The Pool

Based on a true story

Fabiola was getting ready for work. While getting herself together for the day, all she could think of was Mike. It had been 48 hours since they were together. The last time she saw him, he had come straight to her after working a 24 hour shift at the firehouse. Fabiola felt empowered by Mike. She had this fine man with his shit together checking for her. They talked about when he was away on Vacation, why he had her save the panties. First, to determine if she was obedient, and she proved to him that she was. Secondly, he showed her no matter what you do or how it may seem; he still wanted her. That was part of Mike’s grooming her to own her. Fabiola faced chatted Mike he did not answer hmmm she sighed. He is probably still at work, she thought. I will wait for him to call me back. She began to think about their face chat from last night. Mike told her to “use him.” What does that mean, Mike? Anyway, you need to use me. She could see in his eyes that he was serious. Fabiola was not sure what that would entail. She had become horny and intrigued after hearing him say to “use him.” Fabiola wondered about all the ways she could use him. He had so much to offer her. Could she use him for his time and energy? Could she use him for his house and backyard with the pool? Could she use his dick whenever she wanted? How much could she use him, she thought. Some time had passed while she was getting ready. Fabiola’s phone begins to ring, and the caller id says My Boo-Boo face chat. Fabiola feels butterflies in her stomach after three months. Mike still gave her butterflies inside. Hell-o she answered the phone, and they began to face chat while Mike was driving home. He had just got off of work. Fabiola was on her way to work. It was a 95 degree summer day, and Fabiola wanted to be with Mike in his pool.

They chatted while Fabiola was on her way to work when she asked. Mike, are you serious about me using you? “I am, he said.” Good! Because I’m coming over to use your pool today. I will tell my job I had an emergency and I have to leave work. I am coming over to use just your pool, Mike, nothing else, she said laughingly. “No problem,” Mike said. Fabiola did precisely that. By 10:30 AM, she was leaving work, heading home to get her bikini and head to the suburbs to her boo-boo’s pool. She picked out a black and white string bikini with a matching cover-up; the bikini looked so good on her. Fabiola admired herself in the mirror. She bent down and started twerking her fat ass in the mirror. Yeah, she thought, exciting herself. This is how I’m going to bounce it for Mike. He won’t be able to take his eyes off this ass once I start dropping it. Fabiola had a crazy sex appeal; all types of men were attracted to her. She commanded dick. Mike told her that, and she was starting to play on it. She was beginning to understand how she could use her sex appeal in her everyday life to get better treatment. This will have him drooling. I want his hands all over me, she thought. The conversation last night had Fabiola open. Use me stuck in her head. She wondered if it was their limits to how and when she could use him. How much does he want me to use him? she kept thinking to herself repeatedly. She stopped at the supermarket picked up some fruit, ice, and ingredients to make them a sandwich. She was on her way to the suburbs.

Once Fabiola arrived, Mike greeted her with a passionate kiss and tight embrace. He carried the bags inside. She walks in behind him. The music was playing. His house was nice and clean, and she admired everything. They headed to the kitchen, where they made some drinks for them to take to the backyard. Mike was going to be putting some patio furniture together while Fabiola sunbathed and swam in his pool. Once outside, Fabiola went to the collection and tested the water. It was just right, she thought. She sat on the edge of the pool and dipped her feet in. She enjoyed the sun beating down on her face and body. They talked about the landscape of the backyard. It was stunning; he had a seating area with a fire pit next to the jacuzzi. There was a big beautiful tree with branches that hung down just like an umbrella. Mike mentioned he had the tree cut like that on purpose to have that effect. Mike was very impressive and very keen on details about everything in his life. Everything he did was on purpose. He can envision the outcome before it happens. He would live out the moment how he wanted it; that’s why it was so easy for him to manifest. There was an outdoor bar another seating area to the left of the pool. The pool goes from 3-6 feet; it’s in-ground. At the other end of the pool, there is a pergola with an outdoor bed. To the left of the pergola, there is an outdoor shower and behind that was a cute guest house. It’s beautiful. Fabiola was so impressed this was her first time chilling back there she didn’t realize how big his backyard was. She enjoyed the sun beating down on her face and body. She watched as Mike put the patio furniture together. He’s so damn fine and masculine. Just looking at Mike would get Fabiola’s juices flowing. She didn’t want to distract him. She wanted him to finish putting the furniture together so she could have his complete attention. Mike came up behind Fabiola and untied her bikini top. There that’s better, he said and went back to putting together the patio furniture. Fabiola jumped in the pool; the water felt so good. She swam around, laughed, and danced in the water. Mike had finished with the furniture. It looks nice! Fabiola told Mike.

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Mike jumps in the pool, and Fabiola jumps on him she wraps her legs around him. Carry me! She says. Do I feel heavy? She asked. Mike replied, “No.” Today is the best day in 2021. Fabiola tells Mike kissing him while he is carrying her. He holds her up against the pool wall, and they kiss passionately. He releases her. She jumps up and sits back on the edge of the pool. Mike is in the pool, and they begin to play with the beach ball throwing it at each other like a volleyball. Best out of 5, Fabiola says. Mike serves the ball; first. Fabiola hits it back Mike hits it back to her. Fabiola scored the first 2 points. Mike scored the following 2. The game was tied; they both were talking shit to each other. Mike scored the 3rd point. Mike would score the next 2 points to win the game and the bragging rights. Fabiola didn’t want to win the game. She was happy Mike won. Fabiola liked to stay in her feminine she didn’t want to compete with him earnestly, only in a playful manner. She felt protected when she was with him, and he catered to her while she was there, and she loved it—at the same time, sitting on the steps of the pool together. Mike turns Fabiola over pulls down her bikini bottom. She is naked in the backyard. Mike slips his dick inside Fabiola. He begins giving her some very intense back shots. You can hear the water splashing with every stroke. Fabiola moans in pleasure. A-ha-oh-awe-yes-mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes. Mike then slips his dick out. He whispers in Fabiola’s ear. I don’t want you to cum. I want you to feel my dick inside of you. Mike gets out of the pool and grabs his drink, and sits at the bar watching Fabiola naked and enjoying his pool. He loves to see Fabiola happy she deserves this. She had this energy that made you want to make her happy. It was the way she treated herself with care. How she imagined anything was possible in life. Fabiola gets out of the pool. She is still naked and grabs her drink and starts bussing it wide open to a Notorious B.I.G. song. Mike is getting aroused watching her fat ass bouncing up and down for him. He could see her pussy as she arched her back when dancing. I came over to use just your pool, that’s it, Mike. She said while teasing him with her naked dancing. Shows over! She says I was teasing you back for teasing me. How do you like it? She puts her bikini back on. They finished their drinks and went inside for a refresher. This time Fabiola mentions she is hungry. Are you hungry, Mike? “Yes,” he answers. Then I’m going to make us a giant sandwich on hero bread I bought. After they ate, Mike hugs Fabiola from behind and whispers, “do you want some, Dick”? Fabiola smiles. Of course, she wanted Mike to fuck her. Having Mike inside of her making her climax. “Yes,” she moans as Mike is now playing with her clitoris rubbing his hard dick on her ass and breathing his warm breath on her neck. I need you, Mike. I want to feel you inside of me. Mike leads Fabiola into his bedroom, taking off her bikini on the way.

Fabiola lays on Mike’s bed and spreads her legs wide open. Mike goes in with his Jacuzzi pleasuring Fabiola’s pussy, tasting all of her juices. I just came to use your pool she says as she is moaning in delight. A-ha-oh-awe-yes-mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes. Use all of me, he says. “I love you, Mike”! She says as she is cumming all in Mike’s mouth. He tastes all of her and loves it. Turn over, get two pillows, he says. Fabiola places two pillows under her and lays on top of the pillows, arched her back pussy wide open. Mike enters into her real slow first only fucking her with the head of his dick. Mmmhmm, you got my dick so creamy! Damn, your pussy is so wet! He puts his whole dick inside of her. She moans in pleasure as he enters her fully and begins deep stroking her pussy. He puts one leg up and angles himself from the side, moving his hips in a circular motion hitting all of her walls and her G spot. Fabiola cries out. A-ha-oh-awe-yes-mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes “I love you, Mike.” You need my dick; I own you, Fabiola. He moves the pillows stand on the floor puts her ass up in the air. Don’t move, he says, stay just like that. He holds her in place by the small of her back, slips his dick in, and begins fucking her oooooh ahh! She cries out her pussy is so wet you can hear it as Mike is fucking her from the back. Taste what you did on my dick. Fabiola turns around and crawls to Mike’s dick as he is standing their dick rock hard. She looks at it. She could see her pussy juice glistening all over his manhood. She was hesitant to do it. No hands, he says, and she did exactly what he told her sucked his dick with no hands as he held her head and fucked her mouth. She would go deep, making him grow harder in her mouth. Damn Fabiola, you know what you are doing. Keep sucking it. Let me kiss those dick-sucking lips of yours. Fabiola stands up, and tongue kisses Mike, Mmmmm. Ride my dick! Mike says. He lays down. Fabiola straddles him, grabs his dick, and slips it inside of her. She begins riding him up and down. She is sitting straight up, grinding her waist on the shaft of his rock-hard dick. Get your nut, he tells her. Is it mine? She asks. Take the dick! He replied. She does, and she rides his dick and gets her nut. “I love you, Mike.” Ride my face, he says. Huh? She says you heard me he replies. She gets up off his dick, weak from just cumming, and sits on Mike’s face. You taste so good; he says as he is kissing her clit. Your pussy is so juicy; he says while fingering her. OMG Mike, I can’t take anymore, she cries out he’s giving her the Jacuzzi. Jacuzzi is the word Mike coined to explain how he eats pussy. He does something unique and provides the woman with the pleasure she would feel if she put her pussy next to the jacuzzi jets. “I love you, Mike.” Fabiola loved to cum back to back. She would keep cumming the more Mike fucked her. Ride my dick, he tells her. She sits on Mikes’s dick reversed cowgirl bends down, grabs his ankles, and begins bouncing her fat ass and grinding all over him. Fabiola was in a zone as she rode Mike’s dick. As she reverses on Mike’s dick with it still in her. She notices his eyes are closed. Mike’s eyes were always open during sex. Did he fall asleep, she thinks, but he’s hard, so she kept riding his dick. Then she hears it. He started to snore. Oh shit, he fell asleep with a hard dick. Should I keep riding him, she thought. He is hard. No, I better stop. I’m afraid that’s not right. He’s sleeping. Maybe he will wake up. I mean, how could he doze off? Mike was coming off a 24-hour work shift. They were in the pool, he did put the patio furniture together, and they were in the sun drinking, she thought. Mike, Mike, you sleep? After a few seconds, he opened his eyes. Keep fucking me! He said, and his eyes closed again. Fabiola always did what Mike said, so she continued fucking him. Mike, Mike, she said minutes later. This time she did not hear him respond. All she heard was him snore. She laughed to herself, I’ve fucked him to sleep. Mike was still hard; she pumped a few more times. She whispers thank you, Mike, in his ear. She got off of him and kissed him and his manhood. Fabiola curled up in his arms and dozed off. Thinking I used his ass.

When they woke up, Fabiola told Mike, you fell asleep. While I was riding you. But did you cum? “Yes.” She replied. Okay, then I did my job. Now it’s my turn to cum!

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    1. The right story can do just that. Get the juices flowing 💕


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