Episode: 2 Scorpion Mistress

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Guest: Yup, because he was giving it to me, and I knew that that made me feel good. He made me feel like you should want to make me feel good. I am working hard to make you feel good. So yeah, it kind of was like that, and he was a great teacher, great teacher.

Host: Do you have it in you to teach? Would you go with someone younger, maybe like ten years your junior? Would you start having sex so you don’t run into that issue with the limp dick or sick dick?

Guest: Another category, but am I like in the training mode? I think everybody needs a little bit of training on the person they are fucking. It’s like a new car. Do you know what I mean? I can’t go from a ford focus to a ford 700 pickup truck, not thinking that driving both of them is going to be a little different, so you have to learn the car. But, um yeah, I’m willing to train on that note. Say you don’t know me, but you may want to. You know you may know how to fuck good, and I am willing to try that out, but you don’t really know me. Some people think everybody wants their pussy eaten. I mean, I do but not as much as other women. I see a lot of my friends love that shit. They rather that than anything. They will take that in and run.

Host: And not have to take any dick. I can’t do that.

Guest: Yeah, I can’t do that. I need, I need it. So if we are going to go there, that’s the way it’s going to be. I differently appreciate you allowing me to tell my story. Hopefully, other people are going to open up and share their sex stories because everybody has a story.

Host: Yeah, if anyone wants to leave a comment for the scorpion mistress about what she encountered with the limp dick and if she could have done anything different or has tips for that, any women or men that might know of any holistic products maybe the person can take to you know there is some horny goat weed and some other stuff I know men who suffer from that there are things you can do like you said tying into your health if your aware that you are having that issue you should do some research not just throw it on women to fix you and get your dick hard. Know you need some internal stuff.

Guest: Well, the funny thing was really quick too. I think the second time, he did kind of like take a pill because he was like the incredible hulk in his mind. He texted me the next day and was like how was it. I’m like, dude are you kidding me? He felt like he was really that guy, and I’m like, dude, you asking me the next day how I was. You know how I was right then, and there I went to sleep.

Host: Wow, no cuddling. You didnt want to cuddle after that?

Guest: Cuddle, oh no, he’s lucky I didn’t play with my pussy and embarrass the whole situation. He would have seen me take myself to a different level and that just because you leave me so intense like that, I don’t want to be with no partners like that.

Host: Are you comfortable just playing with yourself? Have you ever had a man say to play with yourself? Are you comfortable? Have you ever been in a situation he, like, play with yourself for me?

Guest: Um, I’ve been there, but he wasn’t the guy to pull that out of me, so I looked at him like he was stupid.

Host: Oh yeah, you didn’t do it?

Guest: You are just telling me to do something because you probably just asked another bitch to do it, and she did it, but no, sir. Me and you ain’t there.

Host: So you have different levels?

Guest: For me, I do.

Host: You do okay.

Guest: Yeah, I know I have a choice. Then if somebody doesn’t present the information for me not to have a choice you differently going in the trash box.

Host: And that means you don’t hit my line?

Guest: That means don’t hit my fucking line, or I am going to tell you how trash you were, and it’s going to be some therapy behind that shit the way I give it to you. Yeah, I’m fucking done. It’s bad enough that I felt like I was guinea in that situation. I didn’t get a chance to tell him how I felt I was a guinea. So that is why I’m using your therapeutic platform to tell my story.

Host: How do you get used to trying to help someone with a limp dick? You should feel a little good about yourself because you were able to bring them to orgasm.

Guest: I was, and that’s the thing, it’s not even really about that. I’m like, wow, I always knew I could perform. So you know, I hope people get in on some comments and let us know how you feel about having an outer that doesn’t work.

Host: Ugh, that must be so depressing.

Guest: It got to be.

Host: Please, if anyone wants to leave any comments, I would love to read that. I know that has got to be depressing. Does he wake up, and it’s hard? Did you ask him?

Guest: He said it doesn’t. That was after he told me he had conversations with the MD, and the Md was like you don’t notice it doesn’t work? He was like, no. He was like, okay, well, monitor it now. He realized that at certain times that little morning piss one that was nothing. So my thing is that’s even a problem for me as a human being because it’s like I feel like you got better aim when that dick got has a little muscle to it when it is ready to pee. So you not even building that up. I don’t know. I couldn’t do it.

Host: He should have gotten on top of his medical condition a little sooner.

Guest: Well, he has got to get on top of it, period now.

Host: Now you know for sure your dick doesn’t work.

Guest: It doesn’t work, and you know, a part of me felt like he always knew that because he is not active. That’s why a part of me felt that was a good partner to have cause I’m like, we really not both that active, but we can be that you know, we got some sexual energy coming off our body. We couldn’t bring that together, so that is pretty much that.

Host: Well, thank you, Scorpion Mistress, for just being so forthcoming with us and your sxtopia moment. I would love to bring you back on the sxtopia podcast. Maybe there is another story. I am sure you have a lot going on.

Guest: It sounds good. I mean going for a little challenge right now with my Aquarius for that reason. I will defiantly see how that goes, and again thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it. This was good.

Host: Thank you. You have a good day, and I would love to hear about the two Aquarius.

Guest: Maybe we will do a Caresha, please and maybe the next time I will ask you a question.

Host: Difently I will let you interview me. I will tell the readers my sex stories.

Guest: Thank you, Sxtopia.

Host: Bye, Scorpion mistress.

To help support the blog, please donate here. Are you a Sxpot? Do you have a story to tell? Or if you want to be a guest on a upcoming podcast. Email sxtopiablog@gmail.com

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