Episode: 2 Scorpion Mistress

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Host: Oh, He Pounded! You mean he pounded. Pound Pound City.

Guest: Pound Pound, like maybe he had on a ski mask, and he couldn’t even see that shit was like I wasn’t the person to me. Judging from how we had sex in the past, he was like I’m going to beat this pussy up wild, crazy. So that kind of put a little damper on the situation, and then them both working around each other and them never really addressing the situation among themselves got things a little heated. So I guess people didn’t really know which way to go even though I knew where the fuck I was going cause even if I didn’t fuck with either one of them. I am going to fuck with somebody else. Do you know what I mean? Not that I wasn’t fucking with somebody else anyway. I had another shorty, too, you know what I’m saying, so I was already with another shorty. So I know people will take this as she’s a this, she’s a that. Man, listen, I went almost months without fucking anybody.

Host: Oh, so you had a time where you were celibate pretty much?

Guest: Yeah, because you can’t give it to everybody they don’t understand, you know, a good sexual experience.

Host: They might get to open?

Guest: Yeah, they take it like it’s something else, you know what I’m saying, but they still have to remember, not all the time its an act, but it can be an act, and a form of intimacy you know what I mean you have to remember going in it is what it is.

Host: So when you told him you had sexual intercourse with the second sanitation, that when the first sanitation he pound city the next encounter that you had?

Guest: Right. He, like, you know, for some reason, I feel like it makes men edgy. I feel like he is like oh yeah, you fucked him. Let me fuck you. I’m like, alright, I’m with the shits, but then when he tried to act like a little stupid and worked like I probably didn’t deserve the old him. I’m not doing that, and you know what I mean. I know I have a choice at the end of the day, and you know what I mean, so that’s kind of how that went. Fast forward, time passes, right I fall all the way back from them. Do you know what I mean? Sanitation is sanitation. The guys is trash. You know what I mean. That’s just that. So I move on to sanitation 2 comes back.

Host: They always come back, right?

Guest: They always come back, so I got sanitation one blocked because I have such a long history with him. I just felt like it was best to block him because if he had crept through, he probably would have got the pussy. So I said, let me just block him, and you know not to have no association there, so you sanitation 2 comes back, so he comes back, and the reason why I want to tell this story is you guys got to get ya’ll shit together.

Host: Who, guys? Do men have to get their stuff together?

Guest: To an extent, yea, but I mean, like, get your shit together. Your health has got to be a little more on point because, you know, I took a psychology course, and men’s penis gets erected from when they are almost two or three years old. Even as a baby, you might change a baby pamper, and the boy is erected, you know what I mean, so their mind is already like where it is. So know you lived in this body for some time, you’re taking care of this body, but you know if anything, you are a sexual hound dog you want some pussy. Do you know what I am saying? If you that guy, you that guy, so most of the guys I meet is that guy they know that sexual energy comes of me so they know I want to fuck so therefore they are that guy for me. So sanitation two feels he’s that guy for me. He can match my energy. So now we are talking about your coming back. What do you want to come back for? I am still the same person. What do you want to do? He said, ” Oh, I would love to take things one day at a time. I didn’t think you were going to take my call. So he comes and helps me out of a jam most recently, and I am like, okay, cool. He is showing again. He is putting his best foot forward, showing the best of the best. So he does that through the mix of it. Of course, he was always a cool guy; again, I was always attracted to the guy, whatever the case might be. So I said, you know what, be my little scorpion mistress myself. I said I’m going to prepare a meal. I’m going to get waxed; I’m going to do all of these things. I’m going to invite this man over here. I’m going to fuck the shit out of this man, right.

Host: Okay. You Knew what you wanted.

Guest: I knew what I wanted. I put it out into the universe, and it spun back in my direction, so the guy came. Everything is great. He doesn’t get hard, though.

Host: Oh, so all of a sudden, it’s just not getting hard?

Guest: At all. So then, of course, all our radar is on at that point, like, hey, you know what I am saying. My pussy is wet. Do you know it s like, damn, you need a switch? Like, I don’t understand, you know what I am saying, so I’m like, are we not compatible anymore? He was like, oh no, no, no, ever, whatever. Ever is it okay if you just work with me? Now I am a team player, you know what I am saying. I work with the dead dick.

Host: With the dead dick? You tried to make it rise?

Guest: Yes.

Host: Did he say anything changed? Why was it dead all of a sudden?

Guest: Well, the thing is, you have to remember we are in the mix so that conversation is not going to take place there. That’s where the moral of the story comes in. So I’m fighting here, fighting for my life because I felt like I wanted this; I wanted to tear him up. So it finally does come to life, and throughout the mix of things, he goes thanks for supporting me. That was when I knew I was set up. I was set up because you know you knew, and you know that that dick ain’t work.

Host: That’s a wet noodle you got over there.

Guest: Yeah, you know it doesn’t work, so you wanted to come around me and let this puppy water bullshit come up out of you so you could feel good about it. But you put me through the bullshit behind that shit. But you knew, and you know how I knew it was because I wasn’t satisfied, so I was a horn dog the next day. I could have OMG.

Host: Pussy on throb.

Guest: Throb! Throb! Where I had to go see my other friend.

Host: To finish the job or to start the job?

Guest: Yeah, basically, but he toasted it. He over here thinking, damn Niagara falls, but I am like, you don’t know this shit. I was like blue balls city. It was unbelievable.

Host: Did the sanitation guy say, it’s not you, its me type of response?

Guest: He did. 

Host: What was your response to that?

Guest: You know, he informed me that he has, you know, um, he has diabetes, and some medical things are going on. I was like, wow, that shit is affecting your thing. He was like, you know, I never realized it, but the doctor told me to look out for it. I said to the doctor, so you have spoken about this? You know what I am saying, so that’s my whole thing about this. Men, that was a setup.

Host: He trusted you enough to get that puppy water up out of him.

Guest: Yeah, but tell the story after. You trust me enough to tell me your medical condition after the fact. Why the fuck didn’t you tell me about that shit before. Do you know what I mean? Then the funny thing is, you know, of course, sanitation two was trash. I want to put that out there. The dick was trash.

Host: It’s like a piece of a dick. It’s not a full dick anymore.

Guest: It’s like damn near pussy on pussy when it is that soft.

Host: Oh my, don’t tell me he tried to put in soft?

Guest: They do it because I’m wondering what they are thinking in their mind. So I wanted to get on your show to tell. I want some feedback on it. Men tell me, how does that work? Do you not know that it is soft? Like, what are you doing? Are you trying to put it in? Like I’m an outer you are an inner like come on.

Host: I think maybe they know it’s soft, and maybe they pray that it would get hard in there.


Host: I mean, the worse thing is for a man cum, and they are soft.

Guest: But now, in that situation, know that I’m at this level in my life, you, I do realize that. You know, I’m coming from a young environment where the dick got hard, the mind couldn’t even control the dick, you know what I mean. The guy is looking at the t.v. But the dick is hard. I could just sit on the dick, and you know what I’m saying, and ride.

Host: Is this an older guy, maybe?

Guest: No, I am thinking too though we are getting older, you like. In general, today is the youngest I’m ever going to be. So with that being said, it’s like we know we are getting older, so less just keep our machines well-oiled, make sure we are functioning the way we should be, and don’t let people down, guys. Don’t bring a bitch over, and you can’t fuck her.

Host: What if he told you before? You know I’ve been going through a few things. Would you have then still been willing, like you said?

Guest: Probably, because I feel like I had more of a choice, but now I am going to have to put you in the trash box.

Host: LOL. He can’t even get another go.

Guest: Yeah, because you could have informed me, but you didn’t, you know what I mean. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not running into a lot of motherfuckers whose dick doesn’t get hard. So therefore, I am a little taken aback too. Now you are going to have me swing another episode with someone else real quick to make sure I can get his dick hard. Like it ain’t me, it’s you!

Host: You and your medicin. Is he taking pharmaceutical medicine? Did he mention?

Guest: He did mention it. He is, but my whole thing is to stop drinking soda. The motherfucker is going to come over here and tell me I’m not putting enough sugar in my iced tea.

Host: Oh, he likes it, sweet.

Guest: We are already affected over here, buddy like you need to be drinking water fuck the iced tea; I felt bad giving it to him.

Host: He wanted it sweeter. What’s that, the kool-aid with the whole, um 5 lb bag of sugar.

Exactly: You know, that’s the terrible thing he is, that guy, you know, he doesn’t even realize he is trash. You over here are talking about how things should be. Man, get your dick working.

Host: So sanitation one is blocked on your phone, and sanitation two dick was trash? He’s done. So are you done with sanitation, or would you take on a sanitation three?

Guest: Nah, I am done with sanitation. I am damn near in horoscopes and mta right now.

Host: Okay, so you done left sanitation?

Guest: Yeah, I got two Aquarius now.

Host: And how is that working out for you?

Guest: Them motherfuckers are exactly the same.

Host: Oh really?

Guest: They are you know.

Host: But with a hard dick.

Guest: But with a hard dick. Real good dick they got really good dick. Yeah, both of them both of them priceless.

Host: So you are dealing with women of the same sign Aquarius?

Guest: Yeah, and I just feel like, um, they like to be taken care of.

Host: Okay, they are like the pretty boy type? Mama’s boys?

Guest: More like gigolos; they want to be taken care of.

Host: Oh wow, and how do you get around that and get the good dick?

Guest: I mean, I will pay for some shit.

Host: Oh, okay, like a light pay or heavy?

Guest: I mean, I don’t come empty-handed, you know what I mean. I know that the juice we are going to drink tonight doesn’t have to come from your refrigerator or drinking. I will even take a mother fucker out to eat on their birthday.

Host: Okay, you do a birthday eat-out and get some dick after?

Guest: Yeah, I am not a wrong person at all, you know what I mean. I’m not going to like take care of you i’m not paying none of your bills none of them.

Host: You’re not paying a bill at all. Can they get a loan from you? Or you don’t loan them money?

Guest: Ugh, So one has gotten a loan from me before, but there was pressure there, so now he knows to never borrow from me again because I gave it to him because of the situation he was in, and it was a believable situation I told him I really don’t lean towards those things. You know you grow in relationships over time with these individuals, too. You’ll start to talk a little bit, maybe about whatever ya’ll want to talk about. So they are not bad guys. If I had to put them.

Host: So do you think with sanitation two, if he would have said maybe things aren’t the same way like the last time we were together? Gave you some type of heads-up or inclination for that?

Guest: I feel too that he wasn’t even smart enough to filter that I probably could have been that person for him. Like, listen, I might be willing to work with you and your situation, and it will just be you and me. You know, I will consider not saying we would be in a relationship. Still, I would consider not dealing with anything else getting you where you need to be building that sexual attraction back for you to get your penis working. Getting your health back in order and as a friend. But instead, you bought that trash as dick over here not once but twice, and then you act like you’re that man, you’re that guy. You are not that guy.

Host: So, did he munch or like?

Guest: Yeah, he fucking munch like them motherfuckers always munch. You Know what I mean because they know you know what I mean. Oh, I know your soft spot. You would know you’ve been eating it for some time now damn near. At some point, I hope you hit the trigger button.

Host: So, at some point, the munching is just not enough. Do you need like a deep penetration?

Guest: But again, everybody like certain things, so I like foreplay for foreplay. I don’t want to foreplay for an hour. No, that’s not me. It is fucking long, no. First of all, if you got real good sex going on, that shit ain’t a long time. Especially when you’re passionate with a person like it is going to go, that clock is going to tick really fast, and next thing you know, ya’ll nutting like crazy. So to be having foreplay for that long period of time its whatever It is what it is.

Host: Do you talk about sex with a potential mate? Do you talk sex right away out the gate with them too, kind of because that’s your main attraction is the sex, you know, like wanting to have sex with this person like the sexual energy, like you said? Do you pre-talk about sex? Do you like talking about sex?

Guest: Sometimes not with all of them. If the energy is there, we both feel it, so it is what it is.

Host: You are more of; I can show you better than I can tell you.

Guest: If I want to show you.

Host: Do you string men along? You know you will never fuck them, but you still go out with them or talk to them chill, whatever it is?

Guest: Well, the wording is everything you said string along. I don’t think someone can string me along. Unless it’s like that situation, I mean, one thing you know is that you don’t know until you know. That’s where I felt as a guinea I felt like guinea pig for that session. So that was what we consider that kind of like a string along, yeah.

Host: So he strung you along?

Guest: Yeah, knowing that shit isn’t working. So do I do that? No, I don’t think I string you along. You kind of know we ain’t going anywhere.

Host: Okay.

Guest: Yeah, your know, if we ain’t go, we ain’t go then. this is not going to go.

Host: Would you be honest with the Sanitation two and just be like, listen, I can’t.?

Guest: I would have loved to be honest, but he doesn’t want to talk to me now because he knows that’s where I am headed.

Host: Okay. So he is deflecting completely.

Guest: Definitely.

Host: Wow, this was really insightful, and I, um, appreciate you coming on and sharing this story, almost like a red flag.

Guest: It kind of is a red flag because you have to you know we are in a different category of our adulthood where we got to ask more questions. Now it’s not only about if a person is working. It’s a matter of hey, do you have high blood pressure? If you have to ask more questions, you will know that the libido is not working.

Host: Okay. So you want to find out without having to say do you have dick issues?

Guest: Yeah, you got to. Like you know, you might have to ping-pong around it. I don’t think they are going to tell you because they want some they want to try. You know what I mean they want to try to get erect. They want to try to orgasm. I get that part, but if you are like that. You got to tell somebody because you are going to make somebody get upset. You know they are going to feel like they were taken for a ride with that shit.

Host: Yeah, could you imagine being the woman with him for fifteen years, and now the dick doesn’t work?

Guest: Hell no. Hell, No, and that’s the thing you know for me. I think another reason, too, was. You see, a lot of the relationships I was in meant my relationship guys they knew that I was very sexual. Not saying that automatically made me a cheater, but they knew the was ugh if she. She was going to give it to them.

Host: Do you feel like you were always like that?

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