Feels: A Real Fantasy

Based on a true story

Have you ever seen a person before but they have not seen you? You know you are not invisible. You are as real as the air you breathe. Well, let me take you down memory lane. There is a popular gym that most of us frequent. I would watch this woman, about 5’5, with an impressive curvy physique, long black hair, size d breast with a tiny waist, and large ass push herself during workouts. It was business for us all in there, but she would constantly catch my eye even as I saw her surrounded by other men. As I worked out, nothing else would be in that gym. It was only her and me for a short window of time. But she never saw me. She didn’t know me. I was just another face, another man, another body in the gym. Time passed, and over months, the same woman whose physique left me in a daze disappeared. Our schedules were different, and life was different, so the woman who left an imprint in my head was gone. Those same months turned into over a year, but that image never faded.

One day I happened to be scrolling on social media just to come across the same woman’s page. Yes, the one I didn’t see in over a year. And to watch her photos, it sparked the flame hotter than before. Suppose you are a person with imagination, then you will understand. You take the image back with you, and it grows into something bigger. Passion meets imagination. Imagination meets desire. Desire intertwines with an urge to fulfill the fantasy. I’ve seen her somewhere before, but in my mind, I know her very well. We know the things we will be doing to each other. Her body looks so soft. I see myself meeting her on a calm night for dinner, staring into her eyes, and having a fantastic experience. I see her wearing a form-fitting tight dress with no underwear just for me. Maybe she thinks that she will be just as spontaneous as I want to be. I see her clear as day. Does she see me? Does it matter?

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We connect through private messages, and the energy between us can be felt through our phones. Her passion for life only draws me in more. To learn a woman and uncover her most inner desires layer by layer only draw me in closer. I see myself with her, naked, lying together while we smile and laugh. The laughter turns into a playful game of cat and mouse. The naughty fun turns into me spreading her legs and pressing my face against her inner thigh. She doesn’t know that my imagination is going to take over. I proceed to take her hands and place them on my head to guide me to her vagina the way she wants. She doesn’t know what to expect because we are two new souls getting ready to collide. I am so turned on in this moment by her life force that every breath she takes makes my penis pulse more and more. To hear her moan while I please her is more satisfying for me than it is for her. To know that I am bringing this woman to her climax is such a fulfilling feeling. As she lays there, she cums while I am eating her out. I see her asking me to put it in. Who am I to not oblige? As I sit up, I take my hard penis and slap it against her clit. You can hear the juices making the splashing noise while our bodies press against each other. I see her tilt her head back with satisfaction. As she moans louder and louder, I snap out of the daydream only to realize she is not here. She has no idea how much I feel her. She has no clue how much I want her.

One thing she will know is that soon our paths will cross and we both will be connected the way it is supposed to be. Until we meet all I can do is feel you mentally.

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3 responses to “Feels: A Real Fantasy”

  1. This story I really love because it may be a fantasy but at some point or another we’ve all had these kinds of fantasies about someone who knows us or just someone we have crushed on but the vivid imagination and details wooooooo!!!

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. This blog post is from a new author on the blog.

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  2. Thanks for the great feedback.

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