The Script

Continuation of the twist

Based on a true story


NARRATOR; Fabiola was home lying in bed she replayed last night in her head. She was opening up sexually. Sex was exciting to her again. When she recorded Nigel eating her pussy, knowing she would send the video to Mike, she was aroused. She wanted to know what Mike’s reaction was going to be. Was he really about that life? After she sent the video to Mike, she didn’t know what to expect. There was no judgment there. How did you enjoy yourself? Mike texted back.

NARRATOR; Fabiola touched her pussy with thoughts of last night. Nice and fresh but dry after her shower, she licks her finger and rubs her clitoris. She licks her finger and wets it some more. Yeah, yeah, a nice wet pussy for when Mike gets here. Fabiola thought about last night with Nigel. She had a great time, but the sex didn’t last. She was excited that Mike was coming over to fuck her. Mike gave her the best dick. He was so in-tune with her body she was able to cum multiple times he was there to please her. She could use his dick for however long she wanted to; she would keep cumm-ing and cumm-ing Mike enjoyed his hoe. Fabiola thought as she was playing with herself.

NARRATOR; Mike used his key to let himself in. He saw Fabiola laying in bed with her eyes closed, her hips propped up, playing with her pussy. He watched intensely as she moved her two fingers in a circular motion. At the same time, she was fingering her pussy with the other hand.

MIKE; Look at you. You’re a horny hoe. You need me to come fuck you how you deserve. I made you this way. You need this dick get this dick hoe.

NARRATOR; Fabiola opened her eyes and saw Mike standing there. She was shocked and a little embarrassed that he was watching her.

FABIOLA; Don’t just stand there watching, join me, I love the way your fingers rub my clitoris.

MIKE; I’m enjoying watching you put on a show. Who were you fantasizing about?

FABIOLA; YOU! Do you like the fact that I think about you when I’m masturbating?

MIKE; That’s why I’m here Fabiola you command dick.

NARRATOR; Fabiola never stopped playing with her pussy. She turned around and lay on her stomach, and started grinding against her fingers.

MIKE; Prop that ass up, let me see my pussy. How about I kiss her? Mike goes and touches Fabiola’s pussy damn, you wet. He kisses her pussy from the back and starts giving her his Jacuzzi. This is what I do to you. I want to taste your cum. Did you take dick last night?

FABIOLA; Yes, MMMHMM Yes. Nobody fucks me as you do; I crave your dick.

NARRATOR; Fabiola was enjoying Mike eating her pussy from the back. It had been a while since he gave her his jacuzzi. He licked, kissed, and sucked her clitoris all in one motion.

FABIOLA; A-ha-oh-awe-yes -mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes Mike I’m going to cum. “I love you Mike”.

NARRATOR; Mike goes right to fucking Fabiola from the back. Pounding her pussy how she likes. She could feel his balls swinging, hitting right on her clitoris.

FABIOLA; I love it when you fuck me like your hoe. Fuck me like you own me!

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MIKE; I do own you, Hoe, and don’t you forget that this is my pussy. You have to ask permission to get dick. Do you understand?

FABIOLA; MMHMM-YES. This pussy is yours whenever you want it. Don’t stop! Just like that!

NARRATOR; Fabiola starts rubbing her clitoris as Mike is Fucking her from the back. Mike is smacking her ass, causing her to jump slightly.

MIKE; It’s all about making you cry with pleasure. Cum on my dick hoe. You know what to say when you are cumming!

FABIOLA; Mmmhmm, yea. I love how your dick feels in my pussy! You feel so good. A-ha-oh-awe-yes -mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes“ I love you, Mike.”

MIKE; Ride my dick, Fabiola. You’re going to pass out from pleasure.

NARRATOR; Fabiola doesn’t sit up straight on Mike’s dick. She bends down chest to chest and starts kissing all over his neck and tongue kissing him. She whispers in his ear I can’t believe I met you. She sits up and plants her feet in the bed and rides the shaft of Mike’s dick, rubbing her clitoris with every stroke. Mike reaches up and chokes Fabiola with one hand to add pressure.

MIKE; There you go take that dick.

NARRATOR; Fabiola throws herself back. Mike starts rubbing her clitoris. He feels Fabiola’s pussy tightening on his dick.

MIKE; Push that nut out when your cumming.

FABIOLA; MMHMM-YES. Your dick feels so good. Don’t Stop. Please, please, Please, PLEEAAAASSSSEEEEE… A-ha-oh-awe-yes -mmhmm-yes-a-ha-yes“ I love you, Mike.”

NARRATOR; Fabiola was in ecstasy. This was a colossal orgasm she released. She did as Mike told her to, and she pushed her nut out instead of squeezing her pussy when she was cumming, and she squirted all over Mike, and he watched every drop come out.

MIKE; Fabiola, you squirted! You squirted Fabiola all over my dick. Let me fuck you.

NARRATOR; Mike gets on top of Fabiola and fucks her missionary style (her favorite postion).

MIKE; Tell me to cum inside you! I’m about to explode! Right now!

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