Mike & Fabiola: The Ownership

Based on a true story

Mike has a very particular style. Everything he does, he calculates. Mike works out and eats clean. He knew nobody could do what he did and how he did it—Mike put thought and effort into living his life for a purpose. Mike knew for his next relationship, he wanted something different a deep understanding and trust between them. A bond that would be hard to break. When he met Fabiola, he knew she was the one. Her spirit was kind and gentle, and she had a willingness to please him. She was open to experiencing a different type of relationship. What type of relationship Fabiola was not sure, but Mike was. Mike began grooming Fabiola to be his hoe from their first encounter, and when the time was right, he presented her with the opportunity to be owned by him. In return, he would provide and protect her, and she would be free to live her life without restraint from him. Fabiola agreed to the ownership and everything that came with it.

Rule 1: Always be available for him.

Rule 2: Always cater to him.

Rule 3: You must be a hoe for him, or he will leave you.

Rule 4: Stay on his dick.

Mike was ready to put his training to the test. He would be going away for thirty days, and he explained to Fabiola that they would have limited contact and for her to enjoy herself so the time would fly by, and before she knew it, he would be back home fucking her how she needed to be fucked. Mike knew he controlled her pussy, and no matter if she Rome, she would be back to get the dick her mind, body and heart craved.

In the beginning, the separation was a lot for Fabiola to handle. She couldn’t eat, sleep, or think about fucking someone else. Could I do it? Will Mike not care? What if he gets upset and stops seeing me? These were all the crushing thoughts running through her mind. Day and night, she thought about Mike. Fabiola was having some severe L.D.E.

Fabiola had an active social life, and dudes stayed on her phone. Since she had Mike, who fulfilled her desires, she never stressed seeing anyone else. One night at 10:00 PM. Fabiola’s phone chimes. She got all excited. Her pussy started throbbing. She was hoping it was Mike. He mentioned limited contact, but since he left, he only contacted her the first night to say he was good. Other than that, she hadn’t heard one word from Mike.

The text was from Major. Fabiola had known Major for a few years. Their connection runs deep. They go back and forth, never completely breaking things off. He would be the perfect guy to have sex with while Mike was away.

Major: How are you, baby girl? I miss you.

Fabiola: I’ve been good. Busy with work.

Major: Come see me! I miss your beautiful face.

Fabiola: When? I have to work tomorrow morning.

Major: Now! I got 🍆&💰for you.

Fabiola: Yes, Zaddy, I’m going to come through, but I’m not promising something will happen.

Major: Bring that ass.

Major knew what would get Fabiola out of her bed to come to see him. Major enjoyed Fabiola’s company. She was fun to hang out with, her sex was first class, and he always felt that was what he deserved. A few times, he tried to make Fabiola his woman.

Mike and Fabiola had discussed this scenario before she agreed to the ownership. The rule is; If the sex was with a guy she had sex with before she met Mike, Fabiola did not need permission from him. If someone new came into her life. Fabiola would have to get permission from Mike before she gave his pussy away. He decided if he would allow his pussy to get penetrated.

Fabiola arrived at Major’s condo around midnight.

Fabiola: 5 minutes away.

Major: Park in my garage.

Fabiola parked her car in his building garage, and when she opened her car door, Major was standing there. He grabs her tight by her waist. Fabiola could feel the slight bulge in his pants. I miss this, Major whispers in her ear. Fabiola breathes out me, too, and Major presses her up against the car and tongue kisses her. After their kiss, Major asked Fabiola if she was hungry. My chef made a delicious dinner I could heat it for you. I ate, but thanks for offering.

Major lived in the penthouse with views of the city. Make yourself comfortable. Major told Fabiola. I’m going to take a shower, and I will be back. Pour yourself a drink. I will be back before you are finished. Fabiola made herself a drink turned off the tv and turned on some smooth RnB. She took her clothes off and slipped on something very enticing. Fabiola drank and danced around the living.

Fabiola overlooked Major standing in the doorway watching her. Major slowly crept up behind her and danced as he kissed Fabiola’s neck and rubbed her breast. You are so damn sexy. You should be mine! Everything about you entices me. I can’t keep my eyes or hands off of you. Why do you make me wait so long? Major asked Fabiola. She did not answer. Instead, she dropped down to her knees and said good things come to those who wait.

Fabiola grabbed Major’s manhood in her hand. He was already rock hard for her. She spits on the head of his dick, then opens her mouth and devours his mushroom down to the shaft of his dick. Major loved the way Fabiola gave him head. Major desired to have beautiful Fabiola around to please him. Of course, he wanted the woman he was with to enjoy herself and Cum. Although that was never Major’s priority, his priority was getting his nut.

Get in the bed. Major instructed Fabiola. Once in the bed, Fabiola felt her pussy begin to get wet in anticipation of getting dick. She lay down on his bed on her back. Her entire body was on the bed except for her head, which was hanging over the side of the bed. So she could easily tilt her head back and take Major into her mouth. Major could cum so easily from the deep throat Fabiola was giving him. She put both hands on his dick and jerked him up and down. Major stimulated Fabiola’s nipples with his fingers. Both of them were pleasuring each other.

Major had to get inside Fabiola’s pussy, so with everything in him, he held back from cumm-ing in her mouth. Major put on a condom, pulled Fabiola into the middle of the bed, and got on top of her to enter her wet, tight pussy. Major could feel the tightness from Fabiola’s pussy gripping his dick as he made his way deeper and deeper inside her juicy hole. Fabiola wrapped her legs around him and held him close as she moaned in delight. Major’s stroked intensified fucking Fabiola harder and harder. He put her legs up to his shoulders and went to town, dick-ing her down. Major was able to find Fabiola’s G spot with his hard dick. Cum for me, Major whispers to Fabiola. She rubs her clitoris while pumping up and down on Major’s dick. She threw that pussy on Major. Fabiola knew how to fuck Major the way he liked. The tightness and wetness of her pussy would have Major in a trance until he busts all in the condom.

Fabiola went to the bathroom to clean herself up. She looked in the mirror and wondered if Mike would be pleased with her hoe-ish behavior.

To be continued.

4 responses to “Mike & Fabiola: The Ownership”

  1. Giiiiiirrrrll at work reading this big mistake!! lol almost had me sliding out my chair!! 🥵🔥🔥🔥

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    1. SMH lol. The story gets steamy quick. 🤭


  2. This is a beautiful story.i feel like many of us have experienced something similar..

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    1. Open, honest communication is great for a healthy relationship.


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