Endless Nightfall

Based on a true story.

The Flight
As Mona was rushing out of the house to get to the airport, she realized how excited she was to finally get away from the workload she put in for three weeks. Mona’s flight was from Ft Lauderdale to La Guardia airport. Thank God she checked in online to avoid the lines because they were always long, she thought to herself. She got to the airport in 18 mins, and as she was going through TSA, she anticipated landing safely from Miami to NY since it’s been three weeks since she left NY. She arrived at her gate and handed the customer service agent her phone to scan her ticket and begin walking through the jet bridge. As she got inside the plane, She looked at her phone to ensure she sat in the right seat. She found her seat and put her bags in the overhead and underneath the chair in front of her. As she sat in her seat, she called her good friend Ashley to let her know that she boarded ” Hey girl, I’m on the plane now Mona said. My seat is on the aisle, so it’s easier for me to use the bathroom when I need to; you know I have an overactive bladder, she laughed.” Ashley works for the airline, so she was able to give Mona the ticket she needed. ” Girl, you’re so crazy Ashley said. But you’re right; the aisle seat is better than the window and the center seats.” They both laughed and said their goodbyes. While the plane was getting ready to take off, Mona made sure she set up her Pandora to Neo-Soul. She had 2 hours and 50 minutes on the flight, and she wanted to make sure her playlist was ready so she could enjoy the plane ride. As she was getting comfortable with her headphones in her ear, Mona didn’t care about the flight attendants making announcements or giving instructions to the passengers about the safety procedures. The first song that came on was by one of her favorite artists Dwele (Weekend Love). She put her volume loud enough to cancel out all the noise around her. Weekend Love reminded Mona of going back and forth from Miami to NY to see Stephon, her EX. As the music was playing, she thought about the connection they had with one another and all the beautiful memories they shared, and how she used to fuck him real good and give the best head he ever had before the Break-Up. Nonetheless, Mona’s emotions were fighting with one another as she thought about Stephon. Mona got mad and couldn’t stand the thought of him in her mind; on the other hand, she was eager to see him show off her curvy figure because she gained a little weight, and her hips and ass were growing nicely. She shook off her thoughts and started drifting off to sleep while the sensual sound of Music Soulchild So beautiful lingered in her ears.

The Landing
Mona woke up to hear the captain saying, ” All passengers, please put on your seatbelt while the plane descends into La Guardia airport. ” Damn, that was a quick-ass flight,” she said to herself. Mona texted all her loved ones that the plane landed safely. She landed a little after 830pm, and she took the airport shuttle to the F train station. The train was one stop away from the hotel. Mona booked it since it was close to the airport. Mona usually stayed with Stephon when she went to NY, but she was too prideful and stubborn whenever he told her she could stay with him instead of spending money on a hotel. Mona felt they both needed space from one another because their energies were off. They didn’t talk much when she returned to Miami 3 weeks ago, so being in NY made Mona feel some way about seeing him. The train stopped at 21st Queensboro Bridge which was her stopped. She got off the train and walked to her destination since it wasn’t too far from the train station. She finally checked in and got the key to her room. She couldn’t wait to get in the room to take a shower and relax after a long day. The room was so neat and clean, and her room was overlooking the city. The ambiance of the room gave it a sense of peace and tranquility. She closed her eyes and sighed. “This is what I needed,” Mona said. She undressed so she could get ready to relax and take a bubble bath. As she was about to charge her phone, she got a text from Stephon “hey, what’s up wyd. My family landed from Colorado”. Mona already knew they landed because Stephon’s cousin’s girlfriend had texted her prior. They came down for a family tradition they do every year. Mona rolled her eyes and replied, “ok, I already knew they were here. Hope you guys have fun. I’m about to take a shower”. Stephon responded, “you want to go to Williamsburg, we can go to Cupcakes and More.” Williamsburg was a spot that Stephon took Mona because he knew that was her favorite spot. Mona replied, “At this time? I don’t think so, isn’t it too late,” she asked. Well, it will take me 15 mins to get to you, and Cupcakes closes at midnight,” Stephon replied. It was 10:30 pm. “I’m going to take a shower and let you know how I feel about going; I just landed, and I’m a little tired.” At this point, he called her because he didn’t like texting too much. She didn’t pick up because she was already in the shower. After lathering up her body with lotion and feeling rejuvenated, she decided to go so that he could see how sexy she looked. She texted him back and said, “I’m ready to; let me know when you are outside.” Ok, he responded. She knew in her mind that giving her what she wanted was his way of luring her back, and she always fell for it. She was about to fall asleep Because more than 30 mins passed and he still wasn’t at the hotel. She texted him, “we can go tomorrow. I’m sleepy. “He responded I’m here already.”

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The Rainfall
Mona wore a lovely pastel light green dress with a split in the front that showed her small breasts and hard nipples that perked up perfectly, and her ass was all out there. She had on some black g-strings to avoid showing any panty line, Mona’s hair was in a bun, and her make-up was soft and natural. Mona had on some cute open sandals to show off her pedicure and looked at herself in the mirror to ensure everything was intact. She told herself, “yes, girl, you look cute.” While waiting for the elevator, she felt nervous but anxious at the same time because they hadn’t seen each other for three weeks. Mona stepped outside the hotel, looking for Stephon in front of the hotel, but he parked his car towards the end with his headlights cut off. She thought to herself, “maybe he thought I was with another man and wanted to catch me; that’s why he parked his car away from the hotel.” She smiled a devious smile as she walked towards his car. Stephon looked at Mona and said, “Omg, you look so beautiful.” He grabbed her and held her real tight, and gave her a long kiss. Of course, Mona didn’t pull away because, at that moment, that’s what they both needed. They got in the car and drove to Williamsburg, which wasn’t too far from Queens. They parked the car and got out, hoping CUPCAKES was open, but to no surprise, it was closed. They decided to walk to the pier that overlooked the city. The night air was crisp and clear, a beautiful night for fucking, but she brushed that thought off real quick. They found a bench and sat on it. Stephon pulled out his blunt and lit it up to smoke. With his so-called sexy voice, he turned to Mona and said, “come sit on my lap.” She obliged. They talked about the stars and the moon that they were watching, and then all of a sudden, Mona could feel the bulge of Stephon’s dick getting harder and harder. “You must miss me,” Mona said “of course I do,” Stephon replied. Stephon was feeling on her body while complimenting her sexiness. While blowing his weed, Mona couldn’t help but asked to take a pull of it. It smelled so good in the night air. She needed it to relax because she was a little tense. As soon as she felt high enough, she started laughing and told Stephon,” it would be sexy if we fucked right here on this bench while everybody watched” Stephon was down for it because he quickly unzipped his pants. Mona gasped, “hell no, I’m not doing that; it was just a thought.” He started kissing on her neck, and they both looked at each other and started kissing long and passionate. Mona could feel her pussy getting wet as tiny raindrops began to fall, which broke the moment. She got off his lap and replied, “let’s go before the rain catches us. They started walking towards the car, And Stephon asked her to take her panties off. She looked at him and said, “you must not think I’m spontaneous.” She found a tree that blocked her view, and she proceeded to take her panties off. Stephon was very eager, like a dog in heat at this point. They quickly walked to the car, and Mona could feel her pussy juices slowly coming down; as soon as they got in the car, the rain started pouring. Stephon told her to pull her seat back so he could play with her pussy. She opened her legs wide enough for his fingers to go inside her pussy which was moist and ready to get fucked. He started fingering her while he was driving, and she moaned with pleasure. Her pussy started dripping like the Rainfall from the outside. Stephon said, “you always wanted us to fuck in the rain, right” Mona replied, “yes, pull over and find a parking spot.” Stephon did just that. He unzipped his pants and said, “come ride this dick as if you are driving the car.” Mona straddled on top of him and faced the windshield, and began riding him like that was her first time fucking him. The rain made the sex even better because she was getting wetter and wetter. ” Damn your pussy so juicy you wanted Daddy’s dick, huh” Mona didn’t respond because she was too busy getting her freak on. People were passing by in the rain, and they didn’t give two fucks. That was their first time fucking in the car and their first time fucking while it’s raining. The Rainfall made Mona forget why she was mad at him because they both needed each other desperately. She moaned, “Your dick feels so good in my pussy. I know you miss it,” Stephon replied, ” yeah, I do miss your fat ass and your sweet wet pussy. She proceeded to ride him, and when he rubbed on her pussy she cried, I’m about to cum”.

Nightfall Pleasure
Stephon and Mona didn’t get to cum because they wanted to finish fucking back at his place. They got back to his house, but before they went in, he kissed her and said, “I’m happy you are here.” They walked into the house and went straight to the room. They laid on the bed, and he took his clothes off as well as her dress. He sucked on her breast slow and gently and touched her softly. His hands felt so good on her soft body it made her shiver. He kissed her long and passionately. He told her to turn around, and she did just that. Before he put his dick in, he had to light up his joint to feel more stimulated. He blew a couple of puffs and put it away. They laid down in a spooning position because that was his favorite position. Her pussy was still wet from fucking in the car that it was easy for him to penetrate inside of her. “Your pussy so wet, babe. I love this pussy” he moaned. Mona poked her ass out so he could hit the walls of her pussy. She rubbed on her clit, so it could be wetter while he fucked her. ” Damn bitch you good” You miss this pussy she asked ” fuck yea, it’s my pussy Stephon said. Mona cried out, “I’m cumming; keep fucking me.” Stephon can feel her wet pussy throbbing on his dick. He was getting aroused and about to cum. “Don’t come yet,” she said. She pulled his dick out and went under the covers to suck his dick. She started sucking it slow while his dick was getting harder and harder in her mouth. She used her tongue to lick the sides of his dick and then stuck it back in her mouth. She deep throat his dick so good all you can hear is, ” I love the way you suck this dick; you give the best head” ” I do,” she asked? “yea baby,” he said. She sucked and sucked him until he cried out, I’m about to cum” Ugggh. She sucked him up until his soul came out of his chest with his cum in her mouth. She didn’t like swallowing, so she went into the bathroom to spit it out. She climbed back into the bed while Stephon was utterly frozen. In her head, she laughed because she knew she got him right where she wanted, Missing her. He turned to her and said, “I love you,” and kissed her forehead. He has knocked the fuck out after that. She smiled to herself, and in her head, she said, “yea, I know.” The Rainfall had her drifting away in the nightfall. They held each other for the rest of the night. Nothing could ruin this moment except for one thing.

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