why don’t you tell the Sxpot’s one of your sxtopia moments like that you want to bring to the forefront?

Guest: Okay. So my main reason also for kind of putting it out there is that. You know, I love the fact that we can speak freely and, you know, get on these platforms with people like yourself to actually, you know, go into other parts of ourselves. Some people may feel like You know, I’m just me. You are probably a couple of people. You know you are who you are at work and who you are at home, but it’s weird how things happen, so I kind of synchronize some of my sexual experiences. So I was dating a guy for like some time, and you know he works and sanitation.

Host: More than one year? You were dating him for more than one year?

Guest: Yeah, for some time, definitely yeah, we were fucking for years, you know

Host: Oh, Years.

Guest: Yeah, years. Damn near almost a decade.

Host: Wow.

Guest: And we never had a problem, you know, of course, there were certain peaks and times where the development, you know, of that sexual relationship never stepped up either because it was like okay, we contracted came into it this way stood that way and then it was like you can’t change the contract this is the way it was, and so I kind of feel that’s what happens there but the sex was always good.

Host: So the sex was good, but the relationship just kind of peaked?

Guest: Well, the thing was it wasn’t meant to really be a relationship, so you know, again, it goes with adulting and people experiencing different types of things in their life. Of course, when they meet somebody, sometimes they probably be like, Oh, you know I don’t want to be with this person long term, you know what I mean, and um, you know, like you know this representative stage is all your willing to do you know what I mean. Some people you know you can kind of go long term when you like them you know you see if they are a cleanly person you know they are a responsible person maybe they are a responsible parent may be a responsible employee those things you can also like a person, and that turns you on. Your like, okay, we are on grounded areas, but for me, even though the sex was good but what, I wanted it to seem like I wanted more from him, but I know if he did the one more thing, it would have made my pussy more wetter you know what I am saying. Like I would want to fuck you more, fuck you differently fuck you this way fuck you that way give you something in return type thing. So with that being said, you know they never see the signs. So as I am still dealing with him ironically moving forward and I am still seeing him, you know, we just see each other seldomly throughout the year, and that’s that, you know, we service each other. So moving forward from that, um, I meet someone else. You know I’m Scorpion Mistress. You know I am very sexual, or I kind of give off some sexual heat sometimes when I like somebody, they will feel it. You know my energy is in the air. So he’s looking at me, and I am looking at him. He’s looking at me, and I am looking at him. I like mmmmm. Then one day, I see him, and I see him again, you know, just to kind of move forward, and we were just running into each other in the most weirdest places. I just felt like, you know, sometimes the universe is spinning in that direction. Maybe this was like my new sexual partner. Who fucking knows, right? So I see him somewhere, and I guess he felt the energy too. You know, he kind of knew where I worked, and he came by that, you know listen, I would like to see you. It was kind of weird I’ve been thinking about you or whatever the case might be. So who would think in the world that this was the case you know what I mean he happened to work for sanitation how the fuck so I am like.

Host: Oh, so this is the second sanitation worker?

Guest: Yes, this is the second sanitation worker, so I’m like dang, that’s a big group, and how the fuck, and you know, I don’t think I have to mention it, do I? you know, like now I’m like you know because I am loyal to default, so I kind of want, to be honest things like I feel like with my life I don’t have to It doesn’t have to be a closed book really. I feel like I am an adult. You know, certain people, I have children, so there for you know I am having sex. Do you know What I mean? It’s not to the naked eye. You know you don’t have to guess I am an adult. So anyway, um, I meet someone else, so I’m like wow, you know, like you know right there that second, I’m not going to lie, I was a little taken back, so I’m like asking questions it doesn’t seem like no correlation or whatever the case might be. So I said fuck it and put the name out there. I am like, hey, sanitation two, do you know sanitation one? He goes I do. I worked with him for over ten years. Then I said, damn, if he worked with him for over ten years, he should have. Maybe if they close at all, he would know I’m fucking him. So then I’m like, mmmm. I don’t know, so then he comes out and goes, well, isn’t he married? So now I am taking back again because I never knew the guy was married.

Host: The guy, your first sanitation guy, was married?

Guest: Yeah, I never knew he was married.

Host: Oh wow!

Guest: And I am talking about a long time. Long time like I never got a call, never got no problems, you know, did we stay with each other often? No, but did we stay with each other overnight and, you know, did whatever we had to do, you know, change the mood at times? Yeah, that was always happening. So I was a little taken back, so you know how I’m like, oh okay, he kind of hit me with a fork a little bit because I’m like I was like I am unaware, so it becomes too that I am such who I am that shows much it showed I did not give a fuck about what this man had going on you know.

Host: Clearly, you aint know.

Guest: Yeah, I ain’t say. Did you have a wife? Do you know what I mean? I knew he had children. Okay, I feel like these things people should tell you. Why do I have to guess these things about him? So anyway, moving forward, he’s like, oh, you know him, and I was like, you know, we are like good friends. You know he is my servicer. So he was like, your servicer, what is that? I was like. He services me. He was like, what does that mean? He fucks me, and he takes care of me.

Guest: You know he oils my tank. If I don’t use it, I’m going to lose it. You know, so he was like, really wow, wow, wow. He was like you are mad funny, you mad funny. I said I ain’t funny. I am telling you the truth. You know I’m not like they say. The truth is often told jokingly, so know I was being truthful. But anyway, so he was like, okay. So know already he already he was going to be, I guess, a little better. So he is doing all the things that I like, you know, I am getting all of this, I am getting all of that, and um, we hit the moment. So when we hit the moment, honestly, I don’t think it was some time ago, maybe a year or two ago. So I don’t remember how the first time was, but what I would say is that it couldn’t have been that bad because I think I would of remembered bad more than nothing at all, so maybe I had a drink or two I am not sure, but I don’t remember.

Host: With the second sanitation guy?

Guest: With the second sanitation guy. Sex with sanitation one was always great. I am going just to lay that down, and of course, after fucking for so many years.

Host: He learned your body?

Guest: Yeah. Yeah, no question, you know what I am saying, and I and I learned him as well, you know what I am saying. So it was just like great, great. Um, so I winded up crossing that line and sleeping with sanitation two again. I don’t remember how good or how bad it was. I felt it wasn’t that bad fuck it, but it seemed like he still couldn’t. There was always that discrepancy now that I had laid it out there that I was actually fucking with both of them. So they both knew.

Host: So they both knew at this point?

Guest: Yes, they both knew at this point. They both knew I was fucking both of them. You know what I am saying. I thought maybe somebody would say hey do you want to do a three-some? I hear sanitation workers are close. I don’t know.

Host: You mean a train? I heard it was a train when its two guys and a girl. It’s a train, not a threesome.

Guest: Oh, it’s a train? I will take it.

Host: You will get the train run on you?

Guest: I will get the Tra-in. They are not running any fucking train on me. We already know that’s not how it’s really going to go. But I will take the train because the whole thing is that men don’t like men, you know, and I’m not going to say they all don’t like this, so that would be me going too far, but if you would like two women I would like two men. Do you know what I am saying? You want a Minaj. I want a Mitwaj, whatever the fuck you want to call it, so I want what you want. And my whole thing is if I am the sexual freak of the three, then they already know the vibes. So I know sanitation; one knows I’m a freak. I know he knows I am a beast. He loves me for that dadada. Anyway, so sanitation two kept saying, dag, you have been fucking with him that long that dude loves you like that. I couldn’t see it, you know. Like, I’m not saying he didn’t love me as a person, but I was just like, ugh, will you know he ain’t never try like to make nothing of nothing if anything, of course, be in a relationship with somebody or dealing with or fucking them for over ten years. He would be more in the candidate spot than someone else I meet off the street if I was even considering getting into a relationship, right? So I’m not; he never gave me that energy, so I’m like, mmm, no, he was like, you don’t love him? I’m like. I love him as a person. You know what I am saying. What else am I? You know I am disciplined in that area. He thought I was joking. So I see the dick as an organ. It’s just like if I became a piano player and I am Alicia Keys. Alicia Keys, you can tell she is passionate about playing the piano. That’s how I feel about the dick. You know, I am passionate about it, and that is why I can’t give it to everybody. You know what I mean, so I do know that too, so I am selective, and it just so happens that I was attracted to sanitation two, and we went left. I don’t know if it went left or it went right, so anyway, time is passing now, and I tell sanitation one that I don’t think I should sleep with you anymore cause now I’m sleeping with sanitation two I crossed that bridge right he likes nah. So one day, he tries and comes fuck me like I am a piece of meat. I’m like, nah, we are not going to do this.

Episode 02: Scorpion Mistress

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